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    • Yes, it is.  You can be street smart and not intelligent.
      You can be intelligent and not wise.
      And you can be wise but not street smart.
      But you cannot be wise without being intelligent.
    • Precisely.  And intellect is a far cry from wisdom.
    • Paul has never supported the position that some people will appear before the Lord of Lords and the Judge of the whole world and offered their good works and their bad works before a Judge strange to them, and that Jesus will weight them and to anyone whose good works wins the battle of the scale goes to Heaven and the other to Hell.  This suggestion is against the Gospel altogether, against the new covenant, agaist the  consept of the new birth, the redemption by the blood of Jesus Christ , the Lamb of God .  Against the consept of the new man in Christ, the new man who is the only one who is the co-heir of Heaven together with the Son of God, to whom God honor and gave him the Heaven as his inheritance.  This is suggesting that a strange man who regardless of his background and his believes, who has not any knowledge of who Jesus Christ is, and the Authority of Jesus Christ , who never in his whole life believe in a Heavenly inheritance, and he lived his life to please the Lord of his beliefs , and expects  to be Judge by the Lord of his beliefs for he was one of his children, living under the blessing and the Judgement  of his Lord, and some had the belief and were expecting to come back on earth on another form of life,  To cut it short, that these strange men will inherit heavens, or Jesus will welcome to Heaven the Children of another Lord, snach them from them and send them in Heavens a place they did not even know it exist and tell them from  now on you have a new Lord Jesus Christ, and that because the battle of the      scale was in favor of their good works. And now I have the task to look into the old testament and find figurative teachings or events, or the words of the prophets , to justified the stand that how Jesus Christ will Judge a strange man, a man that does not belong to him and who has another Lord and who never heard  of Jesus, and does  not excpets to be Judge by Jesus, and how can he have the denial if the Gospell was not declared to him.  I don't think that Jesus can even Judge a strange man in that situation and out of the body, in either one situation, Heaven or Hell, because it seems that he does not qualifies for either one.  He has not believe or denied the Gospel because the Gospel was never preach to him . not by any believer, and not by the spirits that guide them, which were from the ocult. What do you expect those spirits to teach the Gospel, why were they commission by the Lord Jesus Christ, did he ask for their help to spread the Good news.  
    • Target practice with prizes!!   
    • I am not the only one who says that.  Here is the Expositor's Bible Commentary on 2Th 2:4. The relationship of this apocalyptic portion of 2 Thessalonians to Christ's parousia (coming) confirms the impression that Paul must be referring to a single historical personage. Quests for such a person in the past and present have proved fruitless. Resemblances to Antiochus Epiphanes, Nero, Diocletian, one of the popes, and others may be admitted. But fulfillment of all details of the prophecy must await the future period of this man's prominence. It is futile to suppose that Judas Iscariot, Antiochus Epiphanes, or Nero will be brought back to life to fill this role. "The man of lawlessness" will be a new historical figure whom Satan will energize to do his will in the world. As "man of God" in the OT regularly designates a divine prophet, the present "man of lawlessness" designates a false prophet, probably to be identified with the second beast of Revelation 13 (Rev 13:11 ff.; 16:13; 19:20; 20:10) (Best, pp. 283, 284, 288). His primary function will be to preside over the religious apostasy in cooperation with the beast out of the sea (Rev 13:1 ff.), who leads political opposition to God. As God's chief opponent in Jerusalem whose background is probably Jewish (cf. Dan 11:36, 37), the lawless one will give religious leadership to complement the dominance of his associate over governments of the world's nations.

      Indeed, when we compare the context of each passage, each author of those passages is addressing the end-times surrounding Jesus' Second Advent. There is one very bad villain: he is the one who is distinguished apart from all other Kings (Isa 14:3-21): he will say he is god in the Temple in front of a talking image of himself set up as an idol for worship. And the OT patterns you see, like saying what's-his-name is central to Daniel 9:27, is of your own thinking.  
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