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    • I agree with Jayne.  The Vulgate is an English translation of Latin, which was translated from Greek, which was translated from Hebrew.  It is possible that something gets lost in the translations.  However, it is amazing that God has kept the same message through it all.  Most other Protestant literal translations are directly from Hebrew Old Testament.  NIV is not a literal translation, it is a thought for thought translations which leaves more room for opinion, but they attempt to translate Greek and Hebrew idioms into English thought.  
    • Yes thats what i said also...... yep. "overseer" would mean "pastor".... Also, "usurp authority"....."suffer a woman not to teach".......these are the tricky parts involved within Paul's statement, because, an Evangelist "teaches", and so do all the others in your list. Im an evangelist and all i do is witness and that is what we do...... A Pastor preaches and teaches somewhat in a Local Church, while an evangelist (on a forum for example) reaches by opening and expounding instead of just posting verses in a circular link of confusion:).... If you read anything ive ever written, there is always more expounding then just verses being posted as that is an Evangelist's gift along with this ability to point people  to the Cross.... An  apostle (missionary)  is sort of an Evangelist  who isnt a Pastor, and an Evangelist is sort of a soul winning teacher who isnt a pastor. Its rare for a Pastor to be called to be an evangelist later on, but its not unique for an evangelist to become a Pastor later on. When you have a real evangelist land this forum, he or she will always expound expound expound much more then they will just cut and paste half the New Testament to try prove anything. Evangelists dont really try to a teacher will try to prove........but they instead will try to expound so that the clarity that is created by this allows someone to correct an Evangelists understands that its pride that keeps most people from really trying to make certain that they are not a complete theological mess. Evangelists also tend to be "high spirited" and very energetic, quite competitive,  and many of them like me have a bit of an artistic temperament and are very creative people, ..often writers or musicians or painters, or otherwise "creative". The COOL one in the "5 fold ministry" is always the Evangelist........but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, dont tell anyone that the Evangelist is the "cool one":)....for example....if you go to the "derailing thread" and fine me there, you'll find a lot of quotable quotes...and even some of my "space" paintings.......and i wrote most of the quotes i posted on the spot......but not all.........but well over that is what an Evangelist can do......and i cant explain it, but it is a fact of our anointing.. How would a person begin to realize that they are an evangelist?....well, they dont mind travel, they cant be bored and survive, they need change, they need something "new" more then most, and of course God will lead you into situations where you discover what you are......, but one thing you'll notice is that in every relationship you have, you will have to talk about Salvation and you will feel the compulsion to practice how to understand deeper and thus how to explain "soteriology" .....and you will find that you can talk "bumper stickers" like'll just have an ability to be "quotable", that just pops out.......cant really explain it better then that...except that were some teach to the mind of another, an Evangelist speaks past the mind and directly to the heart....and you cant fake this, ...and also, you'll need to be able to entertain ....usually with some instrument, as music and anointing and the Gospel, and Salvation, are truly bonded together as a "force"... Music truly waters the seed and "sets' the atmosphere so that the seeding of the hearts is deepened. So, all  that was self exposure stuff was back to the work at hand.... For 1 Tim 2:12  to work as it implies and yet we allow for women to be everything but a Pastor, = "Pastor" = has to be understood as the final authority in a local church , and all "workers" have to submit to his authority and not try to run "his" congregation, as the Pastor is the head- steward of the Local congregation, with Christ as his authority, and its not just women who are not to try to take over the church.....its everyone included in that word "usurp". So with regards to ""usurping and not teaching"",  = has to be connected to a "chain of command" that has to be enforced and respected within a Local Body of believers who are "under" a "pastor".
    • Obviously they are two separate entities, but at one point they were not. Even in Revelation they appear as two separate visions, the vision of the first beast, and then further in Revelation the vision of the whore riding that first beast. At one point the Roman Catholic Church acted as the 6th head of the first beast, and then it became the Vatican as a separate entity riding the first beast when the 8th head is forming as the European Union. Even though the Vatican and the European Union are described specifically in prophecy, the scope of judgment when Jesus Christ comes will be onto the entire earth, not just them, as the entire earth will be laid waste, and every city on the earth will collapse. Not one mountain will be left standing, not one tower... everything will be laid low, so it stands to reason, that even every false god pertaining to any religion, will also be put to shame.
    • William Byan should either have said, "I am a lawyer, not a bible scholar", and given Darrow a name:or he should have said, "Cain got his wife from one of his sisters, the same place Seth got his from" and then quoted, 1 Corinthians 15:45 KJVS
      [45] And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. followed by... Mark 10:6 KJVS
      [6] But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. followed by, "Mr. Darrow, if the credibility of Jesus Christ is on trial, then bring proof that the eyewitness accounts of Christ's resurrection and Christ's claim to Deity was faulty, seeing to date all attempts have failed, otherwise it would be wiser to take the word of Him who has risen from the grave rather than the one (Darwin) who still lies in it.    
    • I am telling you brother I read that stuff eons ago, there is way to many holes in it, Remember, Satan can appear as and angel of light, he can also use double speak, "Thou shalt not surely die", the way I test all things is to try and poke holes in it, I don't hear something and say, this sounds right i must be, I say this is very, very interesting, it deserves further inspection.    Rome was the Fourth Beast making it the Sixth Head of Rev. 13 and 17, that is correct. But the Harlot Rides the Beast, she is not the Beast, they are two separate entities. The proof is how they perish. One is destroyed by the Kings, the other by God. The RCC Hierarchy can be a part of the Harlot, but why do you think Islam, Buddhism, Witchcraft, and all other Religions will get a pass ?    Plus the biggest clue is WHY does the Harlot get destroyed by the Kings/Beast ? Because the Beast demand worship, ALL Religions have to be destroyed. Christians will be in Heaven, the True Church is Raptured, why would a FAKE RCC then have any power ?
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