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    • Blessings HisFirst IMO this is the best answer,God is,has & always will be "The Same".....He has always Revealed Himself to those earnestly seeking His Face as the Merciful ,Loving,Compassionate,understanding,Patient Kind,Forgiving & JUST God that He IS,the Great I AM,full of Grace                       With love-in Christ,Kwik
    • Love you Nooby,what an AWESOME God we serve!!!!!!
    • That would be what the Son said of Him
      Mark 9:23 (KJV)
      [23] Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.
      Mark 10:27 (KJV)
      [27] And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.
      Mark 14:36 (KJV)
      [36] And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.
    • Psalm 83: War   I'm hesitant to post this here as there are many people with very different hermeneutic and eschatological views of scripture. The following is not an attempt to start an eschatology war and argument, but rather share and discuss my end-time views in the last days in which I believe we are living. I'm not dogmatic on this view but it's my interpretation of scripture and the events and characters that are rapidly unfolding. This is pretty long so sorry... Many good Christian scholars are divided on a prerequisite war before the Gog – Magog invasion, often referred to as “The Psalms 83 War”, prior to the Ezekiel 38-39: Gog / Magog invasion and ultimately the final war, Armageddon. Further, the scholastic camp that believes the “Prerequisite War” will occur are divided on when, before or after the harpazo (rapture of the church). Nevertheless, the timing apparently is very close either side of the harpazo [caught up – Rapture] in my view. I lean to this Psalm 83: war occurring before the harpazo [Rapture]. Based on my Biblical studies, trusted scholars opinions and world events shaping up, I'm of the opinion an Israeli war must occur as a precondition to the Gog / Magog invasion, to set up the conditions outlined in Ezekiel 38 & 39. Here's my reasoning: Israel's boarders are surrounded by nations that want nothing less than to “wipe Israel off the map” and drive them into the sea. It's a mistake to represent Israel's surrounding enemies as “Arabs”, they are Muslim's. They constantly advocate driving Israel into the sea and erasing them as a nation. This fact is beyond dispute. It is conspicuous Israel's immediate surrounding neighbors and peoples (Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan surrounding Israel and the Hezbollah, Palestinian refugee camps, etc., bitter enemies of Israel, are not associated with the Gog / Magog (outer ring of nations ONLY) invasion in scripture? Where are they? What happened? Why are they not involved? Perhaps they were previously defeated prior to the Magog invasion? If you subscribe to the later day “two war theory”, it appears the two wars have separate objectives and goals and could occur any day now. With Russia and China currently propping up the Syrian regime in increasing numbers and war equipment, ports and bases, under the pretense of fighting ISIS, things are getting interesting indeed. The Prerequisite War [inner ring of nations] “to wipe Israel off the map and into the sea”, and the Gog / Magog war [outer ring of nations] “to take a spoil and plunder”. Ezekiel 38:11 describes Israel living safely in unwalled villages and no gates prior to the Gog / Magog invasion. That certainly is not the case today with their 400+ mile high security fence / wall and surrounded by hostile nations bent on their destruction. When are they not being attacked by the Muslims? Even when Israel conquers the 'inner ring' of hostile nations they wouldn't be able to live securely. As Persia [Iran] and Assyria / Assur [Syria] would still be a threat. I would postulate based on my eschatology that the Israeli Defense Force [IDF] will make a preemptive nuclear strike on Iran [Persia] to disable its nuclear program building nuclear weapons. Perhaps this is also when Damascus, Syria becomes an uninhabitable heap of ruin? In the Gog / Magog invasion in Ezekiel 38:13 Sheba [Yemen] and Dedan [Saudi Arabia] are not participants but spectators. I wonder why? The recent discoveries of an abundance of oil and natural gas in and around Israel is very interesting, as well as their technological advances and abundant natural resources on a tiny piece of land. I believe as a result of Israel's victory over the 'inner ring' of nations, Israel will expand its borders to that of what the Lord promised Abraham, or very close to it. That would also help explain why Gog / Magog has a hook in their jaw to draw them and their allies to take a spoil. Israel will then have and control vast natural resources and will not be on guard. It would appear a prerequisite war victory for Israel of her surrounding 'inner ring' enemies, would set the stage and conditions described in Ezekiel to preclude the end-times final assault on Israel. Although one has to be cautious and not dogmatic in his hermeneutics when scripture is not crystal clear on the subject. But the more that transpires and unfolds, the more the picture become clearer. Daniel 12:4 (KJV) But thou O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal thee book, even to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. The mystery's of the Bible that have been hidden from us have become understandable in our generation, our eyes are being opened. What previous generation could even have imagined watching world events unfold immediately in real time via iphone, computer, TV, etc. [the killing of the two witnesses and laying dead for three days]. Human tongues being instantly consumed before the body even drops to the ground [nuclear explosion], etc. etc. As a Christian and American living in the purported worlds only superpower, its only natural to ask, where is America in all of this? You would think as the worlds superpower the United States would be mentioned in the end-time prophesy? But the Bible is pretty much silent on that question and involves a lot of unsupported speculation. Much speculation and commentary has been given on this and we can only guess with little scriptural support. [Ezekiel 39: 6 And I will send a fire on Magog , and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles; and they shall know that I am the Lord]. Is the isles described maybe the United States? It is a conjecture / suspicion among many scholars, this could be the United States. If so, perhaps it's something a kin to the 60's Cuba missile crisis and something goes terribly wrong? Perhaps our nation has collapsed due to natural disasters, multiple terrorist strikes, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), an economic collapse, civil war, a combination of disasters, only the Lord knows. But evidently the US. is inconsequential in the end-times? To paraphrase a quote from a great Christian evangelist Billy Graham, “if God doesn't judge the United States, he owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah”. One thing is certain though, we have religiously and morally abandoned God as a nation, and delved into the depths of sin, depravity and legalized abominations to our Lord. Calling and legalized good evil, and evil good. I believe our long suffering Lord God has withheld our overdue judgment perhaps because of our historical support for HIS chosen people Israel. And now we are abandoning Israel and trying to divide the land God covenanted to Israel. The following order of events is postulated by Dr. Charles Missler of past, present and future prophetic biblical events pertaining to Israel. The first four have been obviously prophetically fulfilled. Israel is God's TIME CLOCK! ORDER of EVENTS 1. Israel regathered in the land. Ez 37:12, Isa 11: 11, 12, Due 30: 3-5 2. Ancient cities rebuilt and inhabited. Ez 36: 1-5, 8-10 3. Israel meets Muslim / Arab resistance. Jer 49: 16, Zep 2:8, Ez 25: 12, 32: 5, Oba 1: 10 4. Israel establishes an Army for defense. Ez 36: 6&7, 38: 8 5. The adjacent Muslim nations confederate themselves. Ps 83: 1-8. The Palestinians in the tent camps [Ammon, Edom, Philistia] are “pawns” for political reasons. There's an overwhelming amount of room to absorb them in surrounding Muslim nations. 6. This confederacy is committed to the destruction of Israel. Ps 83: 1-5, 12 7. War starts between this confederacy and Israel. Jer 49: 2, 8, 19 8. Title regained “my people Israel”. Hos 1: 8-10, Rom 9: 25, 26, Ez 36: 8-12 9. Israel decisively defeats this confederacy. Oba 1: 9, 18, Ez 25: 13, 14, Jer 49: 10, 20, 21, 23-26, Isa 11: 12-14, 17: 1, 19: 16, 17 10. Israel has become “an exceedingly great Army”. Ez 37: 10, Jer 49: 21 11. Israel takes prisoners of war. Jer 48: 46, 47, 49: 3, 6, 11, Zep 2: 10, 11 12. The whole region is reshaped. Isa 17: 1, Jer 49: 2, 10, Zep 2: 4 13. Israel expands its borders back to the Abrahamic covenant. Oba 1: 19, Jer 49: 2, Isa 19: 18, 19   Then Israel dwells securely in the land, but it's not over yet! Because of the Ez 38: business yet to come. The invasion of Gog / Magog.    
    • I believe the trees were those of Gods Supernatural wonders,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I don't  doubt anything of Gods capabilities
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    • batarang

      The Lord showed me a Gothic house at night. A large fruit bat or flying fox was flying toward the roof of the house. I couldn't see the tips of the bat's wings. 
      Gothic house = Vatican
      Night = church in darkness
      Fruit bat = false prophet and antiChrist, they are of the same mind, fruit bats carry ebola, link with batman
      Wing tips = hidden, not seen before, around the corner
      The fruit bat was flying above my head. It was getting closer. I was careful to avoid urine or faeces because of ebola.
      There was a head to head confrontation with the fruit bat. The false prophet exposed. Last mango season, a little-red flying fox was trapped in a net on my mango tree. The net is used to protect the fruit. See my photo of the fruit bat below. I called wildlife rescue.  

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    • RonNicky

      If you just read the first part of this verse, it would immediately sound an alarm indicating arrogance: "I can do all things." This was the spirit that attempted to build the tower of Babel. This was the downfall of men like Saul or the Egyptian Pharaoh. Many today infected by humanism and without any trust in God - make the same claim: "I can do all things."
      But the next two words in the verse take this out of the context of arrogance altogether: "through Christ." It is not a boast of self: "I can do all things." It is, I can do all things through Christ! There is a huge difference. It is one thing for someone to say, "I can do all things." It is quite different to confess, "I can do all things through Christ."
      To get the impact of this, stop and think about what you couldn't do without Him! You could not effectively and thoroughly know your lost condition. Without Him, you could not have adequate concepts of God. Without Him, you could realize no victory over sin. Without Him, we would all be a victim of the wrath to come. Jesus said to His disciples "without Me you can do nothing," (Jno. 15:5). In Ephesians 2:12 teaches outside of Christ, we have "no hope" and we are "without God in the world." 
      So with Christ through Him; in our relationship of active faith in Him we have strength we could not have any other way! Strength to adequately evaluate ourselves. Strength to know the difference between right and wrong (by faithfully applying His Word). Strength that comes through the remission of our sins. Strength in response to prayer we offer to God through Him. Strength of character as we follow His example and obey Him. This is strength in such abundance, we are able to do everything God wants us to do. "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."
      "Of the strength which Christ can impart, Paul had had abundant experience; and now his whole reliance was there. It was not in any native ability which he had; not in any vigor of body or of mind; not in any power which there was in his own resolutions; it was in the strength that he derived from the Redeemer.
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