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  1. naominash

    Prayer is awesome

    Emotions like fear, sadness, and anger often tear at me in each season of life. Prayer and connection to God anchors me because it reminds me that God is in control, He's good, and that He loves me. It is a blessing to pray for my husband and to feel peace. It's great to be able to just thank God for all the wonderful things He's already done in our lives. I've been listening to messages on prayer that say to pray boldly and not to lose heart. It's something that's become so important me, I can't imagine life without it. I'm so glad I can boldly come to the Lord through Christ. Praise God!
  2. secretopossumcabal

    What comes out of a man

    You have to make a habit of being productive, meditating on the good thoughts (which is among the reason why constant prayer is so healthy) , and completely avoid "suggestions" that might tempt you into having bad thoughts! Life is overflowing with suggestions so it'd rather difficult, that's why you have to forego television, most of music, and surround yourself with colorful people that lead good lives, or are trying to, also avoid the news networks that are throwing non-stop propaganda at your face and telling you how to think. All of these things overflow with suggestions which are intended to rot your brain, it's how Satan attaches his spirit to people. But recognize what is tempting you into having bad thoughts, if its a person, learn to forgive them and try not to tempt yourself by thinking about them too much, maintain a productive life and don't linger in your thoughts, if you have bad thoughts in the morning ask God to take them away from you and get up right out of bed as soon as you wake up. If you have bad thoughts during your day, ask God to take them away from you and disengage from what you're doing (or not doing), and start on a project so you can get back on your feet. Don't stay still, keep moving and not only meditating on the good things of life but also praying for them alongside pursuing them! That is the process of cleaning inside the cup, but it's a process and we will be tempted along the way. Consider yourself VERY lucky that you even have this desire. It comes to few people, how lucky are you that God enticed you with his spirit? That is already proof that he's working inside of you.
  3. justme007


    Praise forever regardless of the circumstances!!!!!!!
  4. I care too much about almost everyone and I'm wondering if anyone else is like me. For example, the longer I know someone the more valuable I consider knowing him/her. Up until 20 yrs ago this wasn't a problem, I always knew people who throw other people away (for no good reasons that is). I made sure I didn't get overly attached to them. But 20 yrs ago this became like an epidemic in my life. 20 yrs ago the entire family on my father's side stopped associating with me. Since I have no immediate family, brothers, sisters, wives or ex-wives, and I made sure I didn't have any kids out of wedlock. On my mother's side they all died except 1 female cousin. She's the new age queen, her and her husband even started a false church. He's the only minister I know of that charges money to hear him speak. What a shame, on the one hand it proves how hungry Americans are to know God, but on the other hand it shows how ignorant we are about God.A true minister can ask for donations, they all do. But this guy charges $75 an hour and what he teaches is false. So I can't be close to them. To make matters worse most of my father's side consider themselves Saved. What's more I was the first to switch from Catholicism to a Bible believing Christian. They should be the first to want to associate with me. Or maybe I'm nuts. I realize that I'm making a lot of posts about this lately. I apologize for this. I just feel like I can't take this much longer.
  5. I was born with gastroschisis a birth defect (caused me to be born without a belly button) I grew up with my mother and two other siblings. My mum taught me about God and came to my school once to talk about him. After that I was teased and Kids would say things like what I would be getting for my birthday. Kids over heard and mocked saying is Jesus going to buy you that. It was horrible the fact that I didn’t know how to react. I grew up and was very troubled I constantly stayed in my room watched any movie I wanted mostly horror movies. I then felt ill due to having a cyst so I was in hospital for an operation after that. I missed a lot of school and didn’t want to go back. I didn’t like school at all. So I changed schools and the most I went was for two days and I done some study but never finished it. I never went back never got a qualification and never finished school. I then get older and tried to feel something other than pain I was addicted not to the drugs but to sleeping around, I was craving love from all the wrongs things I was so miserable and all the while I called myself a Christian. I went in and out of relationships and suffered depression and anxiety and all the things I tried to harm myself and I felt so rejected I was baptised and had gone to church and meetings. Then I met a guy who was meant to make everything go away I wouldn’t have to fight for love. One night I had a dream I woke up crying and the dream turned out to play out in real life. My sister and boyfriend were sleeping together. I couldn’t handle it I was so broken and cried myself to sleep every night. After two years of going back to the only thing I knew was sleeping around. Then my lord and saviour saved me. I had read the bible and went to church but I never felt it. I needed a way out. So I went to these groups called the Jesus tent with my mum she’d been asking me to go to for ages and she wanted me to watch my little sister. One of my mums friends was there and he prayed for me then along the way id go to meetings and feel touched and start crying uncontrollably in front of everyone. It was my heart crying out to God. The man would come over and ask to pray with me in away that I could connect with. He’d tell me what God wanted me to know and I would just cry. I started to change. I want to say I jumped but I walked into God’s arms. I felt rejected and every time someone would pray for me and break off the rejection and all the things holding me down God was taking away the chains that held me from jumping into his arms. The more I trusted God the more I started to feel changed. He has been so evident in my life with so many blessing I owe everything to God! This is a short version of my testimony if anyone would like to hear more 😊
  6. secretopossumcabal

    The New Animal thread

    I shall pour all of my love into this particular tree branch!
  7. Cletus

    What comes out of a man

    First off, dont beat yourself up over this. Technically, you do not have the right to do this to Some One Else's servant. God knows your desire to change, and i would venture to say He gave you this desire because there is nothing good in the flesh and the only reason we would want to obey is God would make us want to. Keep that in the back of your mind... He is for you. Intense and constant prayer is needed. as well as lots of praise and worship. So if you got a good church to go to and the doors are open for some singing, then go. And set aside time every day to do this also. Nothing else is as important. renewing your mind takes discipline. also sin makes us want to run from God. Dont do that, God already knows. as soon as it pops up, repent and pray. do not expect results overnight either. God knows how to change you. and He wants to, and He will. Just be faithful to keep on keeping on.
  8. missmuffet

    Derailing thread

    You don't need that mask when I am around.
  9. Christine

    Keep a Word - Change a Word

    'Your state' (Phil. 4:20)
  10. Now THAT was a very unique act! How in the world do you trains cats? Mine have me trained, but completely ignore any attempts I make to train them, unless of course it earns a "treat", and still they won't do what I want, knowing they'll get the treat regardless!! Cheers Debp.
  11. patrick jane

    Keep a Word - Change a Word

    state flag
  12. KPaulG

    Frantic Weeks and Month(s)

  13. gerbilwoman

    Keep a Word - Change a Word

    state law
  14. Brian Dietzen

    Who are you? Really?

    Hello friends, my favorite kind of water in nature is waterfalls! They're always right where you need them on a long hike through the wilderness, tucked away like God hid them there just for me. I guess my favorite kind of wild animal is a lion. Maybe not considered the best friend of Christians throughout the ages, but none the less majestic and mighty. I think it's funny how the male lion naps in the sun while the female goes out hunting. Lions are the first animal I'd like to see when i get to heaven. I also like turtles. I'd like to take my family and live on a tropical island for a few years, no one else but us, no phones, no tv, no media, no traffic. Just the bare essentials and the word of God. My favorite holiday is Christmas because there's so much more joy, and everything lit up to bring glory to the One and Only. The most awesome thing I've seen is God slowly but surely change a person from the inside out, and you know it's not them doing it but God, and then you get hope that maybe he'll change you too.
  15. patrick jane

    Sayings and Catch Phrases

    cat on a hot tin roof
  16. patrick jane

    Sayings and Catch Phrases

    all in a day's work
  17. Annette


    It is great to be able to praise God no matter what we are going through.
  18. You have to love them the way that God loves us. We sin everyday and do things against his will all the time; but he still loves us. That's why He sent His only Son to die on the cross for our sins. You have to put away all pride and pray and ask God if there is maybe something you have in your heart against that person. Maybe that's why you're having a hard time loving them.
  19. Blood Bought 1953

    What if

    The Bible never says “ The righteous shall live by keeping the rules and keeping your repentance ledger up to date” The Bible says “The righteous shall LIVE by FAITH”. What you are describing is the faith walk that God wants His Children to undertake.The Bible isnt just a book about “ don’t do this and do do that”.Life is full of problems and God is looking for those who will turn to him and trust in His promises to get them through this life.Pass one test of faith, and God will put you through you another one— every time the test is just a little harder and requires more faith.This is how we grow in faith.Paul eventually got to the point he was content no matter what the circumstances were.That is how strong his faith walk made him. That is what God wants for us all.Our Faith is what started our walk with God , as Paul said......we are to finish the way we started.Faith is so pleasing to God that He created a Faith Hero Hall Of Fame That included scoundrels like David and Sampson.Heroes of faith who stumbled severely and were punished severely.Nowhere in the Bible do I see a chapter devoted to the heroes of good- doers or the heroes of repentance.If we give God what really pleases Him—- FAITH —-He will take care of the rest.
  20. Hi, from an old geezer now past most workforce day's terrors and opportunities. "Their level"? "Mind the work"? Therein might be found a couple of useful keys to relief from personal distress. Hey for years, once I was called to my own repentance by the Holy Spirit, and did hear and heed that call, I was often referenced as "Dudley Do Right" in workplace conversations. -Until the day came that they all called me "Boss!". I having become the bigger fish in the small pond was then up and led by God to a much larger body of water to have to learn to swim in among the larger fish yet. There is always, always, the challenge that leads to greater challenge so that each of us might continue to grow and not be stiffled kept small by our environment of littler water bodies. Best to keep humble, happy in all circumstance else it seems humility comes the hard way. Praise God for the work each day. Do the work well and be thankful. Let others see whatever they see. Serve God's good purposes in all that is done and try to do all that you do to His Glory. May God continue to give strength for all tasks. Congratulations on His having given you the opportunity of your new job! Praise God.
  21. Marilyn C


    Hey bro, Snow, Haven`t seen you around. Missed your friendly face and comments. Just looked at your profile and you have been here, just me who has been in other places, (lol). All the best, regards, Marilyn.
  22. Any time you become offended you set a snare for yourself. at least thats my experience.
  23. Snow


    God Bless You
  24. Justin Adams

    Im just now becoming christian please pray for me.

    The really neat thing to consider is that while it is 'new' to you, it is not new to the Lord. He has planned for this from eternity's past and so is NOT taken by surprise. He has planned many and varied paths for us all and you are no exception. Now you have to chose the correct doors to open throughout your life moving forwards. On my pilot's knee planner that I used to check way-points and my ground path's navigation (the old days of dead-reckoning) I had in large letters: DON'T WORRY, GOD HAS ALREADY BEEN THERE. So the same goes for you. It is a road you must travel and the Lord Yeshua will guide you - even if sometimes you do not listen, or hear His voice clearly. Nothing takes God by surprise EVER. So keep on keeping on in the sure knowledge that the Lord has already measured your ways for you. He will not let you go and will fight for you until the end!
  25. Hi starsong4, There are probably millions of people living now, and in days gone by who have never heard of God, Jesus, the Bible, God's Word, who will be judged by God, not according to the Law or commandments, but by the way they lived their lives in the society they were born and raised in. Paul wrote in Romans 2:11-15; Romans 2:11, For there is no respect of persons with God. 12, For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law: and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law; 13, For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified. 14, For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: 15, Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;) V. 16, in the day when God shall judge the secrets of men the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.