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  1. You are right angels. A born again Christian can not be indwelt by a demon. Anyone who teaches that is a false teacher.
  2. At the core of the discussion that's been generated by the choice of the first book is this, how should Christians deal with habitual and compulsive sins and unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns and feelings in ourselves and other Christians? Some Christians view this mainly as a function of willpower: if you were serious about repentance and serving God then you'd give up whatever addiction it is you are addicted to. Some view it as a proof of lack of salvation: if you were really saved, you wouldn't keep on in that sin. Some Christians view this mainly as a function of spiritual growth: if you read the Bible more, pray enough, and grow spiritually, those things will disappear. Some Christians view this as primarily being about spiritual warfare: the enemy causes most of this and must be cast out in some way. Some Christians view emotional and spiritual wounds in the same manner as physical ones: they are things that cripple and hinder us and need to be healed by God in some manner. Of course people with various views have their list of Bible proof texts as to why they are correct. If you read enough posts of advice given on various Christians forums for Christians struggling with addictions or compulsive feelings such as fear or depression or anger, many responses tend to fit into one of those categories. My views on the matter have ultimately been shaped by many many years worth of testimonies of what God has done in people's lives who I know well. We can start out with our (and others') opinions about what the Bible says but at some point we need to take into account what God is actually doing in our lives and other people's lives to see if our opinions about what the Bible teaches match the reality of what God is really doing. Over the years, I've heard enough testimonies to see that God does things in different ways in different people. Some addictions have vanished when someone was saved; some vanished instantaneously at some point due to prayer; others vanished when some type of healing in a seemingly unrelated area took place. I've heard similar things with regard to compulsive feelings of fear, depression, and anger. I know Christians who've seen these things vanish away in response to something God did or changes they made in their lives. I know Christians for whom this was a process and some for whom it was more a one-time event. I've become very suspicious of one-size-fits-all advice to these things. When many Christians testify about tangible changes in their lives that God has brought about in particular ways, I want to learn from it rather than dismiss it.
  3. Absolutely true that we should be immersed in the word of God and learn of all his ways and the ways that he wants for us to inherit and practice. Is it not a blessed thing too that God has given men gifts to write and speak of kingdom things, yes it is not the word of God, but why would men call Spurgeon the greatest preacher, is it not a gift given to convey messages about a holy God. In the realm of the spiritual, it is only when people encounter troubling things that they seek out help from people who may have gone through similar things or wants to know if others actually write or mentions them in books ect. It is indeed an experience other than what have been written in scripture about the spiritual world and the few examples. Now a believer is not to dwell in those things, but when you are accosted by them, then it becomes a different story. The people who says they only read the bible and does not need any other help ect, are or may be speaking of an immediate time. If or when something of the nature we are speaking about, I can guarantee they would spend hours searching to find good books to get all the information about what the situations are and especially if their children or other loved ones are affected. Again, a believer may not know at the moment why these things have happened and for sure look to Jesus as the healer, provider and protector and not yield to the temptations to seek other mediums for help and cure. This also is part of satan plan, for the believer to doubt God and his word and go in desperation to seek out palm readers and those who practice divination ect. This is all too real and for those who are not born again, I am sure this is whom they turn to as they look to get help for things that modern science with all its greatness has no help for, hence partly the reason for lots of people in mental institutions suffering with no help insight. So in my experience with this topic, books on this subject gives the reader some angles about what others have been through , what God says about it and some steps to heal in line with Gods word. God has placed men here as his ministers to help us, we can choose to reject or review what is said. Yes, we have to be very careful about what we digest, but when someone has written something that you can relate too, you know it is true definitely. When you cannot relate, but sees scriptural reference is given about it, then you keep it in mind if or when you encounter things troubling.
  4. We don't normally class an action like Samson's as suicide. We call it a 'suicide mission', but we regard it as something heroic, not shameful. He saw himself as a fighter in a war (because the Israelites should have been at war with the Philistines). His own death was a price to be paid for the deaths of many of the enemy.
  5. Here is something to consider. If it is just about free will, and the devil created iniquity out of thin air, meaning so could any Christian after getting to heaven. That means a million years from now, a Christian can rebel and get kicked out of heaven.  Talk about no security!  Two things cause us to sin........our natural sin nature and temptations courtesy of Satan.... neither of these forces will exist in Heaven.....” When Christ appears, we shall BE LIKE HIM”....... “ Clothed in His Righteousness”......We will finally be in our “ Glorified” state.......those that are glorified are not sinners....God will finish the good work He started in us at Salvation......that “ good” work will not be a sinful work...
  6. Just came by to remind us of something truly wonderful . JESUS IS LORD , Now raise those hands and praise the LORD
  7. Genesis 42:20-38 20 and bring your youngest brother to me. So your words will be verified, and you shall not die.” And they did so. 21 Then they said to one another, “In truth we are guilty concerning our brother, in that we saw the distress of his soul, when he begged us and we did not listen. That is why this distress has come upon us.” 22 And Reuben answered them, “Did I not tell you not to sin against the boy? But you did not listen. So now there comes a reckoning for his blood.”23 They did not know that Joseph understood them, for there was an interpreter between them. 24 Then he turned away from them and wept. And he returned to them and spoke to them. And he took Simeon from them and bound him before their eyes. 25 And Joseph gave orders to fill their bags with grain, and to replace every man's money in his sack, and to give them provisions for the journey. This was done for them. 26 Then they loaded their donkeys with their grain and departed.27 And as one of them opened his sack to give his donkey fodder at the lodging place, he saw his money in the mouth of his sack. 28 He said to his brothers, “My money has been put back; here it is in the mouth of my sack!” At this their hearts failed them, and they turned trembling to one another, saying, “What is this that God has done to us?” 29 When they came to Jacob their father in the land of Canaan, they told him all that had happened to them, saying, 30 “The man, the lord of the land, spoke roughly to us and took us to be spies of the land. 31 But we said to him, ‘We are honest men; we have never been spies. 32 We are twelve brothers, sons of our father. One is no more, and the youngest is this day with our father in the land of Canaan.’ 33 Then the man, the lord of the land, said to us, ‘By this I shall know that you are honest men: leave one of your brothers with me, and take grain for the famine of your households, and go your way. 34 Bring your youngest brother to me. Then I shall know that you are not spies but honest men, and I will deliver your brother to you, and you shall trade in the land.’” 35 As they emptied their sacks, behold, every man's bundle of money was in his sack. And when they and their father saw their bundles of money, they were afraid. 36 And Jacob their father said to them, “You have bereaved me of my children: Joseph is no more, and Simeon is no more, and now you would take Benjamin. All this has come against me.” 37 Then Reuben said to his father, “Kill my two sons if I do not bring him back to you. Put him in my hands, and I will bring him back to you.” 38 But he said, “My son shall not go down with you, for his brother is dead, and he is the only one left. If harm should happen to him on the journey that you are to make, you would bring down my gray hairs with sorrow to Sheol.”
  8. Send one of you, and let him fetch your brother, and ye shall be kept in prison, that your words may be proved, whether there be any truth in you: or else by the life of Pharaoh surely ye are spies. And he put them all together into ward three days. And Joseph said unto them the third day, This do, and live; for I fear God: If ye be true men, let one of your brethren be bound in the house of your prison: go ye, carry corn for the famine of your houses: But bring your youngest brother unto me; so shall your words be verified, and ye shall not die. And they did so. Genesis 42:16-20
  9. Butero. NO he created Lucifer perfect , every good gift . but Lucifer had free will . Lucifer was not created evil . He took a third of the angels with him. No angel was created evil either . IF so , all would have chose to follow Him , all would have done the evil . Its not how Lucifer was created that was evil or wrong . IT was his own choice . He was created perfect , so was man , created perfect and upright . God creates perfect . Choice . it was choice . free will . The fault was not in who created nor in how he created . The fault lies only IN the created . Not only was Lucifer created perfect , he was given more than all other angels . Notice not all the angels fell. CHOICE . two thirds remained loyal to GOD , yet they were created NO different than Lucifer or the other third that did fall . God creates perfectly , but HE GIVES free will choice .
  10. 45And the sons of Israel came to buy corn among those that came: for the famine was in the land of Canaan. 6And Joseph was the governor over the land, and he it was that sold to all the people of the land: and Joseph's brethren came, and bowed down themselves before him with their faces to the earth. 7And Joseph saw his brethren, and he knew them, but made himself strange unto them, and spake roughly unto them; and he said unto them, Whence come ye? And they said, From the land of Canaan to buy food. 8And Joseph knew his brethren, but they knew not him. 9And Joseph remembered the dreams which he dreamed of them, and said unto them, Ye are spies; to see the nakedness of the land ye are come. 10And they said unto him, Nay, my lord, but to buy food are thy servants come. 11We are all one man's sons; we are true men, thy servants are no spies. 12And he said unto them, Nay, but to see the nakedness of the land ye are come. 13And they said, Thy servants are twelve brethren, the sons of one man in the land of Canaan; and, behold, the youngest is this day with our father, and one is not. 14And Joseph said unto them, That is it that I spake unto you, saying, Ye are spies: 15Hereby ye shall be proved: By the life of Pharaoh ye shall not go forth hence, except your youngest brother come hither.Gen.42 :5-15
  11. How can the Holy Spirit and demons live together in the same house? Born again Christians are forgiven from their sins and Jesus lives inside of them and there is no room for the enemy, they can't live both together in the same house ( your body. Demons can oppress you but not possess you. 1 Peter 5:8 8 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Ephesians 2:2 2 in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience— James 4:7 7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you 2 Cor 6:10–18 10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the
  12. Before Spitting, Be Prepared My father was born in 1891, 12 years before the Wright Brothers flew. He lived his entire life in New York City from the horse-and-buggy era to the age of jet-airliners and tall skyscrapers – a very transformational period. I was born in 1946, and was the only child from my parents’ late-in-life union. Mom was 43 at the time, and they told me many times that I was a “surprise baby.” Dad was a respected supervisory mechanical engineer. He worked until 1954 when he was ruled disabled because of quickly deteriorating eyesight. As a young lad, he took me for outings on many of the city’s far-reaching elevated and subway lines. By the time I was 11, my father was no longer able to navigate the city and transit system on his own. But he still took me out exploring to both show and teach me. My father held his cane in one hand and my arm in the other, telling me how to get where we were going, and it was my job to get us there safely. It was a sight to behold – a youngster leading a blind tour guide on sightseeing trips! On the many forays around the city, I saw bridges, buildings, trains, railroad facilities, museums, ships, and a lot more. My blind father gave me a passion for railways and engineering, which led me into a very successful and enjoyable career. Photo - Stephen Sr. and Catherine McEvoy with “Surprise Baby” Stephen aka Me I was told little about Dad’s earlier life before my birth. But my father did share that he was put in an orphanage when he was just 4 years old, where he lived 10 years. There was never any mention of my paternal Grandparents James and Emily (Foster) McEvoy. And, in spite of asking many times, I never learned why my father wound up in an orphanage at such a young age. It wasn’t until many years after his death that I realized how great of a man and father he truly was, and I recently learned that I only knew half the story. My family gave me a DNA kit as a Christmas gift. It included a box, vial, instructions, and seemed high-tech and complicated. It sat on my desk for six months before I finally read the material, which turned out to be quite simple. I spit some saliva into the vial, completed a short form, put it into the provided box, and mailed it back for DNA analysis. Nothing complex at all. I had no idea what the DNA results would be. The only significant question I had about my heritage was why my father found himself in an orphanage at 4 years of age. A few weeks later, I received the results – Great Britain 45%, Ireland 34%, Iberian Peninsula 9%, Scandinavia 8%, and a smattering of other geographical regions. I also received a list of 159 possible 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th cousins, but I never reached out to any of them. However, two of these relatives contacted me – David, the grandson of my Uncle Henry, and Patricia, the great granddaughter of my Uncle William. They both confirmed that my father was one of seven siblings. Interesting but nothing earth shattering. Then I raised the long-unanswered question whether they knew why my father wound up in an orphanage at a young age. They were surprised that I did not know about the family tragedy. Rather than tell me the gory details, they briefed me about the basics and explained how I could research the sad events for myself. I quite easily found the tragic story in many newspapers. I was shocked to learn that on July 6, 1895, my Grandfather James McEvoy, during a drunken rage, shot my Grandmother Emily in the head and torso. The shooting occurred in front of two of their children. The other five children immediately ran into the room after the gunfire. As reported in the New York Herald, “The seven children were screaming and yelling. The flat was in the wildest disorder.” James penned two suicide notes before the deed, but he yielded to the children’s pleading that he not turn the gun on himself. Police officers soon arrived and took James into custody. “Only the clubs of six policemen kept James McEvoy from being lynched by his frantic neighbors…” Emily was taken to a hospital where she died two days later. My grandfather was a premeditated murderer. The day after Emily’s death, James was being transported to court for legal proceedings via Manhattan’s Third Avenue Elevated Line. While handcuffed and waiting on the 59th Street Station platform, James pulled away and threw himself onto the track in front of the approaching train. He was mortally wounded and died in a hospital an hour later. Within three short days, my father and his six siblings (ranging from 2 to 19 years of age) violently lost both parents. James’ family helped the seven children transition through the aftermath of the terrible tragedy. The three eldest needed minimal assistance, while my father, the second youngest, wound up in an orphanage. I spent my entire career in railway operations and engineering, and it was bizarre for me to learn that my grandfather died in Manhattan after being run over by an elevated train, hauled much less by a steam locomotive. And I walked through the intersection of 59th Street and Third Avenue many times over the years totally unaware that such a horrific family tragedy occurred there just one long generation ago. Photo - New York’s Third Avenue Elevated Circa 1878-1895 before Electrification There are many events in life that we cannot foresee or prepare for, and learning this sad family history was certainly one of them. And yet, as terrible as the tragedy was, I felt prepared for the bad news to a significant degree. I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior 54 years ago on simple blind faith, without thinking it all through. Almost immediately, I struggled with many “whys” – why God allows pain, suffering, disease, death, and dozens more. After 10 years or so of wrestling with God, I still could not understand or rationalize the human condition, and I gave up trying. I simply decided to yield and accept the Biblical explanations – we live in a fallen world where free will prevails, sin permeates, and stuff happens – both good and bad. While I still do not like or understand why things are the way they are, I stopped trying to make sense of it all. I reaffirmed my faith in Jesus and His Sacrifice on my behalf, and I also firmly embraced God’s Written Word, regardless of my feelings and unanswered questions. So, learning about my family’s tragedy did not jar or rattle me to any significant degree, but the sad story did slowly cut to my heart in a number of other ways. I have been unable to feel any sympathy for James McEvoy. He had a history of drunkenness and violence, and was arrested several months before the murder for attacking his wife Emily while intoxicated. I do have an immense empathy for Emily, who gave James seven children only to be slaughtered by him. The story generated much emotion in me about my father overcoming such a turbulent and tragic childhood, and excelling in life in spite of it. Dad never complained and never seemed sad, even after he went blind. Dad’s oldest brother William stirs even greater emotion in me, because he unexpectedly became the family patriarch at the age of 19. He stepped up to the plate, providing love and assistance to his youngest siblings. My father recounted that William visited him many times during the 10 years spent in the orphanage, after which William took my father home to live with him and his family during my dad’s teenage years. However, the greatest emotion and discomfort I have felt about the tragedy is not about James, Emily, William or my father, but about me. The story has reminded me about my sinful nature, failures and shortcomings. As strange as it sounds, I feel blessed, enriched and even healed by these sad introspective feelings. While I cannot change history, I can still change myself and also allow God greater control over my life. A touching side story to the tragedy was that the Plasterers’ Union of which James was a member contributed $150 towards the funeral cost. When adjusted for inflation, this is equivalent to $4,167 today – not a trivial amount. Considering that James was a drunken murderer, such a sizable donation was a remarkable showing of fraternal love, and also an important reminder that the Second Great Commandment to love our neighbor applies even when we hate what the neighbor did! The moral of the story may seem to be that before spitting for a DNA test, be prepared for the possibility of bad news. However, that is just a “catchy” title; the lesson is much deeper than that. There are many other far more likely possible tragedies that could befall us tomorrow, which would more greatly test and challenge our faith, and rack our emotions. The promises in Revelation 21:4 make clear that we currently live in a fallen world where bad stuff happens even to the best of Christians: “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” (Revelation 21:4 ESV) The sheltered “bubbles” we live in might burst tomorrow. We could prematurely lose a loved one, have a heart attack, be diagnosed with cancer, or become paralyzed! I have seen these and other tragic life-changing events happen to the finest of Christians. Although rarely preached or dwelt upon, such sad possibilities are well-established Biblical truths. As much as I do not like or understand it, living the Christian Life still subjects us to significant risks and uncertainties every day, because we live in a fallen world. Every person deals with some measure of obstacles, problems and even tragedies in life. However, Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection provide promise, hope, grace and power to rise above and overcome the worst of events. The larger moral of my family story is Before Going to Bed Tonight, Be Prepared. I am reminded of Ephesians 6:13: “Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.” (Ephesians 6:13 ESV). And what is “being prepared?” Nothing more than trust and faith in Jesus Christ, not only for salvation, but also for all our tomorrows; and, obedience to the Word of God, and actively living out God’s desires and plans for our lives. Not only will this prepare us, these “actions of faith” (regardless of feelings) will also allow us to live victoriously. I was not able to insert the two photos into the text. If you want to receive a copy of the story with the two photos, including one showing a steam locomotive hauling an elevated train in New York City, just send me a request to samcevoy@aol.com. It will be my free gift to you. Steve McEvoy
  13. Been looking into possibly purchasing chains for my car (snow driving) and was discussing this last night with bible study group and one lady said she had three different kinds and is looking to see if hers will fit my car. I praise God for the fellowship of believers and their love to others because of Christ. PTL
  14. hello i used to have this bad habit of lying on my reading in a position that put pressure on my neck. lately my neck has been playing up, i hope i have not permanently damaged it..... please pray for me thank you
  15. Please pray for my daughter who has been having bad stomach trouble since Friday. She needs a healing touch from the Lord.
  16. I am asking prayer for a relative and also for a friend. Thanks.
  17. Shalom everyone, The first book, we'll be reading is Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson. https://www.amazon.com/Bondage-Breaker-Neil-T-Anderson/dp/0736918140/r If anyone cannot afford the book, please send me a private message, and I'll send one to you as a gift from the ministry. Why did I choose this book as the first book in the club? This book radically shaped my life and helped me get over the beginning struggles in my own life and helped me understand who I am ... and gave me an identity in Him! The first online book club meeting will be on Monday, December 17th at 10:30 EST God bless, George
  18. This comet was discovered 70 years ago (interesting year) and is at its closest in centuries and among the closest comet in 70 years. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2018/12/15/science/green-comet-46p-wirtanen.amp.html Merry Christmas!
  19. Lets lower that number . Remember GOD judges those outside the church . But if any comes into a church let sound holy doctrine be preached . Andlet us remember that if any man , woman or child profess to be a believer , we then do as they real apostels taught . If any man does err, sin , etc , we rebuke them sharply . Too many professing its being cult like to remind . It aint being cult like well, unless the true ones who wrote those letters were cults . They made sure if error was spotted to correct it fast . They made sure ONLY sound doctrine was taught . heck , they burned books that were false . Its in acts . The first line of defense and building one another up, Is Sound doctrine . IS the pattern the early church taught . If a deacon , bishop or any leader is not grave and serious , They need to go find jobs at burger king or etc and step down . This let folks make their own mind up , shoo wee, that mindset was not In one single true apostels letters . Instead it was rebuke sharply , correct any error feed only sound doctrine . We need that pattern back, all else is sinking sand and comes right from sensual leaders.
  20. Reading a book authored by someone expounding on Scripture is not any different than any of us coming here discussing the Scriptures, or going to a church where you listen to a man preaching a sermon on the Word of God. There is nothing wrong with reading a book that is not the Bible, as long as it lines up with Scripture. Stating that we shouldn't do so is hyper-spiritualism. I'm not saying this to rebuke, but to hopefully help people see ... it's totally unfair to say to someone that they shouldn't read a book based on Scriptural truth, when the argument is unfounded. If we are instructed in Scripture not to forsake the assembling ... and that we should instruct, exhort, teach, etc .... why does it matter whether we do it online, or in a book, or sitting in a church pew?
  21. Hi, Montana Lucifer fell before the time of Adam and Eve. Selah
  22. @GandalfTheWise Thanks for your thorough and insightful summary of the various schools of thought on this topic I think you covered it nicely. (These are the same groups or categories I see.) I am happy to see this open-minded view espoused. For we are all individuals and the Lord has His own method to deal with each one of us. I think about how different each miracle of Jesus is described. His interactions with these people were unique. The cookie cutter Christian mentality is one that does more harm than good. Or as you put it- one size fits all.
  23. Interesting way of looking at it. Do you not read other books about Christian life or expounding the scriptures? or read sermons or listen to them? I think of books, like the one we will be studying, as a series of sermons to help us to know what to do biblically.
  24. Only our Father, through His Word (which means that we need to study it) can cleanse and heal our oppressions. … Selah
  25. This thread as been a worthy read. There is such a lot for me to consider and meditate on. I feel humbled that God led me to find this forum. my biggest problem with forgiveness is forgiving self. I’m generally quick to forgive others but not myself. I somehow have to learn to give myself the grace I freely give others. Guilt and shame are from the enemy and if we don’t forgive ourselves then in effect we will not be effective for God. I often find myself saying, “I should have known better.” - the reality is I should, but the amazing grace of my Lord and Saviour, covers me. If He has forgiven me then I need to do the same. Right, I’m off to deal with a stronghold or two. Thanks again George. Love in Christ to you all
  26. Paul being a prime example of the dynamic involved as you rightly point out, Abby-Joy 2Co 12:7-10 (7) And by reason of the exceeding greatness of the revelations––wherefore, that I should not be exalted overmuch, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to buffet me, that I should not be exalted overmuch. (8) Concerning this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me. (9) And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for you: for my power is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (10) Wherefore I take pleasure in weaknesses, in injuries, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.
  27. When i hear a crunch I might know I found my glasses😕
  28. It's not about demons housed on the inside, but open doors that we can leave wide open by either actions we committed or that were committed against us, creating a brokenness ... there's no doubt that many Christians have things that they struggle to gain victory over. Sometimes those need to be formerly addressed and renounced. It's a lot like repentance... you choose one or the other ...when you repent or you renounce a work of the flesh, you then choose Jesus, and close those doors that the enemy is using to have access to you. What Neil's books do is help the reader identify things that may need renounced (or you could call it repentance). I really don't see an issue with that. Everyone should examine themselves now and then. Sometimes, there are things in our lives that have been there for years and we just think that's how it's supposed to be. But God wants us to overcome and walk in victory!
  29. Joseph's Brothers Return to Egypt And the famine was sore in the land. And it came to pass, when they had eaten up the corn which they had brought out of Egypt, their father said unto them, Go again, buy us a little food. And Judah spake unto him, saying, The man did solemnly protest unto us, saying, Ye shall not see my face, except your brother be with you. If thou wilt send our brother with us, we will go down and buy thee food: But if thou wilt not send him, we will not go down: for the man said unto us, Ye shall not see my face, except your brother be with you. Genesis 43:1-5
  30. While there are good arguments for the existence of God, i believe it is impossible for one human being to prove the existence of God to another human being.. It is likewise true that no Human being can prove the non-existence of God to another human being.. And yes non-believers have their own arguments that they also use.. I believe it is the message / teachings of the Bible along with the moving of Gods Holy Spirit that causes those who are prone to accept the Way of salvation to both receive the Message of the Holy Bible and accept it.. So it is by hearing the Word of God that people both believe in God and are saved.. Romans 10: KJV 17 "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."
  31. LOL. sorry about that... i had a dyslexic moment. I thought you said us Atheists... i re read it and you said us Theists without the A. well anyway, thats my 2 cents for Atheists, with the A, making that claim.
  32. No bowing out sister . I am greatly joyed when I see your posts . one of the few places left where the center is all about the LORD . You keep on posting sister . I get such a great joy from it . You are truly and dearly loved my dear sister .
  33. Fair. So let me ask. Do you think those type of oppression exist today ?. If the church sees a member displaying these types of symptoms, what would be the prognosis by the members. There may be thousands and thousands of believers in real struggles and battles that is not outwardly visible and are not willing to share there testimony for fear of being ostracized . This is a subject that only those who have been through and goes through the battles can relate to and it maybe for their own testing or trials . Most believers tend to cling to the tangible world as it is the one they are familiar with. It does not mean that God allows trials that are unknown to others that may be very difficult to explain and relay. I can say for sure, Neil Anderson knows what he is talking about and he writes about it well. For those who doubt or disbelieve, it is not uncommon as the saying goes, "who in the kitchen feels the heat". We are talking about the spiritual world, those who does not have the experience there cannot understand or relate to it . I think, Neil has counseled enough people to get a good grasp about what is at work, though I suspect if he has not gone through the difficulties himself, he too would lack words to describe what goes on there. Maybe the Lord has selected who he has for those task as we have not heard of many other instances of JOB type situations. But to conclude, indwelt or afflicted, how you choose to interpret that is a matter of your imagination. Could affliction be inward too, and how would you know.
  34. So all the boils that "Job" had when he was afflicted by satan, was a result of what. It is a gray line to say indwelt by a demon and afflicted. What signs you look for in a person indwelt by a demon. This is a topic that only people that has gone through the fiery trials and troubles can put pen to paper about, and yet most do not as to the stigma that they feel would ultimately be attached to them and the rejection and labels. God allowed "Job" to be afflicted by these terrible things and Job was asking what did he do to get those things. Here, I am saying today, that these wicked things and afflictions can be allowed by God on a believer and it could be as a test of your faith or a battle that only the Lord knows the total plan for. A believer can never really know how and when God may use him for his purpose in a particular situation. It's now then the believer to stand firm and even share in the suffering of Christ as Peter says we are to. The Lord knows whom he wants to do certain battles and chooses his servants as he wills, who are we to question that. That said, I do believe that a believer can have tremendous trials and troubles by the arch enemy, but the Lords says he would deliver him from all if he is FAITHFUL.
  35. I'd love this if it could happen. I work during this time. I know this book as many years ago our Pastor suggested we get a copy and read it. It's an excellent book.
  36. Would you be able to post the conversation of the days you have the study ,so people can still follow it even when they're not here in their own time? Thank you
  37. @JustPassingThrough @In Him @Wingnut @maryjayne @ Not me * Thank you so much for responding as you have. I did not expect it. Praise God! With love in Christ Jesus Chris
  38. 'Now when Jacob saw that there was corn in Egypt, Jacob said unto his sons, .. "Why do ye look one upon another?" And he said, .. "Behold, I have heard that there is corn in Egypt: .... get you down thither, and buy for us from thence; ...... that we may live, and not die." And Joseph's ten brethren went down to buy corn in Egypt. .. But Benjamin, Joseph's brother, Jacob sent not with his brethren; .... for he said, "Lest peradventure mischief befall him."' (Genesis 42:1-4) Praise God!
  39. Praying for you to find them. My memory has been getting worse so I have been taking supplements and trying to eat food that boosts memory. Get your mind off of it for a while. I like to pray about something that I lost then maybe take a nap or watch TV. Later I'd think about the last place I saw what I was looking for.
  40. Thank you so much for your reply. I have come to realize that we are all sinners because of Adam and Eve, and I have to take personal responsibility for the choices I made even if they were a reaction to trauma and not knowing how to cope and being very young and naive. God still holds us accountable for every single action and choice. the more I try to take personal responsibility for my own actions and choices the easier it is for me to forgive my parents. and I am realizing it's not just a one time thing it's an ongoing continual forgiveness even during times when certain emotions towards them are triggered, it's okay that they are triggered but I have to forgive when it happens so the anger, hurt, blame etc passes
  41. I will be praying for your son. Please let us know when you have an apt for him and I will mark it on my calendar. As for your symptoms, I have been researching this for you. Some things came up as far as computer screen and nausea. I will keep looking into this. A few ideas to try are: Hydrate well with water. Take ginger in the form of ginger ale or ginger tea. Get outside and get fresh air. Walk or do something to activate you. If you must be on the computer for long periods - get up and walk about Hope these help P.S. I use ginger ale for nausea I suffer with and thank God, it helps. (I should try the tea sometime.) Peppermint tea is one I have good results with.
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