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  1. WebFisher

    Did you know?

    If you say the word "gullible" really slowly, it sounds like "oranges".
  2. Could I do it myself? Probably.. but the cost for tools AND materials would be prohibitive. What I would need for a project like this would be a table saw (don't have), drills (don't have), router (don't have).. and no need to go purchase these things for what would more than likely be a one-time use and we don't have any place around that will rent the stuff. This coupled with the material I would need, and then the amount of additional material I would need to fix my mistakes. To tell me to "go and get a couple books and build it myself", while may sound like a simple solution to you, but I am not confident in my ability to do this in a way that would be economical and to the quality that I want it. If someone here has the skill, then I would rather pay them to do what God has gifted them to do. (You can drive a nail into wood with a wrench, but a hammer would be better, not to mention that it is the correct tool for the job.)
  3. I'm looking for someone in the Sumter, SC area who can build me a custom gaming table and a ramp to my shed so I can get my riding lawnmower in/out safely.
  4. I am currently learning Blender. Been doing 2D animated GIFs for years. Would love to become an expert in 3D animation.
  5. WebFisher


    Well... it looks like Liverpool caught Arsenal... who would have thought?
  6. WebFisher

    Doctors remove cockroach from ear

    My wife used to work at a doctor's office and had a woman with the same problem... roach in the ear...
  7. WebFisher

    What About Those People Who...?

    My answer to this part of the question is this... Parents love their children. But sometimes you have to let the child experience the feeling of the hot burner on the stove before they will truly know what "NO! It's Hot! Don't touch it!" means. The child only sees a mean person who doesn't let them do what they want. They don't see the love the parent has, nor do they trust that the parents have the best interest for the child in mind when they deny something to them. This is the way that God is. He has identified Himself through His creation (Luke 19:39-41), through His scriptures, through His people. The point is that everyone has had the opportunity to hear from and about Him. Consider all the people who died in the Flood. All had the opportunity to obey God whether they were there with Noah or not, and yet they chose not to and were thusly not saved from the consequences of their own sinful nature.
  8. How many people did Paul persecute or watch get put to death? My guess is MANY... but did that stop him from getting saved? No. There is not enough information for me to make an educated guess about whether or not Calvin or Mother Theresa made a confession of faith and turned their lives over to God, so I wouldn't begin to presume anything. As for righteosness? There are none righteos, not one, save Jesus. If John Calvin or Mother Theresa were saved, then Jesus will speak up for them at the judgement. But that will between them and God, so why even try to guess about it?
  9. WebFisher

    Which race were Adam and Eve?

    He comes from his mother and father... Do I win? :-)
  10. Umm.. how do you play a harmonica with your ear? Can you make that much wind come out? lol!
  11. WebFisher

    Which race were Adam and Eve?

    That is a great question. Since "The Law" had not been given, they were pre-law. They were kicked out of the Garden of Eden due to the sin of Adam, and thus no longer allowed in Gods' paradise. Because salvation is by Grace or Law (with the Law being made inconsequential through the Blood of Christ) and neither were available at the time of Adam and Eve, I imagine it would be up to God to allow Adam and Eve into Heaven. When I get to Heaven, I'll be sure to look them up! If they are not in Heaven, then someone else can look them up! lol! @Hall7 - I realize the definition of the word "race" according to the dictionary/wikipedia. But as Qnts2 stated, I don't think the separation of differing peoples by using the word "race" is a Biblical concept any more than denomination is. I think it is a man-made idea entirely. (Forgive me if this sounds rude. I really do not mean it that way)
  12. WebFisher

    Which race were Adam and Eve?

    Personally, I think the word "race" should have been left out. There is but one race... human... There are many differing peoples and ethnicities, but only one race. What "race" were Adam and Eve? Human... what ethnicity? All of them as all peoples decended from them. What color was there skin? Don't know. I'll find out when I see them.
  13. Animals eat whatever.. I'm convinced of it... A couple days ago, I saw some finches eating the meat off of a discarded mostly eaten chicken wing. Never thought they would be meat eaters either. Crows are carrion eaters, so no surprise that they would go for a dove. Seagulls on the other hand normally eat seafood. I guess "dove" tastes like chicken of the sea to them...
  14. WebFisher

    Does anyone like Star Trek?

    The Dominion? Yeah, that would be one time I'd want to see the arrogant Q get the better of the arrogant victims of his games. I'm not thinking of the Dominion as they were from the Gamma quadrant and not living in the wormhole. At the beginning of DS9, commander Sisco went into the wormhole and was met by the beings who lived inside it/controlled it. They were going to close the wormhole or at the least, de-stabilize it. They had the ability to shift Sisco through time, as well as mix different events from different time periods together. I'm not sure these were "The Dominion"... but I'd sure like to see them fight The Q...
  15. I'm with The Patriot! I think it's funny... What is surprising is that people forget how wild birds are... They know "eat, sleep, have kids, repeat". And people are shocked when a predatory bird attacks its natural prey?