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  1. I haven't been on Worthy for ages. I can't believe this thread is still going strong. So who will finally be last?
  2. All I can say is, this is definitely posted in the right forum Blessings...South
  3. I don't know how much I love Jesus. I know for a fact that I can never love Him enough. But I am certain of one thing, that He loves me, and His love is immeasurable. Blessings...South
  4. We would love to come to this gathering. But the airfares alone are so expensive (at least $2K for each of us) But even if we would be able to afford by that time, Mr. Fez will have to deal with the long flight. He hates flying. I actually checked out flights, 14 hours from Dubai to NY via Emirates, about the same from London via British Airways, and 18 hours to NY from Johannesburg non-stop via South African Airways. But if we would go, either one is fine. Maryland, coz it's nearer NY. I have family and friends in NY that we can visit as well, plus I love visiting NY. And Southern Indiana coz it's near Ohio and Tennessee (I'm just looking at the map so I think it's near), I have friends we can visit there too. As for hosting, I think it is very important that the person knows the place very well so he or she can recommend good places to go to and activities to do. Blessings...South
  5. Dear GH, How often do you read your bible? The best advise I can give you is to immerse yourself in God's word and you will find all the answers you need. Seek God and know him fully, and you will know with certainty what are the most important things in life. Blessings...South
  6. In addition to all the advice that have been given here, I think you also need to take practical steps to change some things. Don't think that just because you come out of a service feeling so good, that the world you live in has changed. It's the same world. But there are some things that you can change. I don't know what sinful or hateful behaviour you say you keep coming back to. But whatever they are, then maybe try to get rid of things in that area that cause you to sin. If you are in bad company, maybe it's time to seek new friendships. If there are things around you that cause you to sin that you can get rid of, then get rid of them. If you are stressed, find out what really stresses you out and deal with those. And don't just read God's word. Meditate on them, ask God to open your eyes to the truth in His word. And don't be afraid to ask God to search your heart and to show you whatever is offensive in you (Psalm 139). Ask the Lord to cleanse and purify your heart. All of these He can do, and He will do. Ask Him. Blessings...South
  7. south

    Prayer & Faith

    I think that when you pray, you should have the faith in your heart that the God you pray to hears and answers. Power is not in the prayer, but in the One you pray to. Secondly, when you pray, you should have the faith that when (not if) God answers, it may not always be the answer or outcome you expect it to be, but you must have that faith and conviction that whatever the outcome may be, the God who answers is an all knowing God, a loving and faithful God, a God who does not withhold anything good from those who love Him, and who knows what is best for His children. And thirdly, when you pray, surrender to the Lord's authority that He will do what will glorify Him the most. Blessings...South
  8. south


    In Psalm 18, King David gives the reasons why the Lord delighted in him, and how this favor from the Lord gives him victories over his enemies. Blessings...South
  9. south


    I tithe because I want to, not because I have to. Tithing was something I started doing only after several years of being a Christian. In tbe beginning, I didn't tithe because of that thinking that "God does not need it". I do believe that the Holy Spirit convicts us, even in matters of tithing. But when I got into some financial difficulties, that's when I had the burden to tithe. It hurt, but by God's grace, that's when I learned the value of giving to God and letting Him multiply whatever is left. I tell you that in those times, not a single need was left unmet. After that, I considered tithing a privilege, and one way to honor God and putting my faith in Him that He would provide all. He always did and He still does. I plan my spending based on whatever is left after tithing, not the other way around. Some people don't tithe because they always think they won't have enough for their own needs. I think that is sad. Our great God provides. Blessings....South
  10. Happy birthday Fez!!! We will celebrate at the airport.
  11. In order to be married, you have to be marry-able. Work on being that person and when the time is right, Miss Right will be there. I agree with this in many respects. While you are still single, learn as much as you can to be able to prepare you for marriage. What kind of wife or husband would you like to be? What kind of marriage would you like to have? Don't even worry about your future partner. Let God take care of that. I had a friend who was a doctor in the Philippines. After her internship, she had this desire to go to her mom's province to practice. Despite other lucrative offers (she was very good), her heart was set. So she went and practiced there. She later told me that she believed that was the time she really grew in her love for the Lord. She actually went there with a broken heart but she said it was the desire of her heart to one day be married. So while there, she said she went to every workshop about marriage the church offered. It did not bother her that she went alone. She also did the things she enjoyed. She learned to dive and became a licensed diver. She got involved in church and went to medical missions. Then one day she decided to join a medical mission in Thailand, and there she met her American husband, who was also in the mission. Now they are married with 3 beautiful children. She is now working on being able to practice medicine in the US. I followed her example, and while in Bogota and living alone, I learned many things I knew would be useful once I got married, and enjoyed the things I knew I would not be able to enjoy once I am married I think many times we fail to enjoy the many things and wonderful relationships (friends, family, co-workers, etc) God has blessed us with because we focus on the things we don't have. Now that I am married, it was all worth the effort and the wait. Blessings...South
  12. Delight in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart. Maybe this is one verse that everyone has been told over and over again. I was in my mid 20's when the Lord gave me a promise regarding marriage, so I waited. But it was easy to wait when all my other close friends were also single. When one by one they started getting married, and I was the only one left single, I started doubting and thought maybe I got it all wrong. I would always come across the verse above, and I would profess my love and devotion to the Lord, and would tell Him He would always come first. Until I came across the verse in Isaiah 54:5... "For your Maker is your husband
  13. Just don't paint me red. Bit of tinsel might improve my outer appearance though.....
  14. The prints are made from underneath the sand, not on it. It's embossed. Like what has already been said, it looks like someone walked under the sand upside down. I think I'm looking at the underneath part of somebody's feet. Blessings...South
  15. Why is your going to Chile dependent on other people going too? If God is prompting you to go, and you are sure that He is prompting you to do so, then wait for the opportunity to open up and then go, whether someone is going with you or not. I truly believe that if God wants to send you somewhere, He will prepare the way, He will go ahead of you. You have experienced in the past how God paved the way for you, He will do the same, if it is His plan for you to go. In my own personal experience, when I have a desire to move somewhere, my only prayer is for God to lead me on level ground. From the Philippines, I've moved to the US, then to Colombia, South America, and now I'm in South Africa. And every single time, I just know that it was God who made it possible. Lay it before God from the very beginning and be awed at how He will do it. Blessings...South
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