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  1. Fez

    Contemplative Prayer - False Doctrine

    Contemplative prayer sounds so innocuous as a phrase does it not? If I had not been told what it means I would have said I contemplate when I pray at times. i contemplate my motives, if I am praying in the Spirit or by rote, etc. Not the same thing...
  2. Fez

    Florida man lands gyrocopter on Capitol lawn

    Someone landed a drone on the roof of the Prime Minister of Japan yesterday. It had a radioactive sticker on the side of it, and a small container containing cesium (the same stuff that laid waste to the Fukushima reactor) and two flares. It was probably a protest, but it is a frightening look into the possible future of terror attacks.
  3. Fez

    God bless you all

    Amen Lydia. I met my wife through Worthy. we will have been married five years on the 12th June. God works in amazing ways. Worthy is a Ministry, not a dating site, and neither of us was even seeking a relationship. He had other ideas!
  4. Fez

    Prayer Saved Her Life

    Hi ariyana, Please don't post outside links unless they are ratified and are part of an original post that you write and have double checked. One of the reasons is that I followed this link, and the internet being what it is, arrived at this comment "uy iam so scared of a (bad expletive removed by me) 10 years kids threat" , from a completely different link on the same site you linked to. Many rabbit holes in the internet ariyana! God Bless, Fez
  5. It's up to God to prove Himself. He has already said that there is no excuse among men to deny His existence, for they can see Him clearly through His marvelous handiwork of Creation. Whenever I am up against antagonistic atheists (which is regularly), I can only advise them that if they really want to know, they need only ask God with all sincerity for Him to prove HImself, and He is eager to do that, and will asnwer. The problem with them is that they have already become convinced that He does not exist, and the sincerity of heart required to even approach God to ask would be a miracle in itself. I kind of disagree with that statement. It's not "up to God" to do anything. Don't you thing that actually diminishes God in the eye of any seeker or non believer? God gave us His Son, saw us crucify Him. Watched Him die. Gave us His Word, manifests Himself in so many "practical" ways, like the Glory of His creation, the unselfish acts of kindness we see every day, etc. He does not have to prove anything?
  6. Fez

    God bless you all

    Welcome Lydia! Lydia, seller of purple, first European convert to Christianity that the bible mentions! Purple - dye made from the Murex sea shell, worn by royalty and the very rich, the dye worth as much as it's same weight in silver. Lydia was a rich lady.. Here endeth the lesson
  7. Amazing photo. Right place at the right time!
  8. Fez

    Finding a church home... Help :)

    I am a great believer in church being a family. I am blessed to attend such a church where I can surf and fish with the men of my church in our spare time (or build a dormitory for an orphanage), as well as being blessed with a really wonderful leadership team (who all preach at one time or another with varying impact, but staying true to the Word). My wife preached a few weeks back as well. My advice would be to first ask is your pastor staying true to the word in his preaching? If he is 99% of your problem is solved. And if you feel at home in the church with it's fellowship, etc, my only advice would be to never follow the man, listen to the Word.
  9. Fez

    ladies lounge

    Yep I don't frequent the ladies lounge.. I'm to scared to do that
  10. Fez

    Seeing Things

    How strong are you in the Lord ? I mean do you seek after Him alot or once in awhile ? Just asking to learn how you stand. I do know where you are coming from and will say more later. Blessings jim To be honest, I've reccently suffered a crisis of faith, wondering if God even cares about me at all. My mother's the more religious one. Well take a look at this answer that you have given me. You also said you tried praying but it did not work. When you say that your mother is the more religious one seems to say that you perhaps have not built a "close" relationship with Jesus or the Father. I am not judging you but trying to pinpoint what is going on. For if it is a spiritual thing or battle then the doctors will not help. Blessings Jim Yes I think Jim is on the right track. Just how close are you to Jesus? It's not accusatory, but it is an important question with regard to what you are experiencing.
  11. Fez

    Seeing Things

    Start by seeing an ophthalmologist. Are you a believer? (Sorry, I have not seen any of your other posts, so I don't know)
  12. Fez

    blessings to you all

    Welcome to Worthy!
  13. Fez


    Maths was great until they added the alphabet. I don't think the two get along to well, they are always trying to solve problems.....
  14. Fez

    "Dressing Up" for church

    Butero, this may sound contradictory, but it is true... I would not attend your church if the sentiments you express about dress, etc are the norm. But I would die defending your right to attend.