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    In love with my first love, My holy savior. Blessed with a wonderful future with family and friends. And now hoping to be a missionary one day with a special someone. :)

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  1. We are not married yet but we have noticed that our spending could be a problem once we are married. So we have been trying to get use to trust each other with our money so it won't be too awkward to fork over money. Though we would like good advice on budgeting. We both have separate homes and our own set of bills. Though lately we are both hit hard financially and struggle to have enough to stretch out our paychecks long enough until the next pay period. I think a bigger issue is the recent need of supplying others needs in our families aswell. I don't mind giving money to family if they are in need, bust its really crippling my bfs ability to save. This month we both had to be late on bills because of it and both of our houses are nearly out of food. :-( we are both constantly open about the spending so I know any advice I get he'll be willing to try. I just want to find a way for us to manage our money, especially knowing that we r in a possition to have to give money every time we get paid.
  2. Paster John Beveres book "relentless" would really encourage you right now. A lot of people in my church, including myself had that attack experience all at once. Its the spirit of infermity. God is with you, he doesn't create trauma to kill us, its satans job. If satan can keep you from confidentally live and speak Gods word over yourself then he will seem to reign more over ur life than God. I remember itgot so bad for me that I was afraid to step outside, but remember that God did not give use a spirit of fear but a clear and sound mind. God wants to give you not just peace, but peace that surpasses all understanding. That means when the devil tries to kill u at all angles, you have joy in your heart because you know that this season will pass and God is in control. Speak life over your situation and dedicate it all to God. The devil is forced to leave when the holy spirit is in charge. "Greater is he that is within [you] than he is in the world" ! Praying for you!
  3. I grew up self concious about my own version of weight and body image. So I. Always avoided looking at weight and just learn to accept my size. On the otherhand, its terribly hard to know how to motivate someone you love to accept themselves and change their size because of their health risks. I feel evil when I cough him not to eat too much because I get flashbacks of how people hatefully tried to control me to think I wasn't a "normal" looking woman. We both love each other so there isn't a awkward. Hesitancy of telling the truth and opening up about things. But this area is very senitive so it have been a topic I avoid to say. I love what he looks like now cuz looks isn't everything btwn us and I'm use to complimenting his looks, but he's telling me that he's on the verge of diabetes or other risks so I feel like I'm complementing him straight into sickness.... any advice on this??? n
  4. God has healed this broken girl. :-)

    1. LisaMarie savedbygrace
    2. Jayyycuuup


      Praise the Lord that He has made you new !!!!! :)

    3. friendofjesuschrist
  5. Needing prayer ...... really feel like avoiding going to church for a while. while the other half of me wants to go..... im not ready to heal. :-(

    1. LisaMarie savedbygrace

      LisaMarie savedbygrace

      Don't know what happened .. But am praying for you

    2. friendofjesuschrist


      Well, you really can't avoid church, because where your faith is, so is your temple/body ( spiritual church). But, you are meaning the physical church. Take this time to fast and pray and find out what keeps you from anything that may serve GOD. Read the BIBLE and pray daily in the meantime and keep your spiritual church constantly going.

    3. Ladyhrtlovesu


      Prayin for you...

  6. I think its time to stop lying to myself... I want to trust God on this one thing but I really feel like its not possible for me to anymore.. Maybe I should just change my perspective so I lose the fear of being alone. Its not like im unformiliar with it anyway.

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    2. SweetRain


      I hope so..... cuz I feel like a failure in life ......

    3. LisaMarie savedbygrace

      LisaMarie savedbygrace

      your not a failure.. don't accept those thoughts.. God is preparing you for something/someone wonderful.. Believe it, Receive it and will come to pass.. no matter how long, no matter what it feels like or doesn't feel like.. God is a man that He shall not lie. His time certainly isn't our time but He will deliver on His word.. :))

    4. friendofjesuschrist


      When GOD closes one door, there is another one open.

  7. sad.... why does life has to be so stressful....

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    2. SweetRain


      It seems like everytime I'm able to have a breath of air, I get buried alive with more stress. God help me in this trial.

    3. nChrist


      You will be in my prayers.

    4. Guest



  8. It always been a curiousity to me. A lot of times when someone talks of doing something radical for God or raising money for the suffering, the popular thought is going to Africa. Not that I have anything against missionaries going to Africa, but its starting to become a stereotype to me... I always was confused when I started having friends from Africa (two are missionaries to America) who recently moved and had a complete revolation that not all africans in africa are living in a poor life. Infact they (my friends) were very wealthy. So why the most popular image of africa is illustrated by sad and hurting people?? Do we do this so we can make ourselves feel good that we went to another place to help the poor? If so, then why can't we help our homeless who lie in our own streets everyday as we drive in our cars to church? I'm studying to be a missionary, so I do value going abroad, but I worry that many may be going into this as a fad
  9. I use to wonder how its possible to be in love with someone just like u met for the first time. But now I do. :) Blessed that God gave litttle me a wonderful man in my life. i hope i become the best proverbs wifey i can be. :)

    1. LisaMarie savedbygrace

      LisaMarie savedbygrace

      Very inspiring.. God Bless you both :))

  10. "Why you aren't married yet" (to women)

    I have learned that while single, I need to stop looking for mr. Right and ask God to make me into mrs. Right. I pray over myself and ask God to form me to the woman he needs. I never try to say "God fix him" or "God bring the right guy in my way" instead I say "reveal to me the woman I should be so I can be the lifelong godly partner he needs." A guy I'm in courtship now I do believe he's Gods best for me. But still I ask God and pray for my boyfriend so that I. Become a humble bride one day who is a loving person for his needs.
  11. Should I get rid of a Bible given by an ex?

    I wanted to remove my name so that I can give it away. The real prompt lately (happened yesterday) is that me and my present bf were praying together and moments b4 I had seen that bible and when I. Started praying I almost called him by my ex's name. :-s Its true, it was painful breaking up but the only reason it was because I Fully believed he cared for me. Then one day he didn't and ever since then made me feel unworthy to be with him. It took half a year and the emotions for him is gone when I don't look at stuff but the bible erased from my mind until I discovered it. My present bf knows that I'm allowing God to heal me but he trusts me on the details. Not like I'm hiding everything (the extreme like when my ex wouldn't stop calling me, I told my present bf and we prayed together about it) but small stuff I've been trying to get rid of immediately b4 they cause a wedge. I know though that God wants me to pray for my ex because of issues going on with him. This doesn't bring romantic thoughts and I feel at ease with the present. Its just how to deal with the Bible?? I'm going 2 ask God for sure....
  12. Should I get rid of a Bible given by an ex?

    Unless, do you think there is a way to remove my name from the Bible. I actually never had the chance to use the Bible since we broke up not long after. So its brand new. I have a Bible of my own that I use so its not like I will be in great loss of Gods word.
  13. I've been doing alot of little give away spree of everything that reminded me of any past relationships to help erase any reminders. Though I stumbled on a awkward issue; before my current bf, I had talked to a guy for a while who gave me a Bible with my name ingraved in it and a Bible cover. I plan on giving the cover away, but what about the Bible? Do you think its necessary to give it away even if it has my name on it? In no way am I still connected to the past guy; and most of the time I just have it stored in other stuff in a closet or random places, but its awkward whenever I see it and know that I still have something from my past. How do you think I should handle this???
  14. praying for Gods guidance through this new season. its a great blessing to know that Gods promise to bring someone in your life comes true... just the growing together period is very important before the big day. <3

  15. Believing that Gods promises will come to pass. He has never failed before, and so I'm letting go and letting God change me for the new season ahead. :)

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