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  1. that is Haven my friends daughter who just turned 3 yesterday lol didnt realize she was in the photo that is funny
  2. Went to a coffee place called press Expresso then went to breakfast at a French place called Laurent's. Went to charming Charlie there as a huge wheel out front u spin it to find what deal u get I got a buy 2 earrings for ten bucks she got a text dollars off 30 dollar deal. Here are my 2 pairs of earrings and this necklace I been wanting that went on sale for 7 bucks instead of 15.
  3. Got a card that is so me lol a glitter rainbow uni kitty my kids soooo know me lol. And candy yum
  4. it was on a tablet yes I dont have a smart phone and I used a christmas giftcard toward the watch and my mom and I went out to lunch at a place called Broken yolk she had never been and the cake was left over from friday night at claim jumper its called the Mother load 6 layer cake lol
  5. I finally got my new watch and dont it look great. here are pics of my lunch that i ate today as well and cake that i got
  6. well I am thinking its partly the mans thinking that does not seem right. he should know better than to think its okay to ask a minor out on a date. I think whats illegal really though and I dont know all state laws but i think its an adult engaging in sexual behavior with minors that is illegal not an actual date but that a dating going on between a adult male and a minor girl sets up a bad appearance. if I was a parent I know if a teen daughter of mine was dating a grown man (18 or older) I wouldnt be comfortable with it. I am guessing his intentions were not good. Its hard for me to believe an older man wants nothing but just a "date."
  7. how can that man say shes of legal age if she is 16? that is a minor that is not legal age. maybe in his mind that age is appropriate to him but I dont see it as him being discriminated against. Teens should be able to work without having to worry about creepy old men hitting on them. He should know better hes probably just using the discrimnating thing to make himself not feel about about his wrong doings.
  8. Then whose blanket is it may I ask? lol
  9. Here is a pic of what Erica got me for Christmas
  10. oh I thought this is in general discussion I thought general discussion means general topics.
  11. This is my titanic necklace isnt it exquisite? Took me forever to find the right one.
  12. last nights xmas party
  13. went to a fun brunch and we played a fun ornament exchange game and also I ate a lot of food
  14. Moon selfie the third one is the actually the first photo that occurred it is a blooper so to speak