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  1. why two life sentences? How does one serve this?
  2. I did find several other spiders though lol
  3. I lost that spider not to long after taking selfies with it lol I don't know where it journeyed to.
  4. LOL hahahaha
  5. Here is my very first spider selfie
  6. Went to happiness nails with mom and we got the 32 dollar delux joy package
  7. You can see growth in these photos. They ain't dead yet lol.
  8. made special pancakes for breakfast, got free starbucks drink then my coworker did my make up all glittery then I ate dinner at black angus then I rented free rental at redbox (the Great wall.)
  9. Happy Birthday Jen :) Hope that you have a great day today. :cake: Blessings

    1. worthy


      Happy Birthday Jen,

      Have you killed a spider yet?,lol

  10. okay so i went to a korean bbq with mega and his daughter and pastor lee where we tried a variety of foods below is photos of me trying squid. lol
  11. This is Josie she is very playful and will chase and pounce on anything. She is very soft as she is still a kitten and she loves grabbing hand with the front paws and her mouth while kicking hand with back paws.
  12. mule ride on the beach. It was called horse back riding and I was suppose to get a horse and I got a mule lol
  13. at the movies in omega land after the three of us timeout girl and Omegaman and I watched a piratey movie no pun intended (pirates 5) jen thought it would be funny to be eaten (pretend) by a great white. lol Here is the eating process.
  14. This really touched my heart