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  1. at the movies in omega land after the three of us timeout girl and Omegaman and I watched a piratey movie no pun intended (pirates 5) jen thought it would be funny to be eaten (pretend) by a great white. lol Here is the eating process.
  2. This really touched my heart
  3. Normally plants die in my care lol but I wanted to share how these are not dying lol. The pink flower I had gotten as a gift from work each of us teachers received one right before our spring break back in March well it has been re potted and is thriving and blooming. The other plants in that box are sun-dance flowers which I planted in mid April from seedlings. I am so excited they are sprouting. I will update again when the flowers come in.
  4. what is this an albino lizard of some sort saw these running all over the place lol
  5. concerta and guanfacine xr jade

  6. I came into work and found a wonder ful set up by my secret sister and she made me a wonder ful lunch she got this salad from soup plantation it has fruit and chicken and avacodo and a fruit dressing and made me berry shortcake and I was blessed with a ton of gifts. also some one got me new shoes which I needed mine were ruined on the hike I went on last monday when I fell in the Oasis.
  7. wow i have no idea about the smell thing I didnt smell anything but then again my nose is always congested maybe that is why. Interesting that they are related to peanuts and considered weeds. To me they looked like a pretty flower.
  8. anyone know what this is called?
  9. This is a photo of my "bench" lol Looks comfy doesnt it?
  10. here are some photos from 6 miles of walking on various trails palm canyon trail was 3 miles round trip slot canyon was 1 mile felt longer
  11. This was Easter 2017. I went to my churches sunrise service and here are some pics of me with members of my church family we are a small church there is a photo of whole stew at the pupal reading opening Scripture before the worship team began. Then there are home pics I made the beef Stragnoff crepes and the cherry pie (not pictured) and my Easter pedicure photo is included too since I had my nails done for Easter.
  12. that is Haven my friends daughter who just turned 3 yesterday lol didnt realize she was in the photo that is funny