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  1. Please pray for my neice erin who is alex now and her mom that they find Jesus and that my neice will turn from sin and sister will not support sin. Please pray for them to have hearts ready for Gods truth to be received this issue has separated my family
  2. Oh wow what a gorgeous alligator
  3. Awwww he’s adorable I miss him a lot
  4. She had a rough night shes in pain weak please continue praying for her her and for rest for my dad
  5. Her back is bad it hurts for her to move around
  6. She had tests done at hospital for massive tumor on her stomach pray for Gods will her to feel His prescence at this time and comfort for the doctors doing the testing etc
  7. Oh also francine rivers mark of the lion series anyone read that it is very good. Im on the third book.
  8. Im reading a bunch sacred rest, idols of the heart, accidental pharisee
  9. This was caused by a motorcycle accident.
  10. I am safe but shaken up its been going for quite a while. I think planes are pouring water on it right now the smoke is thick and black.
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