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  1. I think maybe your cheese has slipped off your cracker. Better check that out while I hold on to LAST!
  2. ... um, that's just what some have been saying - enoob's cheese has sliden off his cracker.
  3. and, um, may I get some air holes in the box, and some flying critters fer supper. and, um, a big screen tv with remote control, and one of those frawg recliners, and some clean water. and, and, someone to sing softly to me when it's time fer bed.
  4. And I guess I'll remain in a box with all the other frawgs. Kindly put the box in LAST! too, please.
  5. That is NOT the correct letter for the ace of hearts, unless maybe it's a trump card.
  6. mushrooms or shrooms, they luvs us, luvs frawgsies, I say; saves LAST! 4 us all the livelong day, they does.
  7. I am, but what r u? I thought you were a cowboy, not LAST!
  8. But had you not heard it then why would you have commented on what you never heard? You MUST have seen that I INDEED am LAST! Thereby forsooth implacably acknowledging outright that I remain LAST!
  9. I think maybe that space got vacuumed up into a bag.
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