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  1. LAST must be ables to catch food with their tongue.
  2. You got the munchies. It happens to those smushing in on my LAST!
  3. But you keep posting a toadsprool. Are you on mushrooms? I'm on LAST!
  4. Barnabus is Paul's friend. He too was an encourager.
  5. Barnabus, he saiz Lady Pear & I tied for LAST!
  6. I would win a frawg hop-off every time. And the last person to win a frawg hop-off is of course LAST!
  7. That certainly looks like a long-lasting enoob, but can it hop?
  8. I'm knot a Miss, I'm a dude frawg... ... and LAST!
  9. I think one has to miss three times. I'm pretty sure.
  10. One small tug for a man, one giant leap for the LAST! frawg.
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