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  1. I'll hop a hold on LAST! for TheAimes while you're dreaming.
  2. The Welsh are putting English folk in wells again. I better hold fast to LAST! then.
  3. It's pretty depressing really, and a hop-sight distance from LAST exuberance.
  4. Honestly, I don't see how anyone hops in them, let alone thinks they'll LAST!
  5. Oh goodie! For a moment I thought I had missed all the Waffle Day carols.
  6. Obi-wan told me that enoob kilt and eated my father.
  7. The duck was first and the frawg is LAST!
  8. I just heard a Welsh joke that's may be safe to repeat now Pear is gone. This guy goes into a bar and sees 3 portly ladies talking in what seemed to be a Scots accent, so he goes over and asks, "Are you 3 lassies from Scotland?" One of the ladies screeched, "It's Wales, Wales, you idiot!" So he apologised and asked again, "Are you 3 whales from Scotland?" That's the LAST! thing he remembers.
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