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  1. Thank you for sharing!
  2. Ooooh that would explain why I didn't know... Fair enough. Yes we don't really have great options!
  3. I don't understand the controversy.... She is obviously an Atheist and has admitted so... Clearly an evolutionist and a feminist. There is no doubt that she is pro-abortion.... I don't know whether she would call herself a humanist... I don't know why she wouldn't though.... I seriously doubt that any of the Reformers would think of themselves as humanists!! And I'm pretty sure Bacon was a Freemason... Not exactly the pinnacle of Christianity either I would say. As for socialism... Whether her beliefs are socialist and whether she would call herself one are two different things. So again, what is the issue?
  4. Except the difference seems to be that most Australians don't care.... We seem to love our ignorance.
  5. Uuuh.... Baroque and Classical.... I'm sure that counts... Although by Baroque I really mean Bach and I couldn't honestly say he wrote secular music. And Chopin! That's getting a little bit more modern...
  6. And don't you remember Keith Green singing "I can't wait to get to heaven" Surely to live is Christ and to die is gain. God is in control of life and death.
  7. I would say from one of Keith's later interviews that he was rather Calvanistic. I agree that in his earlier days he didn't seem to be. But I don't want to turn this into a debate on predestination - that should be for another thread!
  8. And what about travelling around Australia?? It's a pretty big country we've got over here!!!
  9. Hmm let's see if I can remember... Australia, New Zealand (x3), Malaysia, Singapore, Canada (x3), USA, Mexico, Fiji, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland... That's all I can remember for the moment.. I want to go to Scotland and Ireland someday! And maybe Wales.... So I guess that'd be 12.. Although I feel sure I am forgetting somewhere. Anyway, most of those countries were beautiful!
  10. I grew up listening to Keith Green and still listen to his music so much! He really grew me in my Christian walk and I'd highly recommend him!! Just a side note, when I first lent my CD to my now-fiance he thought it was a joke because the music sounds very 70-80's. He got over it eventually and now loves Keith too!! Was tragic that he died so young but it was God's will, we can't possibly know His reasons but they are GOOD
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