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  1. Sower

    Night of sleep!

    Now that's cool. God is good! I can relate. Happy for you Neighbor : )
  2. Sower

    I now have some Christian Companions

    It is good for me to be in such good/wise company with those who have cause to be so grateful for the little things. The little things to so many, but to maryjane and turtletwo, very important things. The older I get, the more I do appreciate and give thanks to God for the working parts in this old temporary flesh and bones I get around in. The bathroom has taken on much more of a significant importance these last few years, as there is so much more 'maintenance' to perform. Not complaining, for sure, I can still work in my shop and deliver my cabinets, and have been blessed with many good/old friends to fellowship with. Most all day long I'm reminded though when the aches or pains pop up, that I am blessed so much, that I still can perform with such little pain compared to so many with severe pain/discomfort. Old age ain't for sissies! When I come out of the bathroom, 'successfully', I praise God again : ) We have a prayer and praise time before our men's bible study at our church each Sunday. So often, I feel reluctant to share my praises, be it family blessings or no real health issues, when I hear so many of my brothers asking for prayers who are facing very traumatic family/health problems. The bible says " Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep" Thank you ladies for sharing your joy, it lifts up my spirit. And helps me to be grateful and thankful, all the more. For sure. It's those little things.......... "Be faithful in the little, to be trusted in the much". (A little basket of bread can go a long way, if blessed by God)
  3. Sower

    Do We only want older Theologians here?

    naominash; "I feel like sometimes we alienate younger or less mature believers in different seasons of life. By younger, I mean under the age of 50." You would consider me old, naominash, past seventy. When I post, I'm not considering age, in general discussion, unless a seeker, or minimum post count shows them new. Don't worry so much about all those things listed that trouble you. I have encountered many an old fool walking the aisle's at church, being a charter member with his name engraved on brass plaques, never reached past the babies milk. But I show respect to their chronological age, though I always thought it ought to be earned. And also see youth that have been studying the word all their young life, extremely knowledgeable, and full of enthusiasm for Jesus. When you get really enthused in the Lord, caution, as you can inadvertently embarrass those who have become comfortable in their routine, that usually make up the cold water committee. Just press on. Your fire for the Lord will warm the others into action themselves. God has shown me that for me to receive more (spiritual understanding) I have to be a good steward of what He has already given me. If I don't use it, I loose it. To whom much is given, much is required. Putting into action what is in the head. Great theological debates/discussions with great sounding foreign words I do not understand, head knowledge, does not impress me, though I listen and observe. What impresses me most is the witness given, the conduct, the respect or lack of respect, shown to others, who are forgetting how many hundreds of seekers are viewing their 'conversation'. Saying "I'm sorry, I apologize" or "thanks for showing me that, I never considered that", is what impresses me. It is the word in action. NOT the hearers, but the do-er's. Start topics that interest you, and the other young couples like yourself. Dealing with the joys and stresses of family, marriage, and raising kids and employment, or lack of income. Real life. I do not know what the percentages are here on this forum, but there are quiet a few that do not attend church, or between churches, physical/health or financial reasons, and those who have been hurt or disillusioned by some hurt or perceived hurt, or heresy preached etc, etc and want no part of the 'organized' body of believers. They may not understand like you do the woes important to you. I try to encourage most anyone to stick it out and fulfill their part that God gave you for your local body, the body of Christ. His church. Don't jump ship just because there is a leak. Fix the leak. You're post's have always appeared me, to be from a mature young Christian woman, naominash, showing much Christian growth, and maturity. Enjoy your thought provoking topics. If you feel like the rope is slipping through your hands, tie a big knot and hang on.....(besides, It's God who's got a hold on you).........
  4. Sower

    Self help books

    You simply found the right book The book of life. The author wrote it in His blood. You are blessed Melinda.........(Praying without ceasing=wise)
  5. And I thought I was the only one who tried to forestall the unseen but hungry post-glitch gobblers, constantly re-copying a multi quote post. Have spent sometimes hours, or even days, getting a reply ready to post, and while editing, they come and........***whoosh***................GONE.......*#*%#*...............
  6. Sower

    Did God chose our appearance?

    He did! Not what you perceive as plain, but His perfect beautiful design. There is someone seeking you out. Searching for you. I thank God He set up a meeting with my future wife. I ain't no bargain, (beauty/handsome wise) but she thought/knew I was perfect. And I knew she was the one. Not as the 'world' sees our appearance as depicted in the out of control Hollywood media, but as God personally designed us. Is not God perfect? Does He make mistakes? You are unique, NathW, and there are those out there who will be blown away to meet you. Ask God about it................ It's the little things...... It's what's inside the pretty gift wrappings that are thrown away, inside the box (heart), that is the gift, the you.
  7. Sower

    I feel predestined

    Hi Addison. First off, you cannot be saved and a tare. It is either or. There's the wheat, these are the sons of the kingdom of God, believers, and the tares are the sons of the devil, lost. In the end, the tares shall be gathered (reaped) by the angels, and cast into the fires. Your Savior will return for you. Being saved is the greatest hope, and assurance. God is able to keep that which you committed to Him, and not you. His word says this. When you were saved, as you have said, you became a soldier in the army of Christ. The enemy of Jesus is the devil, therefore your enemy. He, and his army of devils, goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom they can devour. Including you. You sound like you are under attack, messing with your mind. False data. You need to remember, your fight is not people, but the unseen world, principalities and powers, devils and demons. Liars. And you are being lied to. You are being told you are worthless, no talent, can't sing, only 50/50. And you believe these lies. You need to gird up your loins, (roll up your sleeves) and fight. Here is God's way; (your in Christian boot camp) Eph 6:10-18 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints. Our enemy, the evil ones army, are hitting you Addison with their fiery darts, lies, and you need to raise your shield of faith to stop/quench them. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word. Study about what we are in Christ, in scripture. Buy some books, E bay used are cheap. Plenty of books called "The promises of God" or "What we are In Christ", by EW Kenyon is one. On line, type in google "what does God say about blessing a Christian" or something like that. Read the psalms. Continue to ask others. The enemy cannot kill you, but he can wound you in your heart and mind, with his lies, and only if you believe them, and become discouraged as you appear to be. In Christ you can do all things. God says so. God is Light. He does not/ cannot lie. All His promises are true. And the more you read them, is like hiding them in your heart, that you may not miss God's targets, or sin. The more truth (scripture) you have stored in your mind, the less susceptible you will be against those fiery darts, accusations, feelings of worthlessness, and you become stronger in your FAITH! Without Faith, we cannot please God. This is a good step, Addison, reaching out. We have all been there, just like you. You're growing in the word. God says to study to show thyself approved, and not ashamed. Jesus Christ died for you Addison. You are seated (reserved seat) in heaven. You are not worthless and it is foolish to believe those lies. God loves you so much, he gave His Son, a sacrifice, for you. You belong to God Almighty. Of Great Value! So be it!!
  8. Sower

    Do We only want older Theologians here?

    The more I 'grow,' the more I realize how little I have learned. (So many missed targets) There is a reason Paul said he was the chief of sinners. He saw so many more targets, the more he learned of them. (The little things) Spiritual age does not necessarily/always equate with chronological age.............. (A lot of old fools out there) (Some of my neatest spiritual lessons I learned from my children, and a grand child, millennial's......... ) If open rebuke is ever needed by me, on this forum, please grant me my due. This is wise.
  9. Sower

    What does it mean to sin?

    What does it mean to sin? SIN...Biblical archery term. To miss the mark. The target. The standard. The law. The will of God.I can't do it, hit the mark that is. God says so. Unless I call God a liar. But. God says, I am dead to sin. I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. A new creation. I can do all things, in Christ! Not I, but Christ. In me. The mind of Christ. Abide.
  10. I see you have been a member since 06, backontrack. You must have seen some of the vast amounts of threads dealing with this topic/subject. Not hard to find. My opinion, is it is not always a sin to kill, especially in self defense or protecting the helpless or innocent. I believe it would be a sin NOT to protect someone who was helpless against an evil killer. Though shalt not murder. A different action. Murder is sin. There will be many here agreeing, and some disagreeing, that any form of taking human life is sin. You may want to read how God has dealt in the past with the enemies of his people in scripture also.
  11. Sower

    Trouble Ahead

    John 3:19 And this is the condemnation: that Light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. "The light that shows us our sin is the Light that heals us".............. "Be a lamp in the chamber if you cannot be a star in the sky".. "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy is when men are afraid of the Light!" Sow the seeds of the Good News..............Light... God is Light...
  12. Sower

    Givers in a world of Takers

    I would say most people have had similar experiences. I believe if someone actually has a real need, and you step up to the plate and fill that need, they may get into the 'habit' of dealing with their needs, through the helpful, like yourself, naominash. It does take a discerning mind to decide when they are using you. The scripture does say though to let them have your coat after you have given your jacket. Always a tough call. Our first priority is to God, time with Him, in the word and prayer and fellowship. This has to come first, in order to make decisions with helping others. Then comes the stewardship of family, which God has blessed you with, the husband/wife and the children, which includes the home, the job/income to support the family, and time with them to love, teach, feed and clothe them. It is obvious today the family unit is in jeopardy. Our family was given to us first, even before our church and friends. I believe they take priority. If all families took care of their own, there would be less need. There are times we have to learn to say no. Especially if you have a giving heart. This is where a discerning spirit comes in. When God gives you the 'help them' signal, you know He will bless you with meeting your needs. (He may be disciplining them, so I shouldn't interfere) Pray. New believers can get caught up in 'living' at church, working, teaching, and volunteering for everything, enjoying all the pats on their backs, hearing the 'atta boy' praise, for their work/help. While at home the family is neglected. They were not taught priorities. Over time, if a discerning member does not intercede, they will burn out, and loose the drive, and harm the neglected family members. And slowly drift away. A not uncommon cycle. Our 'pat on the back' is best when it comes from our Father...."Well done, good and faithful servant"
  13. Sower

    The silent Church

    Well, last time I checked, God was still on the throne. Most people will see a doctor when ill, or take some medicine at least. Why? Everybody's body is dying, right? You can't stop it. But you try to make it better. Same goes for our country. The country God has blessed immensely. But it has become very sick. Just like our own bodies, we should be a good steward of our country, also. We taught our kids at home when we found out what the government schools were teaching back in the eighties. We decided to be better stewards of our children, that God blessed us with. I tried to tell every friend I knew at church what we discovered. Most did not want to hear, not a church matter, lest they would have to do something, and change their lifestyles. We formed small grass roots system of sharing (pre-internet) candidate voting records, school curriculum being used, local and state laws trying to be pushed through on the sly. But everybody was just too busy. We are seeing the results of this attitude today. Don't try to blame everything on the devil. Those with the light may want to rethink that. Our own personal body lets us know when something is wrong, and we immediately deal with it, doctors or meds etc. For our country, voting is one of the best ways. (Anybody here go a tea party rally?) Every Christian does not make an informed vote. Millions of our military have shed their blood, like our forefathers, and died for this country. We received it ourselves today freely as on a golden platter. Everybody sees what's happening, but apathy rules. Yes, SOUL SAVING is the priority, discipleship, and bible study. And prayer without ceasing. AMEN! The church is not only gathering to sing and hear the message, and bible study. We come together and fellowship. Discuss life with fellow believers. The ladies groups older helping the younger moms/singles and men getting together discussing fathers roles etc. and discussing politics. (You know, the ones WE put in office to decide for us how the country is becoming) A vote not cast, is a vote..... Most people in this country have no idea just how blessed they are to live in America! Yes, really. Go visit some third world country for a period of time, not a tourist cleaned up area, but the inland populated districts, and I betcha when you come home and get off the plane, you will get on your knees and kiss the ground, like sanctuary. God has blessed America. We should take care of it, as good stewards, no matter the times or century.
  14. Sower

    1 Corinthians 6:9 question

    Then can they get into Heaven? Yes/No Everyone that gets into heaven was just like those unrighteous you posted above (and myself) in one way or another, before they were saved from those sins. So, yes they can, if they repent (change their thinking) and surrender/believe by faith in Jesus and are born again. But no, they won't, if they only clean up their act and act heavenly, but never by faith in Jesus only and were born again. Jesus is the only way, and not good or great or the greatest works. Not good enough! (without Jesus) There's the rub........ This is not to say that believers do not fall into those sins. Their salvation is secure, kept by God, and are in for some serious chastisement from their loving heavenly Father. None of us will be perfect here on earth, we sin, (miss God's mark/target/standard) but as we come to understand just how much Jesus has gone through for us and how much He loves us, we 'want to', strive to do what is 'right'
  15. Sower

    Position & Path

    Thanks Word, I enjoyed those. I've have learned that I, as a grafted on branch, am sorta worthless, cannot bear any fruit myself, unless attached to that true vine. And the less of me deciding my 'walk' through my own reasoning/understanding, the more fruit to bear from the vine. Not I, but Christ in me......