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  1. A little levity, Dennis. Perhaps, too little too late, for my/our generation. Personally, I avoid 'thinking' about the subject time, as I tend to start morbid introspecting. Consider: Forever. Past. Think. Really think. OOOOOOOOOoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOO OOO O OO OO O......................... ...... ... ... .. . No beginning. Always. Either direction. There is no boundary. Like infinity. Time. Space. Alpha/Omega "For who hath known the mind of the Lord" "Now I know in part; but then shall I know, even as also I am known" OP answer...........9:40, AM
  2. Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping into the future.......
  3. Yes. Very popular for out of towners. River walk most popular. It's the closest large city from where I live. It also has the name "Military city USA. Many military bases here, (all my siblings born at Fort Sam) and we have the largest military personnel retirement group. Good people. Large medical facilities throughout also. Remember the Alamo!: )...............praying
  4. Hi Debp. Yes, a lot of people are leaving. Kinda funny, but the last elections, while my wife and I were standing in line outside, winding around the block, waiting for our turn to vote, I met an older couple our age, and they told me they had just moved here (central Texas) and were from California. I then, (having fun) hollered out to my wife, for all the other Texans to hear, "Hey hon, check it out, these people just moved here from California!!" They turned beet red, but we all had a laugh. I was informed they had lived in California for many years, back when it was very conservative. And no, they said, they were not bringing west coast politics to Texas. More laughs. They had to get out, as like yourself Debp, as retired folks, they could not afford to live there any more. Your more than welcome to come on over to our great state of Texas, Debp. You'll love it.
  5. All lost people have to repent, to hear/understand the good news, and with that understanding, cry out in faith, for salvation mercy. Why? Where does the faith come from? Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word. In the beginning was the word, and Jesus is the Word. I was raised RCC for thirty years. Total works, and even then, we could not PRESUME upon God our works were good enough. We could only do works, hope, with trembling. Then, at a funeral, I heard the true gospel. Light. A seed was planted. I began to think. Read. Ask questions. I was "REPENTING!" I was "changing my thinking" (The definition of repent!) I was putting Light into my mind, and the light removed darkness. The seed was watered, more light, (the word), and praise God, faith entered in, and a child was born. Back to my opening statement, everybody repents (changes their thinking) before they can (possibly) understand the true gospel. As it was said, without the changed thinking, the word is foolishness. As a believer, I am dead to sin. Alive unto Christ. I live. But it is no longer I, but Christ in me. I know this, and that He will bring to pass that which I have committed to Him. This endless OSAS debate is fruitless. NOBODY is going to 'consider' their entrenched view as faulty. My self included. But as an aside. When I was "working" for my salvation, I was a very worried person. I really did not know just how much the sins I committed were held against me, or especially, how big a sin would send me to hell. Now, you would think that with this mentality, (and all my peers/friends), I would toe the line fastidiously. Just the opposite. Just so I don't murder, rape, pillage, etc, and I'll be good to go. Wrong. When I was really saved, there was no comparison about the mental reasoning of how much sin sends me to hell. I realized, it was no longer I, but Christ in me, that kept me from falling. NOT me holding onto Jesus, but His holding onto me. If people could only understand how a born again person, snatched from the fires of hell, can have a grasp of how truly God's mercy has been freely given, and how grateful we understand, HE has hold on me, never to leave me or forsake me. My actions are due to Him, what hell He went through, and the mercy He poured out, to those who really believe in Him. Grace, grace.........................................................................................not merit/works........ It really is finished.
  6. You posted selected pictures to inflame the feelings against ANYONE sharing the gospel, in a public "street" setting. Jesus was a street preacher,teacher. I tried to show you that there ARE also many others sharing the gospel on the street, who DO HAVE a burden for the lost, that are not hell fire finger pointing bible thumping preachers. We are to do as Jesus tells us in scripture, His bidding, sharing the gospel, sowing seeds. Anywhere. But with the right motivation. One beggar, telling another beggar, where to find bread. Living bread. I have ask you Hartono, do you witness/preach for Jesus in public, like a street, where there many to hear? If so, what is you're own personal method? Why do you avoid this question? I do not expect a reply. I do not expect an answer.
  7. Like above. Hold her hand allow silence. Cry together. Share her pain
  8. Ha, that would be the least possible deterrent to keep me from being used of God for His purposes. I was raised RCC for thirty years. Sunday was a "holy day of obligation" : ) I often skip Sunday service just to say to myself, "it's Not an obligation" It is a desire/need. I believe I'm way past church tradition, for tradition sake. When something works though, I don't fix it. Brushing your teeth every day is a good habit. Healthy teeth. Reading/studying scripture daily is also a good habit. I believe our church tradition, of weekly 'habits', is spiritually healthy. Worship, bible study, shepherds message to the flock, fellowship(eating), are only the backbone of our activity. There is so much more, staying informed of those in need, and who of us is available, prayer and praise time, etc. The structure is what you make it, like you Marilyn, and your hubby. Your style works for you. Praise God giving your part in the body. I do not pretend most traditional churches are filled with the spirit. But many are. And they can be a lifeline. After salvation, I've only known one church, and here almost forty years. God has never gave me the OK to leave. And my wife is too involved/happy to considering leaving. And you know, if moms happy, everybody is happy. I remember Dr. James Dobson 'Focus on the Family' saying that if your church hasn't programs/activities for the kids/youth, find one that does. Move your address if you have to, it's that important. We home schooled our children, and they are now doing same. The church provided some social setting for our children. They are now believers all. Involved. Thank you Marilyn for your testimony. Doing what you do with CFS must be tough, but then women are tough (one raised me and six more siblings : ) I think it cool how you found your calling, taking your illness and then God to use you for His purpose, to help others. God's ways/our ways. I have always been independent, sometimes a loner. I would fit into a small group setting, with other like minded. But where God led my wife and myself, our church, works. So I encourage others to find the one, and work at it, improve it, bless and be blessed. There are solid churches out there. Do your homework. Why not, here on Worthy Marilyn, don't those like yourself, start a regular discussion group, pros and cons of small family fellowship church, assembly. Those who are doing it, those who are considering it. Give testimony by those who are involved in this style of church. What all would need to be considered, to start one, etc. Anybody interested??
  9. Kind of difficult to me, to start going by my feelings, instead of the word. I also have had my times of feeling I ought to leave, it's getting to be a bummer, am I and family really growing here at this church? I think everybody feels that way at times, in even the best church. But, you don't jump ship because of leaks. Fix the leaks. But again, what does the word say? Assemble together. Believers, helping, encouraging, supporting, teaching, etc. I have seen a few that have decided to do what you have advised others to do. Leave church and start a smaller group of believers, home worship, great enthusiasm, doing it biblical, etc. Eventually they have all fizzled out. They learn quickly what it really takes to be disciplined, motivated, and willing to put forth the effort to keep the group going, using your home, and those problems, babysitters, refreshments/food, parking, cleaning up etc. Every week, and more. Then, who is going to decide scripture interpretations when they arise? Look at this forum, to get an idea. Who will be the leader/decision maker? group hours, whose home, how long etc? Seems like you will be creating a mini church. I also like the idea of a small group of like minded believers, praising the Lord, studying and praying together, sowing seed of the gospel message, deciding for ourselves how we will serve God. But I personally do not know anybody first hand, or know of anybody who might know, who has had success, in a home group church, serving God as the word would have us do. That stayed the course. I would like to hear of one, that someone actually KNOWS about, and hear their method that works. Not hearsay. And has some years behind them. So many here have been saved in a regular old, and not at all perfect church, with all the church problems. When all the people that FEEL they ought to leave,then leave, what happens to those left behind, the other parts of the body? Does the life of a church depend solely upon the shepherd? According to scripture, we all are a part. Called to a local body to serve, their part. Somewhere. Not home alone, kicked back, chilling out, felling good about not being ask to do so much at that old church. Then, you have joined the monastery, and become a monk. Why not, be a part that edifies, lifts up, improves, strengthens. If you have the ability and means to do so.
  10. Well Hartono, Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God for now, and He has given us the task to spread the good news. I ask you earlier what method YOU use to share the gospel. Do you ever preach Jesus Christ, and Him crucified to strangers? You said: ""These divine acts led people to him and opened their hearts. ... hearts to the message of salvation, and caused many to glorify God. These street preachers don't."" Just what is it that street preachers "don't do" Hartono? As I said, Jesus is in heaven. Man is not divine. He cannot touch as Jesus Christ and heal. You can ask, but Jesus does ALL the healing. I'm not sure your point. You sound mad at street preachers. I do not understand. They cannot make anybody glorify God, nor can they save anybody. Nor can you or I. Jesus saves. We can only share the gospel, sow the seeds. The soil determines the growth. I will ask again, how do you tell strangers about Jesus, and the good news?? Do you? "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you"
  11. Like others have already mentioned, Sunday, or any day you decide to gather/assemble with other believers for fellowship, prayer and worship, bible study, is what ever you make it. If you were a member of my church (assembled believers), you wouldn't have a chance. You would have to get up early, to get to your hour of bible study first, unless like my wife, earlier, to prepare the room because she's the teacher. After bible study, in the assembly, listen to various leaders making announcements concerning children activities, church school, kid camps, men's prayer breakfast, men's work day, etc,etc. Then, worship, singing, and a message from our pastor. Monday is visitation. Wednesday morning women's bible study, Wednesday night supper (most times) and fellowship and pastor study massage. Saturday is men's work day and fellowship.(maybe breakfast) This does not include a bazillion other activities, available to whomever is led. (We drink plenty coffee!) Visitation, shut in visits, nursing home visits, elderly home repair, church grounds improvement and maintenance,etc. This whole week, my wife, and daughter, and granddaughter, participate in Vacation bible school. (Every year) They spent the last two weeks getting their classroom outrageously decorated (jungle theme) for the kids. There may be as many as two hundred kids attending, most of which never heard the gospel. Parents enjoy the half day of freedom after dropping the kids off at church. This is one of the greatest evangelism opportunity for the local community. My wife has had her own class for the last thirty five years. Think of all those sheaves The following week, many will be needed to visit parents of the children who were saved who want to be baptized. This presents another opportunity to share the gospel then with the parents. Honestly, without my weekly men's bible study, I'd feel lost out. The church is around a hundred and thirty years old. Think of all the saved souls. (all our kids:) God has a good church for you, Melinda Your works are a testimony to you 'nearness to God.'
  12. Are the street preachers doing the 'good works' ? What about this street preacher............
  13. Seeds are sown on all types of soil. By all types of sowers. Called by God. The crowd can't/won't glorify God unless they hear and believe the gospel. The faithful sower is doing just that. Those pictures do NOT show the burden on the street preacher. You do not see the rest of the story. At all. How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! Isaiah 52; 7 Romans 10, 13-15 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! Don't think we should judge other brethren on their method of planting seeds. They are in the arena, planting! Do you have the faithfulness, the boldness, to expose yourself to ridicule and shame to share the the good news? I try to be, yet I lack. Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God 2 Timothy: 8 Their feet are beautiful to the Lord, as faithful sowers of the gospel. Share with us your method you use Hartono, when you share the gospel.
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