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  1. Shiloh357 is a very dear friend of mine. Though he is a bit direct in is debate skills, he is nonetheless a powerful man of God with a tremendous heart for the lost. Back when I was a moderator here there were many times when I would call upon him for assistance with a new member. One such time in particular was a young man who truly failed to see the Deity of Christ. He wasn't a troll, he was a true seeker. Several of us spoke with the man at length, but to no avail. I contacted Shiloh357 and asked him to try. His reply was "let me pray first, then I'll be there." I watched in amazement how he reached out to the young man, and how he related to him. He found a connection that the others, myself included, had missed. Shiloh's heart really shone through with his interactions. Not the brash, bold man we all know, but the softer gifted man that he can be and is with true seekers. I saw real, tangible fruit over the course of that council. I learned so much from him over the years and will always be indebted to him. My friendship with him will continue of course way beyond this site. I have "talked" with him since his exit from here, and he is fine and understands the reasons why certain decisions were made. So, here's' to you, Shiloh357, my brother and my friend. May you be blessed exceeding abundant in all that you do.
  2. I voted. But I would have liked more choices in the vote, like both office AND living room, for each group. Your work is wonderful. Many of your pieces could have a scripture or inspirational quote on them to reach a wider audience. Both the China Tree and Red Tide are masterful. Truly, with the latter being a nice study in light, shadow and color.
  3. We've traveled to many countries over the years, including Russia, Turkey, Estonia, Greece, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, and many more. I love to travel. I certainly view the world differently now. My goto bucket list includes Iceland, Israel, Scotland and New Zealand.
  4. This is incredible that you can be at a place like this and there's no people around!! Incredible scenery! How far are you from your car?
  5. Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name. Mal. 3:16
  6. Memories are something, aren’t they? There are rare times when I reminisce about something from my youth and can recall in detail the words said and the actions taken. However, normally my memory is quite faulty and I can’t piece together the entire event. Or worse, I mingle several events together and end up with a skewed look at things. Now, this is troublesome for me because I like the order of things. From an accountants’ perspective, everything has to balance, has to be in order and has to make sense. Memories are fragile. They only survive in a heart that gives them room, and cares enough to pull them out of storage ever so often for a good dusting. Even then they are subject to death and decay and will eventually pass from this life. I can remember my great grandmother and even some of the stories that she told me concerning her parents. My whole life I’ve heard about keeping the memories alive, that our loved ones live on in our hearts, and all that. But I’m a fragile human and don’t know how to access the part of the brain that records everything. Many of my memories have already crumbled into dust, taking with them bits and pieces of my loved ones. I suppose that’s why this scripture jumps out at me so brilliantly. Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name. Mal. 3:16 God has a book of remembrance. Notice that the scripture says that the ones who feared the Lord spoke often with one another. In other words, they gather together in His name. Those of us who love the Lord – isn’t that what we do? Isn’t that why you’re here now, to read something a brother or sister has written about the Lord? Is it not incredible that the Lord would have it written down, so that you or I will be held in “remembrance” before Him because of our actions? Because we have “thought upon His name”? I find it incredibly humbling, and also beautiful, that the Lord would bring this particular scripture to my attention while I was contemplating the fleeting earthly memories. I know that the Lord doesn’t forget. But to be told that He has a journal, a book of records, an orderly list of remembrances about me, you, us – is both terrifying and comforting. I will be forgotten here, in this place – but in the spiritual I will be eternally listed in a book that will be placed before the Lord. And so will you.
  7. I think you mean Thomas.
  8. Happy birthday Sam! Keep it up and you'll catch up to me! Many blessings, brother.
  9. When I was about ten years old my parents took my brother and I to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. I remember planting my feet on the path that led down to the dark gaping mouth of the cave while my mother pulled on my arm, urging me forward. I was both excited and terrified to descend the trail into the unknown. Once safely inside, my fears ebbed even though the dimly lit trail revealed a sharp descent down into the earth. However, expertly placed lighting soon revealed a natural wonder that only God could design. Thankfully, the electric age had made it possible for the common man to explore the once hidden depths of the earth. Back then all visitations into the cave were done as a guided tour. The park rangers that led us stopped at intervals to describe the various formations, going into detail about the elements that came into place in creating that wonderful cavern. Of course I didn’t hear any of that. I was too busy letting my imagination run wild as I saw vistas unlike anything I’d seen topside. Ever. After a short lunch break we entered what is known as the Big Room aka Hall of the Giants. After many stops the ranger gathered us all together, sat some of the older ones down on benches that lined a pull-over area, and warned us that the lights were about to go off. True to his word, total darkness filled the room. Total. Utter. Darkness. Silence came from either fear or respect of the alien environment. Then, from strategically placed speakers, the beloved hymn Rock of Ages filled the chamber. After a few more seconds a spotlight came on that lit up a massive column of limestone that stood just before us. The formation, in all its magnificence, dominated the area. Gasps were heard throughout the crowd as people, both young and old, appreciated the beauty before them. At the close of the song the trail lights came back on and the Park Ranger told us that the name of that formation was indeed Rock of Ages, but that it was the true Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ, Who created the remarkable cave. He then led us to the elevators where we were shuttled up to the Visitor Center Gift Shop and back into the light of day. Since that adventure so many years ago I’ve often thought of the things unseen. It’s only been with relatively recent technology that we’ve been able to see the extraordinary beauty of the marvels in deep space or the intricate colorful splendor of the creatures and reefs beneath the ocean waves. I recall wondering in amazement why a diver would want to plummet into the black waters at night until I saw pictures of the neon creatures that radiate their glory only during that time. For centuries man never knew about the colorful world that existed at the bottom of the sea. Nor observed the earth from the surface of the moon. Or saw a distant galaxy. The list of things never (or rarely) seen is infinite but still God made them and placed each one with purpose. Unimaginable beauty and wonder exists where no human eye has seen, even now. How do I know this? Because God created the whole of the universe, unfathomable in scope, infinite in design, to be explored for all eternity. His creation, full of variations and complexities, is beautiful and wonderful simply because of Who he is. Even in the absence of man He cares for and tends to all of creation. Even when no one is watching. Job 38:25-27 Who hath divided a watercourse for the overflowing of waters, or a way for the lightning of thunder; To cause it to rain on the earth, where no man is; on the wilderness, wherein there is no man; To satisfy the desolate and waste ground; and to cause the bud of the tender herb to spring forth? I wonder if God the Creator smiles when mankind stumbles upon a new find. I find it humbling indeed that He chose me (and you) to be included in this remarkable journey. Psa 8:3-9 When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him? We all leave behind footprints of our existence whether it’s the things we build or words we speak or friends we make. However, like the hidden treasures buried deep in the darkest caves, so are our hearts’ actions hidden from man. When we do something from the spirit (believe, hope, faith, love) it is only seen by God. Hopefully, as God’s children, we all seek to emulate the Father and with fortitude and purpose labor for beautiful and pleasing works that, like a once undiscovered jewel, will one day be revealed to the glory of God.
  10. Excellent study George! I really enjoyed this. Blessed beyond measure.
  11. Please lift up Believer1997's husband in prayer. He's facing a critical health issue and is currently in ICU. This could be an on-going life-threatening situation. Please lift up the whole family in prayer. Thank you for your dedication to pray, family.
  12. Our brother yod, a brother - a long-term member of worthy - and a fierce front line warrior for Christ - is in need of prayer. He has close family members that lost homes, cars, and all belongings in the Texas hurricane. He said of the 60 family members that live in southeast Texas, only one cousin was spared. Please lift him up in prayer, along with all those affected by the hurricane.
  13. I just donated that to a prison ministry!!!! lolol
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