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  1. Prayer for my friend Christina

    Thank you. I appreciate your prayers.
  2. Prayer for our Brother,ncn

    Praying for you NCN. Just as Joshua had his captains put their feet on the heads of conquered kings, so also will our Lord Jesus have under your feet all of your problems.
  3. Mom is dying

    I thank you Lord Jesus for you have conquered this illness. You have healed your daughter and have cast diabetes under her feet by the power of your cleansing Blood. In Jesus Name. Amen Amen and Amen. Best regards my friend. May the Lord God of healing shower His anointing on your family. I believe that my God has already begun healing your mom.
  4. prayers needed

    Jesus I pray for A Christian. I pray that his request be granted unto him as regards to his friendships. I thank you because you have answered with your precious Grace. In Jesus Name. Amen Amen and Amen. My best regards to you achristian2
  5. prayers needed

  6. military personnel

    Blessed Jesus, I pray for your precious blood to be sprinkled on each and every serving military personnel. I pray for your grace and safety both upon them and the people they are dieing to protect. In Jesus Name Amen, Amen and Amen.
  7. Prayer for my friend Christina

    Hi everyone, please pray for my friend Kristina. She has a stomach tumor and recently got an operation. I don't know her personally. There's actually a little strategy game I play on my phone sometimes and she comes there. She said she's getting an operation and I offered her Jesus healing power to get well. She was very happy and believed in His power. Your prayers will heal a friend I don't even know but I do know God will will use her with power once she's healed. I thank you for considering this request and praying. I'll also pray that your own mountain be conquered. God bless.
  8. 100,000 ducks flood town in thailand

    Dinner time
  9. Jade that's how we do it in India... Works like a marvel
  10. I picture all the things I have to be thankful to God for. My wife, my job, my house, my family.
  11. Revenge

    I let God do the dirty work. If someone hurts me... They've ticked my Protector off. My protector will take my revenge. My ever watchful guide.
  12. Uhh.. It's getting hot down here. Make sure to water daily.
  13. For real? Stay Crazy For Jesus! I'll be out soon!
  14. Please get off the oxygen pipe!
  15. Wishu U a Blessed Happy B'day....... :)