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  1. Last. Just sayin'
  2. Last. t.
  3. Is it a matter of the size of the fonts or words? maybe you could zoom in a little using the zoom feather on your computer to help.
  4. Well we got back from our 3 week trip and discovered our air conditioner went out and died... So if it's ok with everyone I think I will actually whine a bit.... it's really hot and muggy. Dang, sorry to hear that. On the upside, I have friends out there that said there was a cold front that went through OK a week or so ago...but maybe that's passed by by now Hope you're fixed up soon! Last. t.
  5. FB is the debil. I killed it years ago.
  6. Ted? Ted? That Ted? Ted!!!! That ted, that Last
  7. Correct. I am not last. I am Last.
  8. You mean Lost.
  9. I'll take that coffee now. And the Last
  10. Yes it is. Last t.
  11. But of course Seafood is easily done on a real grill and it comes out wonderful. Shrimp, lobster, scallops, all kind of fish- they all work great on a grill and it tastes much better than any other way f cooking them. It's been a few years, sure, so take your time to this one
  12. Did I mention I got a cool new smoker this year? Didn't that open up a world of new manliness I've been doing ribs, chicken, pork shoulders and a bunch of other stuff for the past few months.
  13. There seems to be a quite a few relics from the past surfacing again I say today as I said it ten years ago: The good that comes from a site such as this overwhelmingly outweighs the possible dangers. Chat room here is a safe haven within a world of such vileness one can only imagine. We hope that the Lord will guide our fingers as we type and remain vigilant for those that may possibly come to do harm. Pray for those in a position of leadership within the forum and the chat rooms in the hopes that they can identify those not with a pure heart who come and deal with them as He would want them to be dealt with.
  14. I would suggest that everyone heed KPG's words: It is a waste of time. You'll never get my Last
  15. I am First to declare Last. You declared that you *would* be Last, but I am the first declarative Last. First to Last, Last to Last. That's my motto