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  1. Is it a matter of the size of the fonts or words? maybe you could zoom in a little using the zoom feather on your computer to help.
  2. Well we got back from our 3 week trip and discovered our air conditioner went out and died... So if it's ok with everyone I think I will actually whine a bit.... it's really hot and muggy. Dang, sorry to hear that. On the upside, I have friends out there that said there was a cold front that went through OK a week or so ago...but maybe that's passed by by now Hope you're fixed up soon! Last. t.
  3. FB is the debil. I killed it years ago.
  4. Ted? Ted? That Ted? Ted!!!! That ted, that Last
  5. Correct. I am not last. I am Last.
  6. I'll take that coffee now. And the Last
  7. ted

    BBQ Seafood

    But of course Seafood is easily done on a real grill and it comes out wonderful. Shrimp, lobster, scallops, all kind of fish- they all work great on a grill and it tastes much better than any other way f cooking them. It's been a few years, sure, so take your time to this one
  8. ted

    Laying Down the Foundations.

    Did I mention I got a cool new smoker this year? Didn't that open up a world of new manliness I've been doing ribs, chicken, pork shoulders and a bunch of other stuff for the past few months.
  9. I would suggest that everyone heed KPG's words: It is a waste of time. You'll never get my Last
  10. I am First to declare Last. You declared that you *would* be Last, but I am the first declarative Last. First to Last, Last to Last. That's my motto
  11. You're about as Last as Other One is, which isn't very Last... t.
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