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  1. New Look for Worthy

    Is it a matter of the size of the fonts or words? maybe you could zoom in a little using the zoom feather on your computer to help.
  2. facebook, did you know .....

    FB is the debil. I killed it years ago.
  3. BBQ Seafood

    But of course Seafood is easily done on a real grill and it comes out wonderful. Shrimp, lobster, scallops, all kind of fish- they all work great on a grill and it tastes much better than any other way f cooking them. It's been a few years, sure, so take your time to this one
  4. Laying Down the Foundations.

    Did I mention I got a cool new smoker this year? Didn't that open up a world of new manliness I've been doing ribs, chicken, pork shoulders and a bunch of other stuff for the past few months.
  5. There seems to be a quite a few relics from the past surfacing again I say today as I said it ten years ago: The good that comes from a site such as this overwhelmingly outweighs the possible dangers. Chat room here is a safe haven within a world of such vileness one can only imagine. We hope that the Lord will guide our fingers as we type and remain vigilant for those that may possibly come to do harm. Pray for those in a position of leadership within the forum and the chat rooms in the hopes that they can identify those not with a pure heart who come and deal with them as He would want them to be dealt with.
  6. The problem with the WBC is that their name throws people off. Assigning the word "Church" to them is a bit of a misnomer. Instead, they should be named the Westboro Baptist Collection of Family Lawyers Searching For An Easy Payday. Their motive is simple: cause enough strife in small towns until the inevitable slap comes toward one of their faces, and then they sue the town for failing to "protect" them. The way to deal with them is to ignore them and let them do their thing until they pack up and leave. Their whole motive is to incite someone to "assault" them so they can turn around and sue the community. Don't give them the satisfaction
  7. Even though I havent seen you in forever brother, Happy Birthday! Hope to see you in Chat again some day soon! God bless you

  8. If we had dropped a bomb on him, we would likely never get eyes on the body, which would be vitally important for many reasons.
  9. You can be sure the public news releases were not accurate to any degree, other than the fact that a raid happened that night. Most everything else you'll see or hear will not be the truth.
  10. Admittedly, this is one area I struggle with...sometimes hourly. I know I'm supposed to pray for them and all that, but in all honesty, I could care less about a politician of any flavor and wouldn't mind peeking through the keyhole when God deals with all of them.
  11. Debating the facts is great stuff. Calling each other names isn't so hot though. No one's politics should ever cause someone to lower themselves to personal attacks. At the worst, this President will be gone in 5-6 more years and we'll move on. At best, we'll be taken up by a returning King. All the little stuff in between can be talked about in such a way where even the most ardent of political foes can still share a coffee and a smile. It's possible
  12. Joyce Meyer

    Jesus died, rose again, and is our Savior. Accepting Him saves us. All else is gravy. There are literally millions of people who talk about how their faith affects their lives, and many try to project that faith via different media...book, television, podcasts, movies, magazines, radio..... Will many of these people make mistakes along the way? Will they say things that are "false"? Will they mess up here and there in their understanding of certain passages? Most certainly. Even when we sit down with just ourselves and the Bible and maybe a reference or two and think we have it nailed down pat, we're subject to making a mistake or not understanding something correctly. It's ok...relax. Things will be alright. We put our hearts in the right direction and God won't lead us astray. We'll get through things ok. For those that purposefully use false teaching to make money, don't worry, God will deal with them in His own way. It's not our call. Let them do what they do and say what they say. There's no sense in wasting too much of our lives on trying to fix something that's not our job to fix in the first place. Don't like Meyer, Duplantis, Hinn, and others? Cool beans. There's far worse things in the world to worry about. Relax, take a breath....smile. It's a good day
  13. Become too overwhelming for your troubles, probelms will move on to a weaker target :)

    1. LisaMarie savedbygrace

      LisaMarie savedbygrace

      good point.. mind over matter..