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  1. I think it was girl scouts that had me go through my origami phase. This phase lasted me through sixth grade with me trying to make something during free time. I never could make anything 3D, but I learned a few good folds for passing notes that my friends love. (I still use that when I need to stick a note in my friend's locker) The only thing 3D I could make was taught to me in biology.... Now, Silver Shadow, if you include high school students with the children, I was entertained by that. My friend taught it to me two years ago in a double biology class (this meant there we were stuck in there for two full periods, but the teacher was absent). We made fifty or so, and we drew little faces on them. After school (by this time, we had a lot more than fifty), we went around the halls, opening the lockers of students who didn't have a lock on, and placing them on the top shelf, one in each random locker, then we went to play practice, where we were supposed to be and gave the extras to our friends. I have not been able to make anything else when I tried picking up the hobby again.
  2. Oh, I love to take photos. I'm not too good, but I find my best pictures are those of flowers and waterfalls. My mother and I use to go practice our photography at a nearby park with lots of waterfalls. Other one: I love that second picture of the sunset. Here are a couple of my favorites: http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/m...bs/S5001981.jpg http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/m...os/S5002556.jpg http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/m...os/S5002579.jpg http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/m...os/S5002624.jpg I wish to take better photos like a lot that are listed in this very thread. I keep practicing though.
  3. Well, both of my parents use to be catholic. They grew up in very catholic families, went to catholic schools and even a catholic college. They both found it ridiculous about how they lived. After I was born, they decided that its very unhealthy to believe in God and brought us all up as atheists. My older brother was the only one who had any teaching, and he was only three when they stopped. My mother's adopted mother found out and she became very mad and cut off contact with us, saying that we were going to die early and all go to hell. I was only nine when she found out. My mother was furious with that, and really decided it was the worst thing. Technically, five adults know, but two of them are eighteen and nineteen. The others are in their forties (I believe) and one is my English teacher from last year. He doesn't care. The other two are friends' mothers. One doesn't really care and the other one really wants to help me in anyway possible. The one who cares is a nurse and had minored in some Bible study. I don't know what the class is technically called. But yeah, there are adults who know, and I had explained my mother's reasoning (which my father followed along with).
  4. Oh, I do eventually plan to tell them. I will be going to college hundreds of miles away, but before I tell them, I must make sure that I can stand on my own and have back up. My friend's mother offered that if I do get kicked out before college, or even if I need a place to stay over the summer, that she will take me in. Just about everyone at the school is Catholic, or at least claim to be. I say they claim because of how horrible they act to each other. I have friends who are supportive, but not all of my friends know. Only the ones who wouldn't tell the girlfriend of my brother who would tell my brother. But, thank you so much, humbleseeker. It seems like a few people are already replacing my tutor, haha.
  5. Thank you very much, logos7. I was taught that through another experience I had back in July. My tutor scolded me, however, because I was not showing emotion to him. He concluded that I didn't care, even though I told him I did. My tutor had also given me a movie to watch. I think it was called King of Nazareth, but it wasn't a happy movie. But thank you for explaining in those words. As for the psychiatrist, I understand your point, cslewis, but there are several reasons for me being against it. Where I live, people try to rip you off. This isn't a friendly area. The nearest salvation army is close to forty minutes away, and that's by highway. I have my license, but I've only been on the highway once... and still, it was a less dangerous highway then the one I would have to go on. My parents would have to know if I'm seeing a psychiatrist. I'm pretty sure that, since I am not yet eighteen, they would have to see it, and have permission for it. If they knew about it, that's double trouble for me. They would think I'm nuts just for believing in God. If they were to find out hat I have a bible, they would send me to a psychiatrist, and once I'm eighteen, they would kick me out. That's my mother acting like her mother, however.
  6. I do apologize, but I don't know what you mean by that question. I don't know what would be yes and what would be no. If you, or someone else, could possibly explain what is meant by that, it would be helpful.
  7. My tutor would not be found anywhere, if you are looking for a name. I was introduced to him through a great friend of mine. He is not a professional but a student who is very knowledgeable on what the Bible says (I think he has the whole thing memorized), and has had some encounters with spirits himself. He has been extremely helpful to me. He started a bible study group at his school, and he tries to help anyone he can, but he's only taught me some about Christianity. I believed that the voices where in my head with me being under so much stress, but a month passed before I let my tutor know of the voices. He first thought they were in my head, too, until he had me have conversations with them, gathering information. There were things about a war said and, I had mentioned in my introduction topic and I was told what they were... hybrids, and the person had also mentioned another thing that was said by the voices. I cannot see any figures, but I hear them as if they were actually there. They try to convince me that there is nothing, that God doesn't exist... I ignore them, but their taunting doesn't disappear, and sometimes gets worse. If I could even afford to go to a psychiatrist, I might consider it. It would be a very close no. But I'm more looking on advice to get closer to God, not to get rid of the voices. My tutor told me that if I have a strong relationship with God that they will leave me be.
  8. I'm not sure if this would be the right section, because this and another seem very similar to one another when I looked through topics to figure out where it would go... Anyway, I have a major problem with this... I'm not close to God at all. I want to get close, and before my tutor left, he said that I need to pray and read the Bible to get close and that I would know when I am. He told me to be aware of my feelings and that until I have a strong relationship with God, that these voices will keep bugging me. My tutor had asked me to get some information from these voices, for his own purposes, but these voices have left but recently came back. By recently, I mean yesterday. He told me that I seemed to get mad at him, and I would act... not very nice at all. These voices are bugging me, and I pray and read, but nothing. It does no good to ignore these voices, because they continue on with their bugging. My tutor told me that this is something that I have to build on my own, but the trouble is... I don't know how to build it on my own. Another friend of mine said that I should try a relationship with God just as any other person, but I don't know how to do that, because it isn't like God is sitting and laughing physically on the couch on a movie night or something. My friend also said that I should find something that God and I relate to, but.... once again, I don't know what to do with that. Someone in my introduction thread had also suggested music (I apologize, but at this moment I cannot remember the username). I have yet to do research on that. So, here I am, posting and looking for advice on what to do. It would be much appreciated if one could try to help. Thanks, Emmie
  9. Oh my... Well, I have recently had odd dreams... like back in August and some even this month with my older brother came to visit. There were these awful blob things, and then there were tarantulas with these blue and red swirled eyes I have seen in past dreams.... In my dream I know that I shake, when I don't want to. My tutor told me to say what nebula was trying to say. I could never even talk or anything. My professor in one of my college classes found an article in a library, and scanned it. It was about achieving lucid dreams. I thought that it would be perfect (so I could do what my tutor told me to), but my tutor was completely against it. He told me that it was dangerous for me to try to do this. But I did not understand the last bit of what mega_virus was saying when he said From what I get out of it, it makes sense with the tarantulas because I am terrified of them. But the blobs don't make sense.
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