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  1. Wasn't a Rothschild murdered there last year. I doubt Iran will be able to get the G-7 to capitulate.
  2. Babbler

    Conspiracy against Kurds

    I have watched for years the Kurds support the U. S. And the U.S. turn its back on them. It is traitorous.
  3. They will not be able to stop the tungsten rods from space.
  4. And what happens when the U.S. jumps in? Israel will never go down without taking the world with her. Attacking Israel would be suicide. Over 200 neutron bombs at Dimona, plus the other nuclear warheads they have hanging around.
  5. Babbler

    The word Jesus consideded OFFENSIVE.

    What convinced the manager to change? Christians called threatening to boycott their stores
  6. I love the story of Adam and Eve. Not so much the story of creation, but from the beginning, our Father gave Man and Woman free will. Which brought choice, resulting in Man and Woman choosing to ignore the command of our Father. Having been kicked out of Eden, man began populating the Earth, not evolution. Our Father, through Abraham, demonstrated his love for man. He would not have his creation sacrificed to him, because he loves us. Rather, he asked his son, who is one with the Father, and owner of the universe to make the sacrifice. The point being our Savior and Lord gained nothing by his sacrifice other than the purchase of our salvation. And again it comes down to freewill. To choose the Love of the Messiah, or reject his sacrifice. That is why I love our Lord. He wishes that your love for him to be given freely. The Messiah used his freewill when he paid the price for our sins. Evolution is so impossible and such a lie. Who is the father of all lies?
  7. Babbler

    Matthew 24: Rapture, Second Coming or Both?

    As soon as people start quoting Revelation and Daniel for prophecy I know they are confused. For Jesus said, he would come on the last day, he will gather the wicked first, then the rapture and on then the earth will be consumed in flames. To deny Christ's teaching is to crucify him again. Charles Nelson Darby's prophetical teaching is denial of our Lord's word.
  8. Einstein said, "the press, the politics, and sometimes even the church is controlled by the elite." So the controlled press is aligned with those elite controlled churches. The Episcopal's Reverend Eugene Robinson was appointed Bishop. After leaving his wife and children to live with his gay lover, Mr. Robinson said, "he would be a Christian minister and not a gay minister." He is a friend of the world. Many churches serve at the behest of the elites. They even advertise together as a union, as if your church does not support homosexuality then you are not showing Christian love. To those who are gay and claim to be Christian. It is said, "Why do you say you believe in God but live as though he does not exist." The Episcopal. the United Methodist, the Presbyterian. the United Church of Christ, and others are in "full communion." They do not promote salvation but annihilation. "Be not deceived, no fornicators, no adulterers. no sodomites, no liars, no murderers, no thieves, shall see the kingdom of God." Jesus died for our sins not for us to sin. Transgender is the embodiment of a living lie. And their is too much evidence of the mental illness. It is now against the law for psychologists to treat the transgressors. The United Nations said to stem the population tide: sex education, abortion, and homosexuality is to be promoted.
  9. Babbler

    White Washing Islam

    Einstein said the elite controls the politics, the press, and sometimes the church. I have never read one article telling the truth about Muhammad and never will because our elite are in bed with the Saudi elites. The American Press is corrupt, they are not even covering what is going on in Europe. I can't see how anybody with any intelligence and integrity can work for them.
  10. Babbler

    pre trib rapture is fake true or false

    I believe Christ will come on the last day and that will be the end. He will gather the wicked first. I believe any one who quotes Daniel or Revelation concerning future prophecy does not understand apocalyptic literature. I believe Daniel is a letter to the Jews of 165 BC. I believe Daniel was a fictional character and the first six stories are similitudes. I believe Revelation was written in two parts. The letters to the churches were added when the second part was added. First, it is a city of seven heads, ten horns, and seven diadems. The time of Nero. Then it is seven heads, ten horns, and ten diadems. The time of Domitian. Two provinces had split in two and Rome added a third province. In the future I expect the left to mock Christianity. They will say where is he? Why are you still here? You said he would come within a generation of Israel becoming a state--40 years since 1948(nothing), 2018 70 years since 1948(nothing)and come 120 years later 2068 (there will be nothing). And the mocking will begin and Christians will look foolish because they believed this lie. And the Father of lies will be laughing. As Christ has stated, will he find faith when he returns??. Proselytizing will fall by the wayside. Because Christianity will look like a group of fools because our leaders eyes and ears have been closed to the truth.
  11. Babbler

    U.K. vs Egypt

    In Egypt you can get up to five years in prison for making disparaging remarks about Islam, Muhammad, or Allah. In the UK under their hate crimes law you can get seven years. Imagine going to jail for quoting the Encyclopaedia Britannica that Muhammad and his followers were a group of murdering thieves. You know how some fables have an historical background. Ali Baba and the forty thieves background is Muhammad.
  12. Babbler

    Panama papers

    Upon reading the scuttlebutt concerning the Panama papers, Bill Clinton and Obama are associated with Sherbak Bank and their money laundering. This is a Russian intelligence organization with their operatives currently in the White House. These papers show Hillary has accepted campaign contributions(bribes) to change America's policy towards Ukraine. The two brothers associated with this bank are expected to be counselors in her cabinet. Bill also received financing from China but returned the money after he was caught. As a side note protesters following Trump are stomping on the American flag. Hillary will get their vote.
  13. I hate the idea because it associates Allah, the moon god, as being equal with Christ. Satan is the father of all lies. Which I know you know and Muhammad was no prophet. In the Qur'an it says that Christ did not die on the cross and it was faked. I give no respect to the veil, to me it is a sign of ignorance and the abuse of women. God created the beauty of women and I can appreciate such without lusting them. If you look at the Islamic culture and high incidence of rape the veil does nothing to prevent the occurrence of such evil actions.
  14. In Pakistan more Christians died by a suicide bomber than did the France attack, the Belgium attack, the Boston attack or any other attack by bombers in the last 365 days. But Yahoo puts one line of the news on Sunday and it is gone Monday afternoon. Yahoo is in the business of calling what is good bad and what is bad good. They use the Huffington Post which obfuscates truth if not outright lying. Yahoo constantly defends Islam while attempting to define Christianity to meet its leftist view. At last count 69 people died at the Easter egg hunt and close to 300 went to the hospital. Shame on Yahoo. Meanwhile, Obama wants to bring in 100,000 more Muslims to America. This refugee crisis is intentional and if you do not believe it, then you do not understand globalization.
  15. Babbler

    History of Islam

    Ran across S. Rushdie recently and for the definitive story of Islam and Muhammad, he recommends reading Islam: In Light of History by Rafat Amari. The book has converted many a Muslim. Even if you know the truth of Muhammad this will make one even more informed.