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  1. thank you so much to everyone who has replied..if anyone else has any more advice i would greatly appreciate it..i know the Lord will take care of me and help me through this..it is just really hard..i thank everyone it is so nice to have someone who will listen
  2. Hi Everyone, Right now i am having a very difficult time in my life. I am struggling with an addiction that i cannot kick and it is really taking a toll on me. It isn't a physical addiction like drugs or alcohol, but more a psychological addiction. I believe in the Lord and I believe everything that is written in the Bible. I want to please the Lord and do what he wants me to do in my life. Yet I always let temptation get the best of me with this addiction. I believe I am saved, but am not sure. I believe in the Lord and I believe that he sent Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. I also have asked the Lord for forgiveness many times. But my preacher tells that if you don't feel a change in your life from your sinful ways then you might not really be saved..I am very confused. When I am at church i get this amazing feeling like the Holy Spirit is in me..but when i am not there i don't feel it. I am just very worried and want to be sure i am saved. I want so badly to get rid of this addiction. I pray about it and feel so guilty when I let it get the best of me. I always feel that i have let God down. I want to stop and i know the only way i can do it is with God's help. But i pray about it and still i let it get the best of me and give in to the temptation. That is why i am confused about my salvation. I mean, shouldn't i be able to give it up easily since i am saved? Or does the fact that i can't give it up make my salvation questionable..Someone please give me some advice and guidance..I am so desperate and sad about this..I would greatly appreciate anybody..thank you and God Bless
  3. Thank you all so much for your replies..They are really helping me to understand this more..anyone else who has any ideas please feel free to post..thanks everyone!
  4. First of all, hi everyone, i'm new here. This is my first post, but in my mind is very important to me. I was saved when I was about 8 years old, or at least I think I was. Now I am 20 and I don't believe I was actually changed by the lord. I don't think I understood anything about salvation then, or what i was actually doing when i was with the preacher and asked the Lord to be saved. So therefore now i feel like i am not saved. That being said..I also realize I am a sinner..I have an addiction i would rather not mention on this board.. and i know that the only way i can be rid of it is through Jesus. I can't do it own my own. But the most important thing is that I need to get saved. I go to church every sunday and lately i have been feeling like the Lord is trying to get me to get saved..Or at least thats how i am feeling. I have prayed several times asking the Lord to save me, and confessed that i am a sinner, yet i still dont "feel" saved. I guess what i mean is that i don't feel changed by the Lord. I believe every single word of the Bible. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins. But sometimes I get these thoughts in my head trying to tell me its not true or something. I feel bad for even thinking them because i know in my heart it is true. I think its the devil trying to bring me away from God. I also feel awful and guilty for the sins that i commit every single day..I just feel like i am letting God down and hurting him..yet i do it anyway..i guess im just lost and need help So my question to anyone here who can answer me is..am i saved? or is something missing..because i feel like something is missing even though i have prayed many times asking the Lord to save me..I don't know what to do..someone please give me some advice on this..i would greatly appreciate it..Thank you everyone!
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