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  1. I forgot to tell you 1) that for humans there is Universal Limitation that covers all including knowledge, 3)that the word of God is not a human sequence of sounds associated with some sense, a day of God may be millions of human years. That is if you read Genesis it is an easy explanation to people like you sometimes explain very complex things to kids. Once Jesus said something to the effect that human minds are not capable of grasping heavenly things as they are. I compare it with man and his pets. You can teach your dog many tricks but it will never learn how your smartphone really operates. The distance between God and man is that big if not bigger for once it was a comparison of a pot-maker and his pots in the Gospel. Imagine the distance and difference: a Pot-maker and a pot he is making.
  2. You say " ... why can't a Christian present arguments based on facts known ... " . There are some wonders I have personally seen as facts but if you have not seen them they are no arguments to you. I have no videos, no photos. I still do not understand where you are. If you are looking for proof that really may come to you and hope not too late. Talking about Paul you remember how he got the proof the hard way. But not everybody is that lucky.
  3. To give you a short answer faith does not require demonstration as in experimental physics. I can not see what you are trying to prove. Express your opinion in a sentence or two to make a clear-cut conclusion, please. I have not been able to understand your attitude. Are you an atheist? What is the purpose of your messages?
  4. I meant to say that the word "knowledge" (that is exact knowledge) which you have in your message is not applicable to humanities and missing the point when we speak about faith.
  5. And there are things that you can not explain rationally with your faculties. I remember there was a student who could do such things. I put a picture of a very complex installation with wheels, barrels, boxes and many other things into a thick book and the book in my case at home and in the morning just as he came I asked him to draw a picture which was in my case on the blackboard. Then I went out (with my case , of course) so that he could not see my reaction to his progress. When I came there it was all drawn with all the minor details that I had not noticed in the original myself. There are wonders. Wish you could see some.
  6. Sorry. you repeat knowledge, knowledge. That applies strictly to exact sciences that deal with discrete countable elements. All other spheres defy scientific approach due to their extra complexity and consequently subjective approach that reflects a certain group interest at best, that is as against exact science. As you know in exact sciences there is for humans such thing as absolute truth that is in the comparison of quantities (three chairs in this room is absolutely more than two chairs in the next room). There were attempts to treat social subjects as sciences some centuries back and in the recent past but they failed for the reason mentioned above. Nothing has changed so far. You can never apply science to humanities so that they would be universally accepted. Belief is a different thing. If you don't believe, don't. God gives this gift to some people. Regard that as talent. If a person has not got it, it is o.k. but why fight others who have this talent or strictly speaking gift. If I am tune deaf why tell everybody that all music sucks. And remember belief is not hinged to the number of followers. They may be few. So when you speak about derision it makes no sense. It is not the number of believers that matters. It is not winning elections or anything like that. All what you have written is just parallel (that is missing the point). Sorry for my frank reply if it hurts you.
  7. vlad

    Fear and Trembling IS Repentance

    Right sick people. It is not a sin as a rule. Say if a person is a heavy mental case and commits a crime it is not a sin either.
  8. vlad

    Fear and Trembling IS Repentance

    Legalism is just a catch-word. As for sins you try and try not to sin and the main instrument is repentance and asking God through the Lord's prayer and otherwise to give you more strength . You are good enough finally with God's help.
  9. vlad

    Fear and Trembling IS Repentance

    I agree with you. Every human has a free will. It is never taken away from anyone. That is why I think it takes a lot of effort to continue to be a Christian. It is so easy to drift away from God. There are pitfalls everywhere. Sometimes it is really a good seed that perishes as it is overgrown with weeds
  10. vlad


    Hi, You say: "why does it seem we put a measure to sin when God doesn't he sees them all the same in His eyes." Did God tell you this? I would not be sure about that even though most people are and ready to quote the Scripture. The point is that God is unsearchable. You can not corner God even with quotation from the Scripture. He is a living God and there are many instances in the Bible when He makes decisions. He is not a program and if He makes a sudden decision about human beings, who will be against it? I suppose that apart from punishment there will be billions of disappointments when people are judged. You are more safe if you fearful. There is a notion of deadly sins and in some churches there is a gradation of sins. This is an open question. I only know that if you change churches you do not change things as they are in Heaven. I always reserve from saying anything for God Himself. As for salvation it is possible but it is not guaranteed whatever you are thinking about yourself. A person who is too sure may be punished for his pride.
  11. I am lucky I did not have to spay cats. There is a place here where many cats are like stray cats. I have been feeding them for many years and there is no overpopulation so far. Some die some go some stay. I have noticed that it is more or less automatic in nature when humans do not interfere. There are stray cats, feral cats but the epidemic mostly comes from mice, squirrels and foxes. These are left alone as they do not know how to control their numbers.
  12. Well, a pussy cat can be sterilized after the first or the second litter. As for tom cats they are castrated. Men are not castrated. That is the difference. They should leave at least tom cats alone. I am worried because in some countries of Europe all tomcats ate castrated and if a normal tomcat is found outside its home in the streets the fine is several thousand Euros. The tendency is to castrate all of them. Only the licensed breeders are allowed to sell cats (castrated ones). What begins with animals in good time may end up with human beings
  13. For thousands of years cats were with people and there were principles of mutual “respect”. In the 21 century the rules were suddenly broken and cats are neutered everywhere. Acting God for egoistic purpose is no good. Better no pet than a neutered cat. I think it is a sin.
  14. vlad

    Would being Catholic keep one from being saved?

    I am not a Catholic. I love Catholics as brothers. Do you love Catholics?
  15. Having read the messages I come to the conclusion that we usually speak about ideal abstract cases. In real life things can be much more complicated. All possible types of human minds are too many. We assume here a certain normalcy of the mind be it evil or good. In practice there are many people who are abnormal to a different degree. Who can tell where normalcy stars and where it ends? What is abnormality? What are its boundaries? May be some sinners are abnormal by nature. Are they all innocent? I have no definite answer here. I only know that the percentage of abnormal people is growing and what was abnormal some decades ago is quite normal today. Psychiatry itself is constantly changing. If this tendency continues we will have to deal with many more new types of minds.