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  1. Even if the statistics are correct it's also important to consider why smaller churches might not be growing. There are lots of small churches in small towns, and if those small towns aren't experiencing significant growth then their churches won't either. My feeling is that in locations with high population growth and retention the growth of churches scales up proportionately.
  2. Hi. I'm approaching a possible fork in the road for my life and I've been thinking more on what I can do for God. Being housebound has been unfulfilling in that respect. I want to step up in that area, I'm just not sure how yet. Aside from wanting God's will to be done there I'm also set to go on a bunch of doc appointments over the coming months to see if we can get to the root of some of my health issues.
  3. I have to agree with the others here. There's a spiritual side and there can also be a medical side to these things. Don't neglect either element.
  4. Stay in God. Pray. Seek out some set of likeminded believers and make it a point to mingle and interact with them. Attending a church would be a good start but I feel that just going to church somewhat misses the mark. Churches are absolutely for prayer, worship, and learning, but at the same time there's an element of connecting with other believers you can depend on for support and guidance and hopefully you'll be able to offer the same in turn somewhere down the line.
  5. I've often felt fear in this context to be a mix of awe and respect. Creating such a complex and functional universe is worth a hefty serving of both.
  6. It's highly variable! Some people learn life's lessons earlier or later than others and are more willing and able to get their life in order f0r a marriage to work. Trust God to lead you to the right person at the right time and don't forget to pray about it!
  7. This one is one of the sweetest cats I've ever had. On the worst day of my recent strep I was in bed all day and she just got up on my legs and stayed there eleven hours straight before I finally decided to get up. I'd drift off and hours later when I woke up she'd still be there. Pic of her here.
  8. Hi again and thanks for the prayers. I took her to the vet today and it turned out to be a urinary tract infection rather than anything immediately life threatening. To add a little to this, I've been planning for a while to get a male Bengal (my cat is a female Bengal) for her. The nurse we got today has a friend who breeds Bengals and told me she'd talk to her friend to see if we could work something out. Here's hoping!
  9. Hello! To answer the question, no. God doesn't need defending. People can be critical of God but they only hurt themselves in doing so. However, it is through debate and us "defending" God that some come to believe, the inquisitive get answers, and the faithful find their faith strengthened. There's importance in all of that.
  10. Hi everyone. My cat is having some bloody discharge. It's very mild at this point but potentially serious. I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow morning. Please pray for her in the meantime.
  11. I agree with Tzephanyahu. It sounds like you're under heavy pressure to do things you don't want to do. That almost never leads to happiness. More often than not it brings a person down emotionally for a long time and sours their relationship with the people who pushed it. Giving in seems like it would be a very destructive thing, especially for such a drastic and life changing decision. The surgical procedures and hormone therapies are expensive and imperfect. Consider that carefully as financial strain and hardship are both stress factors. Quite often the recipients of these surgical procedures end up looking ambiguous of gender in their physical appearance. For good and for ill a lot of first impressions stem from a person's outward appearance. For that reason I feel undergoing surgery and whatever other therapy to alter your gender would ultimately prove to be more of a hindrance to you than a benefit with regards to making friends. God crafted you to look a certain way. Look at Psalm 139:14. We're "fearfully and wonderfully made" and that includes you. Why allow an imperfect surgeon to unnecessarily alter a perfect God's design?
  12. Thanks for the prayers everyone! My voice is a mess and I still cough a little here and there but the other symptoms are gone now! Should be able to talk normally again within a few days!
  13. Quite often when we feel distant from God the feeling of distance comes from ourselves. God is always with us. It's just that stresses big and small and our own sense of having fallen short of what we should be creates that feeling of being far from God. It's not too different from when we did things we knew were wrong as children and felt guilty and fearful about our parents finding out. It's normal, and it can also be productive. It can be an incentive to make amends when needed and strive to do better. It becomes negative when we allow it to dominate us and let it push us away from God instead of using it to bring us closer. It's also important to remember that God does love us and that salvation is a gift. No matter what we do we could never earn it, and thankfully we don't have to. It's there for the taking. Another thing I've found myself recommending to people a lot is immersion. Surround yourself with Godly things and people as often as you can. It's been said that it's easy to be a Christian in church and when surrounded by other believers, and it's true. There are absolutely times when people NEED that and even for the more experienced it helps keep us spiritually anchored.
  14. Just keep Saul of Tarsus in mind. He was an avid persecutor of Christians. The fear of persecution doubtless tested the faith of many Christians back in the day and may well have caused some to fall away. God still used him heavily because he was willing to turn away from his past sins.
  15. I agree with what's been said here. If someone is actually claiming being able to read minds be wary of that. I can't speak for all animals, but having been around cats on a daily basis for nearly twenty years I know they use different meows for different purposes and have a good grasp of their body language. It's like learning another culture or language. It's very basic compared to human speech, but it's definitely a form of communication.
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