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  1. Sometimes you just need time and prayer to get over it all emotionally. Sometimes you'll need to reform positive associations with the people in question somehow if they're still in your life.
  2. I'm sorry to hear all of this. Having been on the verge of homelessness before and doing my best to keep it from happening I can relate. The more you sink into the hole the harder it is to get out of it. What I took from my own experience is that you have to keep trying to the best of your ability but keep God close in your heart. When the storm clears you'll have a clearer picture of God. I can say 100% that I'm in a better place now because of God and I can clearly attribute the improvement to Him. The events that got me out of where I was are too absurd to dismiss as coincidence. Other than that I have to echo what's been said here already.
  3. It's a good idea to practice being thankful to God for everything in general, even little things and our setbacks and difficulties. I was recently reminded of this when my computer monitor developed a problem that required me to replace it. It was around seven years old and I was wanting to get a new one anyway. I was planning to wait until a bit later in the year but the unexpected breakdown of the old monitor led to me finding an amazing deal. I call that God pointing me to a discount. Other than that I find myself thanking God for my cat fairly often. She makes me smile a lot.
  4. Like others have said there's often a reason for it. It pays to get to the heart of that and see what you can do about it. Normally that takes good experiences to counter the bad ones. Even then it can be difficult to let go, especially if you've had this view for a long time. Overall not trusting people isn't a bad thing, though. In ways it's a survival skill. The question you need to ask is, does your lack of trust hinder you spiritually and/or diminish your enjoyment of life?
  5. Unfortunately there's a lot of cherry picking and outright false teaching going on in some churches these days. Some are so far removed from Christian teaching you can't really even consider it a different denomination of the same religion.
  6. I really like this. I lean toward the side of grace, but with the caveat that if you love God you at least try to keep His commandments. We're bound to fall short of the mark many times. That's a reality of our sinful human natures. But like Peter we can repent, be forgiven, and be used by God despite these failings.
  7. It's absolutely possible for unbelievers and hypocrites to enter the church and hold positions. It's been so since very early on. A thing to remember is that the Pharisees were the religious leaders and teachers of their day, and they don't paint a good picture of leadership at all.
  8. Good to have you around!
  9. I don't feel like there is a primary attack method. Different things work better against different people so it's often the weakest points of a given person that are attacked. But I think in a general sense getting people complacent with sin is a common form.
  10. That was a really interesting read. Thank you for that!
  11. All I'd add to this is don't be afraid to keep people at a distance or cut them out of your life entirely. There's a healthy balance of give and take to be found in any human relationship and people have their different comfort zones. If it gets consistently one sided then it's time to take a look at that relationship and then either fix it or remove it.
  12. Speaking as someone on disability this would be a significant quality of life improvement for me, even if it just replaced my present payment. I'd be able to slowly repair the house and replace failing or dead appliances. Then I could think about improving it. But more than that, looking back on my past, that $1000 a month probably would have spared me a lot of emotional turmoil and heartbreak when I was in a long term abusive situation.
  13. Through Christ all things are possible.
  14. Debating has typically been the main way for me when it comes to strangers. Kind of funny since I'm normally very averse to arguments of any sort. With friends and family it's normally more of a share by example style.
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