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  1. Good to hear you're working to come back into the fold. I doubt there would be any real legal ramifications from comments made on Youtube videos, but definitely ask God for the strength and wisdom to avoid doing things you might regret in the future.
  2. If you can avoid a loan I would, but if you have to, try to have a rough idea of how you'll be able to pay it off and when you'll be able to start. Then increase your estimates on how long it will take you to get back to work and how long it will take you to pay the debt off by around 50-100% to help account for the unexpected. The change in hormones from pregnancy to post-pregnancy can certainly be rough on a person. Based on your situation you seem to have a lot of stress factors in your life as is without the pressure of a loan to pay off adding to it.
  3. I've been single the vast majority of my life. I've had some friendships that seemed like great people and good candidates for love at the time. Looking back on them all I can say 100% that not a one of those people was good for me. Sure, it hurt a lot at the time as I started to notice they had some very strong negative traits or circumstances nipped things in the bud, but now that I have a clearer view of the kind of people they really were I feel like I dodged bullets. I'm thankful I never got involved with them. I really see that as God protecting me from a greater harm.
  4. For me this place helps me feel like I'm doing a bit more for God by sharing knowledge and experienes, and I'm appreciative that there's actually a sense of community here that I can get prayer and support from and offer it in turn. As I'm largely housebound I normally feel that I'm lacking in all of that. So I'd say my overall mood has changed for the better since becoming a more active member of the community.
  5. I'll clarify a little. I absolutely agree that we aren't worthy and won't ever be by our own virtues. If we're ever thinking something like "I've done so much good I'm worthy of this" then yes, I wholeheartedly agree that we're missing the point. People were indeed getting drunk and making a joke out of Communion at that time, but it also speaks of divisions within the church and that some people in the church were going hungry while others were getting drunk and having a good time. That said the need to examine and judge ourselves is in fact mentioned twice in the verses in 1 Corinthians 17 that speak of taking Communion, so I do feel that it's scriptural to consider our own lives as part of the process. Are we harboring unforgiveness against someone? Are we willingly, knowingly continuing in a particular sin God has been dealing with us about? Then Communion is a fine time to resolve to let it go, even if it's going to take time and we're bound to stumble along the way. If we can see sin and unforgiveness within ourselves as we take Communion and aren't moved to at least try to do better through Christ then isn't that also a form of disrespecting the sacrifice He made for us, thus partaking unworthily? For me there's an inherent I/me/you/us/we involved in remembering His death, sacrifice, and resurrection because it was done for us. If we just say "Jesus died." we're missing part of the equation. Why did He die? On the other hand if we say "Jesus died for our sins." it gives a more complete picture. How we respond to His act of love adds further meaning to the sentence. I feel that while we should strive to do better through Christ at all times and truly look at ourselves to see if there's sin in our lives, Communion is a very good time to bring it to the forefront and humbly ask things like "Am I doing alright, Lord? Can I do better in honoring You and Your sacrifice by changing something in my life?" Hopefully that explains my position without coming on too strongly.
  6. Chronic single reporting for duty! There was a time when I was really strongly attracted to marriage too. I'd say it was most of my life, starting at some point when I was a kid. On some level I still am attracted to the idea of it, but these days it's diminished strongly. Maybe I became jaded or disillusioned with it after my own relationship experiences and seeing certain behaviors in my family, maybe I became more self aware. Maybe it was just a shift in priorities that happened over time. Truthfully I think almost everyone goes through a stretch of time where they want to be married because of all the societal pressures for people to do so. It's like a measure of success as a person. So far as God giving people the desire for marriage as a test, I suppose it's possible. In I Corinthians 7 Paul mentions a bit about marriage and says that while he'd prefer for people to be as he was (single) it's better to marry than to burn with passion. I feel like that references the emotional elements as much as it does the element of lust. For your particular situation I'd say prayer, self examination, and time are needed. It's just as possible that your sense of being broken is something you need to let go of. It's probably something God wants you to be free from regardless of whether or not marriage is for you.
  7. It was often brought up in churches I went to that Communion was a time for self examination. One pastor in particular really made it a point to emphasize that. It's a sentiment that I strongly agree with. I feel like Communion to go runs the risk of missing on that element. In church you have a pastor to remind you of that, given thanks in praise and worship, and you've hopefully felt the presence of God there that day.
  8. Hi everyone. On and off I get something akin to a mental only version of Tourette Syndrome. It's virtually always just completely out of the blue. Nothing provokes it. Sometimes it's very persistent and repeats. I don't mean it at all and it's offensive. There was a small instance of it a few minutes ago and immediately after it popped up I prayed. I wasn't really asking for anything so much as just talking to God about it and saying that when this happens it genuinely hurts me and makes me sad. I feel like I got a response just as immediately with a couple of verses that sprang to mind. This, from James 1 " Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. " and Romans 5:20 where it speaks of grace abounding more than sin. Just wanted to share that. It's a reminder that sometimes God does speak to us right away when we ask. It certainly made me feel better.
  9. It really is sad. To some people instances like that are their main contact with the Gospel. The precedent they set is really unfortunate.
  10. Glad to hear about it! My own experience with it was a happy one. Came about one night when I was in a youth meeting at the church I attended at the time and I carried on like that going between tongues and normal speech for prayer for about an hour or so. I got the feeling around my stomach too. Thinking back on it makes me smile and get a bit teary eyed.
  11. I don't think I've ever really fallen away. Definitely times I could have done better and overall I feel closer to God these days than I have during a lot of my life but I chalk a lot of that up to growing in my relationship with God. My experience has been that there's some ebb and flow of how close we feel to God regardless of how close we actually are. It can definitely pay to go against the flow but we should also take care that we aren't stressing ourselves out over nothing. Sometimes feeling distant from God is just our mood and circumstances talking rather than reality so it's good to self examine and get other opinions from people who are qualified to judge.
  12. Glad to hear you're back! I was in that exact same situation. Storm came in Thursday, did some damage, and as of about 20 minutes ago it's back, hopefully for good. I missed coming here. Usually it's the first thing I check when I turn on my computer.
  13. Sure, you might have overstepped just a bit, but you're an equal partner with your husband. If you don't want stuff like that around your house then say so. Your faith is a fixture in both of your lives.
  14. Please do stay in prayer about it, but don't be afraid to voice your concerns. People shouldn't be staying up so late that they could disrupt the sleep of people bringing money into the house.
  15. It's not a bad idea. I feel like a FAQ/Q&A page would address things better but certainly there are some people who might find a chatbot better.
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