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  1. It's fine. This part of the forum is here for talking about problems and receiving guidance. Speaking as a disabled person I can relate to things not being set up for us. On that front I'd say keep on communicating with whatever staff will listen to you and be patient. There's often a lot of red tape and sluggishness over even very simple things. As for the rest, people can be pretty vicious. Being disabled, different, and Christian all paint a target on you for harassment. Stick up for yourself and don't let it get to you, so much as you're able. From my own experience most kids tend to get bored when they can't get a reaction out of their targets. Your teacher is unfortunately right in that reporting these things can often aggravate the problem. It's not good and it's not fair but it's often the way it is in a classroom environment. Legally speaking harassment can be difficult to prove. If people know it's been reported and they don't get anything worse than a slap on the wrist it tells them that there are no real consequences and puts them in the mood for retaliation. How many of these people do you have contact with outside of school? How many of them outside of the teacher really matter? How much longer do you need to be in that particular class and what are your options if you walk out? Personally I think the thing to do with the harassment is to just deny people the reactions they're fishing for, so long as it doesn't go any further than being on the verbal level. The benefits of the education you're getting outweigh the words of people you may well not have any meaningful contact with once you're done with school.
  2. I agree with this pretty strongly. Keep it decent, consider what it says to others about your faith, and consider how it interacts with local sentiments. If it's going to be divisive in whatever body of believers you're in it's best to reconsider it or find another church.
  3. It's typically thought of as a reference to Jesus, where the bruising of the heel is interpreted as the crucifixion while the bruising of the head is triumph over Satan.
  4. I applied for disability and ended up staying with a relative after the death of my grandmother. The relative turned out to be abusive and I was stuck in that situation for about a year. Then when I got out of that situation it turned out that despite missing a disability hearing while I was stuck with that relative I was approved. I really believe that to be an act of God. It strengthened my faith, brought me closer to God, I was provided for, and eventually mended my relationship with my mother as a result of it all.
  5. Who me has the right of it. The length of time in which it was a practice helps drive home the importance, too. Something that was done for many, many generations isn't easily forgotten. Another reason why Jesus didn't come sooner is that there were prophecies that needed to be made and prophecies that needed to come to pass between the time animal sacrifice was instituted and the time of Jesus. Nothing in the Bible explicitly says this, but the language of the Romans was very widespread at the time and occupied a role similar to English in the modern day. Having a common language across a wide area contributed to the spread of the Gospel once it was written.
  6. I largely agree with you. Anyone looking to make it on YT should have something else going already and then transition into that. The people making a living off of it now started years ago and gradually made their way where they are now. Some other important things are that there's way more competition now than there was when a lot of the past and present big names there got started, YT is changing their monetization policies over time, and people who put themselves out there on Youtube are subject to plenty of criticism and harassment that sometimes crosses over into real life, like people digging up their private information and circulating it over the internet. If your friend is sensitive to verbal criticism at all he's stepping into the wrong field and staking all his hopes on it is probably a bad move. Definitely better for him to have alternative prospects lined up in case his main one doesn't turn out as planned for whatever reason. Speaking as someone with depression and eccentricities I can say he absolutely needs a support network. It's great having online friends, but he definitely needs local support. People in situations like his are just one emergency away from homelessness, and as you yourself demonstrated, even people who want to help out aren't necessarily able to cross state lines. Going to a church and getting to know people there could be a step in that direction. At some point I do think some possibly hard questions will need to be presented. From what you've said there are at least a couple of self defeating behaviors in play, like the refusal to see a psychiatrist and the belief that no one will hire him. Why does he believe no one will hire him? What can he do to address that?
  7. We all have our different gifts and callings. Some are more directed within the church, building up the body of Christ, and some are directed more outwards toward the world. So do find your style and pray about finding what God has intended for you. With that out of the way, consider the story of Jonah. He was called to preach repentance to Nineveh and seemed to feel similarly to you in ways. The people of that area were bad apples so far as he was concerned and he didn't want to do it. If you look at Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane He had a period of reluctance regarding what He was going to do, but His prayer ended with"Not My will, but Yours". I strongly believe we should generally play to our strengths as often as possible, but sometimes God calls us out of our comfort zones and for good reason. Sometimes we need to learn that it's God's will we need to follow, not our own. Be in prayer about it and seek guidance from spiritually mature Christians you respect (here is a good place!).
  8. When I first applied for disability I was on the fence about whether or not I needed it. I ended up moving at some point along the way and my new residence turned out to be a middle of nowhere place where I was subjected to abuse, wasn't getting my mail, and was cut off from my friends. My physical and mental health deteriorated during all of that and when I was finally free of that environment I finally got a call saying my disability claim had been approved. That was so amazing to me because I had unknowingly missed a court hearing while I was with my abusive relative. That never sits well with the reviewers but I didn't even have to go to a hearing to make up. I was just approved and that was it. I fully believe that God was in charge there and brought me through it so we could develop a closer relationship. It's one of the top experiences in my life where I have no doubt God was good to me and proved His love. On a mostly lighter note I'm also quite thankful for the various cats I've had in my life. I miss the ones who have passed on dearly. They've all been sources of joy and amusement and helped keep me sane in tough times. God knew what He was doing putting them in my life and I've found myself thanking God for them repeatedly.
  9. I like it myself. The language used makes it feel like an ancient text and helps it feel distinct from modern writings. That said I do like looking at other translations as well as it can be interesting to see. Sometimes a particular wording can go a long way toward making a verse stand out.
  10. Something I'd keep in mind in all of this is the environment we live in is very different in ways from the environment David and other writers of individual psalms were alive. For the most part we don't have to deal with people literally trying to kill us and our families. The type of human enemies we face are often pretty mild in comparison. This is on top of Jesus telling us to do good to our enemies, bless those that curse us, and be forgiving. With all that in mind there's really no basis to be praying for them to come to harm.
  11. I have mixed feelings on the topic. I've felt let down with the church before. I strongly believe that you can go to church (a building where people who are hopefully largely Christian gather together) without actually going to Church (a gathering of believers that support each other and pray and worship God together) and that an informal gathering of believers can certainly fill the role of Christian assembly. People have their preferences on what works for them and we should generally go for the church styles we're most drawn to. I've struggled with this next part myself and fallen short as I tend to be very introverted and not good at confrontation. I've come to believe that if there are problem behaviors going on in our local churches that are driving us away we may well have some level of responsibility to try to address them at the source after adequate prayer and self examination. If we just leave without at least trying to correct these issues it's like putting a bushel over our God-given light. It's important because bad apples in the church tend to have effects that extend beyond our individual problems with them.
  12. Hi again! Thank God and thank you all for the prayers. Turned out to be a kitty cold. She's still sniffling and sneezing but is expected to recover fully in about a week, give or take a bit. As of yesterday her appetite started to return and she's slowly starting to be more active again. Actually she probably got it because we were invaded recently! About a month ago I started leaving food out for a mother cat and her kittens that moved in under the porch. Problem is that ended up attracting a bunch of other cats over time. A few days before she got sick I opened the front door and a small army of cats charged in, and my cat wanted to smell them and lick on them, which I've always tried to discourage since I know a lot of diseases can be transmitted that way. Anyway I got them out quick but it seems that was enough for her to catch something. Thinking on it spiritually it really stands as a metaphor for how sins that seem innocent and harmless at the time can have serious and long lasting consequences.
  13. To an extent this is normal. We've got the nature of the flesh to deal with. As God pulls us through in the various trials we face our faith grows, which tends to diminish those feelings of doubt and fear.
  14. I was going through early Genesis in response to a discussion I saw elsewhere and something really struck me. Genesis 6:5-6 says God saw how evil people had become. He regretted making humanity and that it grieved Him. I've read those verses many times before but that time it really hit deep. We rightly hear a lot about God's love or God's wrath but God's sadness seems understated in comparison. The sadness is there just the same and I imagine it comes in by the day. Reflecting on it made God's love seem all the more real and precious to me. Despite the sadness and regret God still made the sacrifice of Jesus for a broken creation and still helps us in our daily lives with everything ranging from providing for us in all ways to little things like helping us find lost keys.
  15. Something I'd add to this is that while God does get the final say so if we're tested and certainly does allow us to be tried for various reasons a good chunk of what we face are the various issues of the flesh, the consequences of a sinful world, and the results of our own actions and inactions. I feel like looking at it that way sometimes helps curb feelings of being angry at God over trials we face. It's like telling a kid don't touch the hot plate or don't eat the mushrooms. Some kids will listen and some need the consequences to drive home the fact that what they were told was for their own good.
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