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    Rom 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

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  1. Please remember to keep it civil and not make unmerited accusations. If you feel someone else is out of line, please report it rather than attempting to handle it yourself in the thread.
  2. This thread has remained quite civil to this point. Things like this threaten that civility. Please remember to debate the subject and not the person going forward.
  3. I would not disagree regarding the bowling league either, of course. Regarding evolution, though, I would say that atheistic Tuesday night bowlers are not the ones making the decisions on what the children of Christians are going to be taught in schools and universities. I suppose my first question is what, specifically, constitutes the scientific community in this context? What sciences specifically? What level of education? Does this just involve researchers or also educators that rarely or never participate in research? Does this involve people only with graduate degrees? Does this involve any, some, or all MDs or DOs?
  4. We definitively agree on this. I understand what you are getting at here, but I am not so sure that I agree with it. You say the scientific community is anti-God, but not anti-Christian. Christians are the physical representatives of God on earth. There are certainly no shortage of scriptures that point to this fact and the concept itself is present basically throughout the new testament, particularly from towards the end of Christ's Ministry, into acts, and through the epistles. Perhaps the concept itself could even be said to crescendo in the Book of Revelation when we see massive numbers of Christians being martyred on account of their faith. The world itself, the non-Christian world, is complicit with many seemingly being active participants. I might even consider making an argument that any generation of non-Christians would be susceptible to participation in such a thing, given the circumstances and opportunity (though that argument would be based on an inductive inference and I certainly would not do so dogmatically). My ultimate point is that I'm not sure how easy it is to differentiate the spiritual state of the nonbeliever on a personal level (at enmity with God and, by extension, those who belong to Him) and their attitude towards God and his followers. I certainly would not make the argument that all nonbelievers harbor and unquenchable, burning hatred for Christians that they carry with them at all times, just that their spiritual state is likely to have a less than trivial effect on their personal outlook, particularly over time and even more particularly in what (I think anyone would agree) is a supercharged political atmosphere in our country at this time. I would not disagree (God hates all sin). However, I think this ultimately goes toward my point. Whatever one defines as "anti-God" - at the end of the day the most simple definition is "sin," but I would not reduce the context of this conversation down to that concept alone. My point can probably be best demonstrated by something Paul says when instructing us to put on the armor of God (and why it's important to do so!). Eph 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against... In other words, Christians are in a state of struggle against these influences - the flesh, yes, but these things influence the flesh. Nonbelievers have zero defense. In short, they are at their mercy and under their influence in a total sort of way. No matter what our outward interactions are with them, we are apart from them and unless they become one of us, we always will be. Do we stumble? Yes. God will pick us up when we fall. You point out that Christians must admit to our shortcomings and we certainly should. That is an important part of our witness, even, and our witness is incredibly important. However, we also need to be realistic about the state of the nonbeliever and understand that they need Christ - that until they are reconciled to God through Christ, they are at enmity with Him (and because of this, to one degree or another, with us).
  5. I think this thread has ran its course, locked.
  6. Not really wanting to participate in the part of this debate about the age of the earth, but in perusing this thread (your typical late night, not much else to do sort of perusing) this post jumped out at me, mainly because, from a scriptural perspective, not being a follower of Christ basically puts a person automatically at enmity with God. In other words, until a person is reconciled to God through faith in Christ, they are most definitively, in a very real sense, anti-God.
  7. Comments like this have no place in threads on Worthy. Please remember to debate the person and not the subject.
  8. What you said here is personal. This is not something I'm really willing to argue about. Please just don't do it again. To answer your question, I'm a Servant here at Worthy. One of my many functions is moderation of the forums.
  9. Please refrain from attacks such as this in the future. This is debating the subject and not the person, which has no place on our forums.
  10. Me, George, and Omega can delete posts. I may have deleted them, but I do not remember it. Can you give me a time frame so I can check some stuff?
  11. Firstly, how do you know that happened? Secondly, Augustine was born 150 years after 200 A.D. and probably didn't adopt most of his theology for another 30+ years after that.
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