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  1. Is there any of you guy out there who decide from time to time to turn a new leaf, asking God to make you whole again and give you strength to face the world, but still end up commiting sin anyway? You feel you've dissapointed God and don't know if you'll last long in christianity? You aren't sure whether you've been forgiven or not and if you deserve the forgiveness in the first place? How do you deal with it and how can you be be happy and enjoy God's presence after it all?
  2. Hi! I'm not usually that good in concentrating when someone talks around me. But when i take a book i really sit down to read it and end up understanding it better. Even in class, i have low concentration but when i go home i read and get what was taught that day. The funny thing is that i'm one of the best in class. Now the problem comes in that when i go to church, i find myself struggling to concentrate on the sermon such that i end up getting nothing. And i don't have a clinical condition either. I have a few christian books at home such as 'a closer walk' and 'Daily bread' which i read on my spare time and they are really helpful. my question is that does this make me a lesser christian?
  3. Justified or not?

    I would really be glad if you could help me with this. You see, there is this boy called Tom. Now his family is not all that rich financially. He is astudent in a college. He has a pair of shoes but they are torn and have seen better days. He doesn't have enough money to buy new ones. So he asks his dad for some money to buy new ones, and the dad says he is broke. Ofcourse this was no surprise to Tom. Left with no choice, Tom decides to skip the first few weeks of college inorder to save the transport money without his father's knowledge. He couldn't help that he was deciving his dad given that it is his dad who pays the fees. It was either that or continue to go to school with slippers. Now Tom is a christian and wonders whether this is in keeping to living the perfect way of the lord. On the other hand he consoles himself that what he did was related to going to school, so it wasn't really a lie.Was his actions wrong, justified.....? Please reply!
  4. Is listening to secular music wrong?

    I'd like to thank everyone for helping me with this issue, especially miyako 1984. The responses have been very helpful. God bless each and everyone of you.
  5. Can you have faith without works?

    Thanks. You've answered some of the questions i've been pondering about. BIG thanks. Frank!
  6. greetings dear saints

    Welcome to the board. There's always room for one more. Hope you get more out of this ministry. Frank
  7. how do we know

    Love is when you do something and does'nt expect anything in return i.e gratitude or appraissal. But ofcourse this is only my opinion.
  8. I delight in calling myself a christian. Yet i love listening to other secular music like Celine Dion's I'm your angel, my heart will go on and so on. My question is " Is it wrong to just listen to other music by other artists if you are a christian?" Please help me resolve this once and for all!
  9. Wait

    Bless you! That was great. Every test and trial we go through in life I guess teaches us to learn to trust God no matter how tough the going might be.
  10. Drinking

    Anything that can lead or is likely to make you commit sin is a sin in itself... including taking of alcohol.
  11. To Endure!

    Tons of thanks Suzzanne for your word. I recently got saved and many are the times i've been tempted to indulge in my old ways. Thanks.
  12. Part of being a christian is always praying. Sometimes i find it difficult to just find time to talk to God. I do it like twice or thrice a day and thats it. Don't i have the right kind of faith? I'm i weak spritually? Please provide some advice on this.
  13. Birthdays and the bible?

    As far as i know it, there's nothing wrong with celebrating your birthdays. Its all about giving thanks to the lord for taking care of us throughout the year. It depends on how u view and celebrate it. Perhaps it is not mentioned in the Bible because most people were not time(or day) consious as we are today where everything is based on time. God bless you!!
  14. is it sin?

    Do not kid yourself. Homosexuality is a sin and it is well stated in the bible. I don't believe that there are people born homosexuals. It is just the nature of their upbringing and their sorrounding that contributes to one being gay. The purpose of sex was for procreation and fulfilment between a married man and woman. That was why God created Eve for Adam(and not another man). May God provide you with the answers you seek in your quest for more clarification.