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  1. BrandyC

    Meeting people from online

    There have been two times in my life that I've met someone in real life that I first knew online. Once was my husband. We met online, in a chat room, about 2yrs before we got married. We've been married 7 1/2yrs now, so obviously that went well lol Last month I met one of my blog readers. She lives in a town near us, actually ... and we joined a co-op, so she was delivering our order to us since she had to come to our town anyway. She brought her 1yr old boy, who played very well with our 15mo old girl. We all talked and had a pretty good time for the hour she was able to stay.
  2. BrandyC

    The Person Below Me (GAME)

    and also check the freezer temp with my tongue? No. Did the person below me daydream in class during a lesson as a child? Way too often. Fell asleep once or twice too. Has the person below me ever been skydiving?