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  1. Attention everyone mushy muffins has been bitten by the spider and as I type this their rushing the spider to the hospital
  2. you need something to feed that plum crazies go feed your partridge.... and leave my last alone
  3. I just stop with bogus... and my last is unaffected as all can see
  4. no your misunderstanding him... he said quakers
  5. pedal faster mushy muffins pedal faster
  6. Oh no smelly is in the crowd.... thanks for the vote dearest stinker
  7. You need the next thread over it's about pancakes and syrup The informed knows the noob is
  8. The man for y-UK cannot be last... period end of story because everybody knows noob is elected last
  9. smelly is as smelly does especially in the Forest Gump...
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