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  1. Love you all...thank you so much 💖
  2. Can I ask you lovely people to pray please I am feeling quite low even though I gave my life back to God this morning I just don't feel good at all...I've been listening to sermons and talking to God but just a bit heartbroken at the minute...I know God will bring me through and I'm reaping what I've sown but I would really appreciate if some of my brothers and sisters could pray please...🙏💖
  3. His everyone...just wanted to let you know I asked God to forgive me and I've turned back to Him...It's hard to believe that we can be forgiven every sin we commit! What a loving merciful gracious God we serve! Thank you 💖
  4. His marriage is over and has been for a long time...his wife never showed affection most of it and he found that difficult he wanted to leave years ago but didn't have the courage but he prayed and God gave him the strength to leave (but we believe now that it wasnt a long term break up)...he is a brilliant father and one of the nicest people I ever met...my own sons father couldnt care less about my kids but he is different...we both prayed and asked God to show him if he wants to restore their marriage and God told him that He does...so we have ended our relationship...he doesn't feel like he wants to go back to his wife but he knows that what God says is best in the long run...I will meet someone at the right time but for now I pray I can turn bk to God with all my heart cos that's the most important thing...once again thank you all for you words of wisdom, encouragment and support xxx
  5. I am in love with someone who isnt a Christian and not only that but he's not divorced either 😢 I believe God can and will restore their marriage but leaving him seems impossible...Ive known him a very long time and I've never met anyone like him...I know I have to let him go and let God work in all our lives but it's so difficult...A Christian friend called to see me yesterday and gave me a word from God about the parting of the red sea. God can do a miracle I know He can but I still haven't let go 😔
  6. I don't know but probably because of pride...so many things have happened and sometimes it feels easier not to walk with God as terrible as that is and I know it is...my heart is broken and I know the only one who can fix it is God...Im the one who made myself end up here and I hope I will turn back to God again..
  7. Wow! I thank God for all these words of wisdom and love! The truth is that at times we may disagree with our brothers and sisters but when it boils down to it we have all had hard times that helps us to understand eachother so much more! We may judge eachother at times but the truth is we love and care about eachothers walks with God and will be there in times of brokenness ready to encourage and lift up! I love you all in the Lord (I hope it's ok to say that even though I'm not so close to Him right now) Thank you 💖
  8. Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply with such openess, honesty, love and care...wow to your testimonies of what you been through and by the grace of God came through and for encouraging me. I do have great Christian friends, I also have great judgers lol but u understand everyone is walking their own walk and all that matters is God and what He says and anything good in my life is only because of Him. Part of me lings to turn back and part of me is afraid. I am so thankful to God that I found this chatsite because there are so many truly genuine Christians on here and you are making a difference by the grace of God. I didn't know what to expect when I posted the above post but I cried when I read what you all had to say. From the bottom of my heart thank you all so much and I pray God encourages and strengthens you all in Jesus name 💕
  9. I gave my life to God 11 years ago this August, praise God for His mercy! I have fallen away quite a few times but always came back stronger in the Lord and in the power of His might! Today I am not walking with the Lord as I should be and just wondered if anyone here ever fell away from God for a long time and then turned back? And did other believers judge you or did they love you? Did your brothers and sisters help draw you back or did they push you away further?
  10. I find it hard to believe that "Christians" ask these questions...even if you got your answer you still wouldn't believe because your trust is in the government of this world instead of God's...this girl is asking for prayer, why can people not just pray without having to know the ins and outs of everything...There is God and there is Satan, and if people aren't living for God then who are they living for? Believe it or not the world and it's governments, sytems and authorities are seriously corrupt...just because someone is a police man doesnt mean the enemy doesnt use him...but how about instead of say "our police" or country wouldn't do this, realise that if course they would, everyone of us is capable of evil and does evil so how much more those who have power that doesn't come from God? How about we pray for their salvation and that God will open their eyes rather than tell them they are never wrong and wouldnt treat people wrongly of course they would we all might under the same circumstances...stop believing the world and start believin the WORD! Praying for the girl who is being mis treated in prison that no matter what she goes through God will use it for His glory and that He will humble her heart to depending totally on Him and not her own ways please God and humble the people who are mistreating her Lord please open their eyes to your truth to your love and your peace in Jesus name Amen...You know the truth God may your will be done 💖
  11. diane32


    Hi David nice to have you join us... Welcome to Worthy! I'm sure you will be blessed 😊
  12. Amen sis! Thank you so much! A few people have told me to say things to him to encourage him and let him know God is with Him and I do let him know but lately not sincerely because I've been struggling to believe it myself but I will definitely say the things you and others have said and I know it will touch his heart to know people care and are praying for him so thank you 💕 PS I would love to live in Australia lol
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