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    I love horses and riding.. and share a horse with Botz. He gets to do the hard mucky bits..and I get to do the nice bits. I love Israel..I miss it and have memories of the Old City and the Western Wall..and the hustle and bustle of Ben Yehuda Street.

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  1. Have a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOMO, on Sat 29th. And see you back on the boards when your exams have finished. :emot-pray: :emot-pray: :cake:
  2. Many many congratulations LPT What a lovely name. :whistling:
  3. What is Durian? What do do six month unwashed socks taste like? I ask because I SURE am not going to try them. Durian is a fruit...that smells like a rotting dustbin..and it tastes like it smells..It gets the gag reflex working overtime.
  4. Durian with ...with...with anything has to be THE most disgusting combo. Whatever you put it with, it would be like eating 6 month unwashed socks.
  5. Phasing out??? My hair is red blonde...( and sometimes orange streaks ) and there is enough of it to make wigs for about five others. It's not phasing out..it's a beacon..seen for miles.
  6. jenbe

    Morning routine

    Very funny :emot-pray: :emot-hug:
  7. jenbe

    Morning routine

    I have to brush as soon as I get up in the morning..but then i have to bath as soon as I get up too. I could never never never get dressed and go out without bathing.
  8. Clusters of melanin ...as opposed to it being evenly spread throughout the body...IE..those with clusters will remain white in the sun..while the melanin pockets will go brown ( tan ) causing freckles . Those with even melanin will tan evenly. ( lucky people ). Nothing very spiritual about it.
  9. I can't believe it. :101: Er..which thread was it?
  10. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But if it's one minute out, then it's one minute out the whole time.
  11. I wouldn't own a cat even if you dipped it in gold and glued the Golden Jubilee diamond to it's skull. Why is that, Wy? That's easy. Because they are the devil. The devil? Why?? If you want to know why, Yomo, just look at your own cat.. Yes that's right..The white one that looks like it died six months ago. :24:
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