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  1. Hei dear

    how u doin?

    wud love to hear from you...


  2. Rosie O'Donnell (again)

    this is interesting... Switzerland gun politics. In Switzerland, it is mandatory for just about all households to have guns... and yet their crime rate is much lower than ours...
  3. what Bible do you read

    It sounded like the original poster wanted to find out why people read the versions they do... not necessarily start a whole debate in which everyone tells everyone else why we should all CHANGE what we read... I read from several versions, and I have used the KJV, NIV, NKJV, ESV, and occasionally, for a reference, the Message bible, as well. My primary bibles are the NIV and ESV. ESV is very similar to NKJV, and strikes me as sounding like a blend between NIV and NKJV. There are some ludicrous claims about why certain bible versions are better than others, and I would advise anyone here who is curious about them, to do your research, rather than believe any certain reasons given on this message board- if truth is shared here, it will be found elsewhere as well. I don't want to get into a lot of mess about "KJV is better/worse/good/bad"... because that road has already been taken, and it won't probably change anyone's minds to say anything about it now. However, I will say, that I like the NIV personally, because it was translated from the oldest manuscripts- the Alexandrian manuscripts-, and when I did my research on bible versions, it seemed that the NIV translators had worked very hard to make the NIV as accurate as possible. I just purchased an ESV bible, but I haven't used it a tremendous much yet, so I won't comment much on it. I grew up going to a bible-camp where they used only KJV... and at home my family memorized things from the NKJV and occasionally NIV... this made it quite annoying to be at camp and have to re-memorize a verse in KJV, because I already knew it in NIV, but that wasn't good enough for the camp people, because NIV was substandard somehow. About the "omitted verses"... My NIV does include those Mark verses... it just places a note next to them, stating that there are such and such manuscripts that do not include them, and that these other ones do, and that they are debated... I believe that there are no verses in any of the version disputes however, that if deleted would eradicate any doctrine in the Bible- just a repetition of it.
  4. Pass it on

    It is really nice to have a place to go to talk about God, where it's not looked at as weird- and where I can bring my problems for prayer...
  5. But for Grace...

    yes, I do love it... and my day isn't over yet! I can't wait to see what He has in store next, on a day like today! ~Danette
  6. But for Grace...

    Republished from my blog: korismos.blogspot.com Oh wow. Yesterday and today I made a couple of major blunders... and God was far, far too merciful to me, in keeping them from affecting me. First of all, yesterday I forgot to move my car from its spot in the resident lots (where I could have it during the weekend, but not during the week, since I don't have the right permit) to a student lot on lower-campus.. I realized this at 1:30 in the morning... and seriously contemplated moving it... but then I decided that if I were to move it, I wouldn't have had enough sleep last night, and then I would feel dead during my finals today- so I decided that I would just deal with getting a ticket on my car- it would only be five dollars, after all... (never mind that I only have $4.50 to my name...) My alarm went off at 6:55 in the morning, and I switched it off, and lay back to wake up... I didn't. I fell asleep. But in my switching off of the alarm clock, I somehow managed to switch the SECOND alarm on- which buzzed promptly at 7:45... 15 minutes until my first final of the day. I did not grab my backpack, or anything... and I didn't shower, wash my face, brush my teeth, etc... I used some mouthwash, brushed my hair, got dressed.. and ran outside... to my car, which just because of my stupidity the day before... was in the parking lot outside of my dorm... WITHOUT a ticket! I was nearly two hours past the ending of the "permit-free" parking... (Friday 3pm, through Monday 6AM) and my car did not have a ticket. I climbed in, and drove the path that brought me past the top of the hill... and it was open?? Open? It is NEVER open at 7:50AM... but it was. So I got to take the short-cut route, of driving down the hill, rather than having to get on Clairemont and driving around the campus and down. Furthermore, at this time of the morning, it was nigh impossible that I would find a parking place in the Phillips parking lot, because it's the most convenient parking lot on lower-campus... but with everything else God was doing for me... I decided to check it out. So I did... and then I was amazed again- as I found a parking place right away. Then, I realized I didn't have a pen with me- and for finals, I definitely needed a pen! But there, on the floor of my car, was a pen- actually a nice one, that works, and I liked! When I got to the building my final was in, one of my classmates was standing outside- the class hadn't started yet... and so I went climbing up the stairs, to my ENGL 225 class... and to make everything even better- my teacher brought breakfast to class- bagels and donuts and juice and cream cheese. :-D My final went wonderfully, too. There was one question that I didn't know.... but most of them were easy- and my essay topic was something that I was familiar with discussing- free speech on college campuses- and my teacher even let us use our books! I had left my book (and my whole backpack, for that matter) in my dorm- but my teacher had an extra copy of the book sitting out So I had one to use. So to recapture: God gave me way more grace than I deserved for all of my stupidity this morning... and I am so thankful!
  7. My Christian Blog

    hey... I visited your blog and left you a comment... :-) explained how to post pictures, for you... ;-) ~Danette http://korismos.blogspot.com <<<<< my blog.
  8. God vs our perception of time

    The thought of time, and God being in the future, and knowing everything is amazing. Mind boggling. I know that free-will and God's omniscience go together.. but my poor brain is too lowly to comprehend it. Thank you Lord, for doing such amazing things for us!
  9. What do you think of...

    It's worshiping the creation rather than the creator of infinite power. It's working for the wrong side. The losing side. Futile. Pointless. Stupid to do- you will lose in the end if you are on the devil's side.
  10. Loss of Privacy for sake of security?

    I must ask then... Since we know that persecution of Christians is BOUND to happen- in fact, we are to rejoice in it, because it builds stronger faith- why do we care about the law? God didn't promise us a rosy life as a Christian- He promised suffering, and sacrifice. He didn't promise privacy, or "american" privileges... he promised persecution and humiliation. If I start being persecuted as a result of the laws, (which have been blown out of proportion- I understood that the government was only listening to known/suspected terrorists and the people they talk to- not the entire population... for one thing, that would be extremely costly and ineffective) it will be God's will, and I will try to rejoice in it, and thank Him for the opportunity to suffer for His sake. Persecution builds faith. America is full of weak pathetic people who call themselves Christians- but never had to stand for their faith, or do anything near like the things that Christians in other parts of the world must do- we meet here in relative peace, in the open, and don't have to be wary of police breaking in to our church services and arresting us. We don't risk being killed for our faith. I read that Christians in China are actually praying for our persecution- to revive our faith! After all- what good is our testimony to be a Christian in good times, when everything is going easy for us? It's when the persecution comes, and you stand for your faith in the face of death or torture, that your testimony is strongest. We are WAY too concerned about our silly rights and liberties- when God gave up all of HIS deserved honors and glory, to die on a cross for us. How much farther can you get from the selfish concept of "but this is my RIGHT!"... your only right, is to worship God with all of your heart, mind, and soul- for that is what you were made for.
  11. Which Church

    Southern Baptist churches also have the bands-on-stage things sometimes... and very upbeat contemporary music :-) ManicSmiley- Whatever church you go to- find one where the pastor actually asks people to turn to a passage in their Bibles when he preaches, (and where he preaches God's word) and find one where the people are friendly, welcoming, and willing to get to know new people.
  12. Help w/ Romans 13

    You raise interesting thoughts, Copper Scroll.... I have never been in a position where I have had to choose whether to follow a rebellion or not in that way... but I do know that God tells us to obey authorities- even those we consider unjust- as 1 Peter 3:13-17 says... Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good? But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened." But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. It is better, if it is God's will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. and if God brings me to that place where I need to choose... I am confident that He will make it clear to me what to do... until then, I am struggling to obey authorities- they are not going to be anti-biblical very often, anyway..... And technically- where does the Bible condemn slavery? Not that I think we should be doing it, or that certain people are better than others... but... as a thought- what verses do we have that condemn it? Any? I can't think of any off the top of my head that mention anything about slavery other than in the context of "be good servants to your masters" and "treat your slaves well"......
  13. another question!

    I have to say that I am bugged by the $100 jeans, too..... it's vain to think you have to have the popular brand of jeans... the ones from Farm and Fleet or Wal-Mart are good enough. and I don't think spending that much money on jeans is being a good steward of your money. There are more problems than just starving families... but I understand they are important. But we actually have impoverished and starving people here in the US... in the Appalachians, there are actually people who still have no water or electricity, etc... and live in trailer homes that are falling to pieces... There are approximately 13 million american children in poverty- and 3 out of 4 of them live with at least one parent who has a job at least part-time. One of these has a full-time job... but just don't make enough money- a full-time job at minimum wage would generate an annual income of about 10,000.... which is 9,000 below the poverty line... and nearly at the "extreme poverty" level- half the poverty line. (I learned about this in one of my classes, when my teacher talked about her volunteering in Virginia...) Think about it, everyone- it IS a extremely open ministry for the church to minister to these people... Don't let the government take all our opportunities from us... They should not give up everything for the poor. If they are going to give up everything, let them do it for Christ alone. Also, how will they continue to give to the needy people, if they get rid of everything? Be wise in how you spend your money. Put others before your comfort... Be Christlike. That's the baseline. If you are not following Christ.. you answer to HIM for it.
  14. You were invited !!!

    I had been on a couple of forums before, for Christian teens... but those bugged me, because not only did the kids seem to be incapable to reason with me, but... the forums also seemed either not Christian after all... or, they were ...dead. I actually found this forum, when I was doing research on Bible-versions for my senior project last May. (oh, the joys of being homeschooled, and getting to choose projects like that....) I wanted to find some different people, and ask them what they thought, and see what reasoning was used... so I came here! And then I liked it, so I decided to stick around. God was definitely involved... He runs Google. :-) Every lot cast into the lap is from the Lord..... ~Danette
  15. Just saw a preview of.....

    Please do not make comments on this movie, since some people ( like me) do not agree with some stuff in it . Second about the Da Vinci code, it's a blasphemy, lie's, and a lack of understanding. This movie is just here to try to divide the church and give comfussion to new believer's in Jesus Christ. So my advice, don't see this movie. It will say things not even in The Bible. And rather what the devil wants you to hear/ I must ask.... why on earth should we refrain from commenting on a movie at all, because you don't like the movie? We don't like the DaVinci code movie, and we're commenting on THAT.......