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    my family, reading, mathematics, physics, foreign languages, movies, sacred music (mainly Bach, Vivaldi), scandinavian black metal, Texas country music, chess (sicilian openings, dragon variation)
  1. To all who write into my profile: thx, but be aware that I cannot reply. Ciao ciao.

    1. enoob57


      Hey Kid... glad to see the ban lifted :) Keep seeking God!

  2. Going skying. Wish my bones luck, LOL

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    2. He giveth more grace

      He giveth more grace

      How do one get up in the sky? ;)

    3. He giveth more grace

      He giveth more grace

      Skying as opposed to Skiing. Just messing with you. ;)

      I'm Geekish I know.

    4. Hall7


      Well like they say in the U.S for luck: Break a leg! Kidding that's terrible but they do say that but I won't use it, well kinda because I already wrote it. Oh nevermind good luck lol

  3. Hi, your email address does not work. You can send me a message at the email at the end of my profile.

  4. Oh, you have been promoted to "nonbeliever", I see ;)

  5. I will see the light again at the start of the new year, I am sure ;-)

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    2. viole


      Oh no. It is just that I live north of the polar circle. No light until january, lol.

      Was it really you posting on the abortion thread? Your post seems weird. Ciao.

    3. viole


      Forget it. It was Brother Mike not friend Jacob, lol. I am afraid someone hacked his account.

    4. Jayyycuuup


      Yep, you sure did destroy my hopes lol

      And I didn't even know there was an abortion thread? Or at least I forgot about it??? Interesting, I hope not though. .

      Anywho, soon I hope you both see the light of day and the light of the Lord :) God bless you

  6. Great. Went to New York to watch the marathon. I wonder why they did not cancel it immediately, as they should have least I could help some of the people there in Staten Is.

    1. Guest



  7. On my way to NYC. If I find a plane...

  8. Hej, fellow unbeliever ...

  9. Hi, why don't you update your profile? You still appear as a male

    1. Noober


      It wouldn't let me.

  10. Mamma mia. I must work today, a saturday and my birthday :( my boss does not care about the sabbath, bummer.

    1. Guest


      No Rest For The..... You Are In My Prayers.....

    2. imoss


      Rofl. Sorry but that was funny! I was peeking in to see how you are :). Hope you got your rest!

  11. Going to Italy for the weekend. Wish me luck with all those earthquakes.

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    2. Guest


      I Wish You God Speed

      In Jesus' Name


    3. Caste


      It was good 'til now! You might be satisfied!

    4. imoss


      wow, what I wouldnt give to type the words "going to Italy for the weekend" :) God does bless you viole :)

  12. Keep cool, LOL

    1. Guest


      Believe.... For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

  13. Are you kidding? I will never wear a fur coat! ;)

  14. When you ask if I like animals, do you mean if I like to eat them?

  15. Another of those happy days. Everything turns out for the best :)

    1. Guest


      Praise The LORD~!

    2. Guest


      Praise The LORD~!