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  1. I can't get on chst. It says my browser is not supported by java. I installed everything. Can someone tell radical man I asked abou him and his wife?
  2. I to. Am scared to step out of that box, don't. Be afraid to confide in someone.
  3. You are the apple of my eye My one true hope My reason for living
  4. My computeer iss strangee. I have to sighn in on the forumn. So unable to chat
  5. Thank you for your kind response. Nice to meet you also. I dont know if this is the right place to post. You can pm me anytime. Would love to be friends. Thanks for being a friend. grace Welcome! Nice to meet you, amazing^grace. I extend my hand of friendship to you. How kind of you to offer to help in any way you can! That is so unselfish and Christ-like of you. Being that we both experience loneliness, could we become friends and PM each other? Wouldn't that be lovely?...I do try to do that with others here, but most are too busy. I know exactly what you mean about 'still needing people, even though we're trusting God.' He actually made it to be that way. To those on my friend list (even some who aren't), who have taken the time in the past- thanks for the memories. But please don't give up on me K? That's one thing that has kept me here all these years... Feeling even though my earthly family, (due to my disease and now my dad's death from cancer) no longer wanted to spend time with me and I felt abandoned, my family in Christ here at Worthy was still going to be there for me... amazing^grace, I am sorry to hear your husband is so ill. Sickness stinks. It iis one of the worst trials, imho... It brings suffering and pain, which are bad enough. But beyond the daily physical hurting, it limits your ability to function. Sometimes in even the most simple, basic daily tasks. Hindering your productivity. Causing you to even question your value in this life. My heart goes out to him. You see, I can understand. I'm mostly bedridden. An invalid, unable to go anywhere alone. I haven't even walked around my own block in years! So I understand your feeling isolated. The 4 walls get old after all this time... Only those with the challenges of severe disease would know what I mean. Because that is super hard and can easily turn into depression...if you go through them long enough and intensely... This has been my lifestory for the past 5 years. Plus, my beloved dad dying recently. I am feeling the void of the special place he once filled. Thus, my reaching out to those at this site in this sincere, transparent post. Humbling myself and stressing how badly I am in need of fellowship. I thank God for your kind response. Please write me back and let me know you read this, ok? You could either reply here on the open board or on my comment wall on my profile page. (I don't think we are permitted to PM till you have reached a certain number of posts. Ten, I think. Maybe someone can fill you in on that for sure.) But I look forward to the day you can PM me. Sorry if I talked too long. LOL. Just wanted to introduce myself. Thought your nice post deserved a thorough response. May God shower you and your sick husband with His Grace. Hope we can get to know each other better.
  6. Hi I'm fairly new here. I would like to offer any help I can. I to at times feel lonely. My husband has been very ill and it has been hard. I trust in God. He supplies all I need. But I still need people around cause I tend to issolate.
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