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  1. This is another story than the one you published about People on this side of the Cross are free to do whatever they want with that “ weak” Law......personally, I am “ dead” to it.......Jesus told me to be that way..... “ Christ is THE END of the Law for righteousness for all that Believe.”God revealed a new and better Way to get right with Him. “ He will save to the-uttermost all that come to Him through His Son”. When are some of you out there going to get with the Plan? Jesus plus nothing is that Plan.The Law served its purpose if it lead you to Christ .Time to say “bye bye” to it and grab hold of what God put in its place—- “ Christ in you”.There is your Hope .
  2. “Christ in GOD”, and our "life hidden with Christ in God" is, 'our hope'. It's time to say with Paul, that "If there were a Law by doing which we would live", it has been Christ the Word of God who is the Life and the Way. It's time people who say bye bye to the Law of God should be told that to speak words against the Law of God is ‘the sin against the Holy Spirit’, because “God having spoken”, also "with the Finger of God"--his Holy Spirit, "breathed", and "wrote the Ten Words" of His - "MY Law" upon the heart of "my" people - "The People of God".
  3. We all and all our works are the old covenant nullified by the blood of Christ the New and Eternal Covenant of God's grace and love ratified by the blood of Christ.
  4. No disciples asked for the body; Joseph of the Sanhedrin did. It was not after the 9th hour when Joseph asked, but after "it had become and was the evening already (when) Joseph" turned up and waited for his turn to ask Pilate for the body "after these things" the Jews hypocritically did after sunset and before Joseph arrived. But because Joseph had the whole "high-day-of-sabbath" to inter the body still, not time, but because of the Jews, stealth was of the essence Luke 23:50-52. Luke 23:53a followed "in That Night" according to passover prophesy, and Joseph, only after he had received Pilate's approval and cooperation, carried on with his obvious carefully premeditated undertaking to bury Jesus honourably and finish “mid-afternoon That Day” (23b,54), “because of the Jews’ preparations” (John 19:42) usual for the nearing “Sabbath according to the (Fourth) Commandment” (v56).
  5. Exodus 12:41,42 = 12:6-18 Exodus 12:41,42 historic = 12:6-23 historic = 12:24-27 institutional = 12:28-40 historic = Exodus 12:41 historic = 12:42 historic and institutional = 12:43-49 institutional = 12:50 historic = 12:51 historic and institutional
  6. I think God also loves sunset and evenings, because that is when no one except He begins his work of grace, salvation and judgement. The Bible is full of pictures of God after the sun has set and the day had begun, visiting someone or more people in dire need of his help and presence.
  7. Beautiful. Thank you. God recently sent us an angel too; she is a four legged heart spider and our granddaughters called her Frieda. She runs like an angel flying.
  8. That doesn't work. Your posts clearly demonstrate that you believe in some kind of Sabbath observance, despite the fact that you tie Jesus' resurrection on Saturday when we know Jesus was not resurrected on Saturday. You say '~we know Jesus was not resurrected on Saturday~'. Cut me out, for I KNOW MY REDEEMER LIVETH AND THAT HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES THE THIRD DAY ON THE SABBATH THE DAY AFTER THE PREPARATION. Matthew 27:62 to 28:1-4. And THEREFORE, again, yes, I '~believe in some kind of Sabbath observance~' which, as I said consistently, is, I believe - NOT keep - the Sabbath. I told my son, we can do what the Bible says we must do, and that is, to "REMEMBER the Sabbath" for the reason impossible for us to forget, That God raised Christ from the dead "on the Sabbath", the Sabbath "The Seventh Day God .. in times past through the prophets, IN THESE LAST DAYS BY THE SON, SPAKE: And God THE DAY the Seventh Day from all, his, works, RESTED", rested in Christ, rested in Christ HAVING RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD ON the Sabbath, the Sabbath "The-Seventh-Day-Sabbath-OF-THE-LORD GOD"! If anyone 'agreed' with me he would not need say he agreed with me; he only has to quote the Scriptures to the honour of God only!
  9. 'Justin' alias 'listener 24'? does not agree with me. If he did, he would have GIVEN THE WORD OF GOD for his 'beliefs' which I have seen him give yet, not once.
  10. This time, please quote me, claim, that I, '~keep the Sabbath~'! I believe the Sabbath yes, for one, two-in-one reason, a) That Jesus the Son of Man 'kept the Sabbath' whom God as Christ and Lord raised from the dead b) according to the SCRIPTURES the third day ON THE SABBATH.
  11. WHO JUDGES (who), saying, '~If you stick just one work in there, no matter what work it is, and tell others their salvation is tied to that work, you completely negate the Cross~'? WHAT is '~the Sabbath, spiritually, and positionally every day of the week, every hour of it~', simply explained through Scripture, and not through your supposed '~faith in Christ~' please? '~It doesn't get any simpler than that .. the Sabbath is not about a specific day .. and Hebrews tells us this very specifically.~' So, just, yes, just, only, simply, QUOTE man, QUOTE, Hebrews for us, where, that, and how it tells us that!
  12. Can you quote Jesus' words in the Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, you choose) in answer to what I was simply asking? No, instead you deliberately ignore to quote what I asked you to quote. So all your answer is, is accusing me that I attack you personally. I am not interested in you and have no interest in attacking you; I asked you specifics AS PER YOUR PERSONAL CLAIMS from the Scriptures. Accusing me of attacking you DOES NOT ANSWER any of those specifics YOU, not I, claim from the Scriptures. I ask you again, just quote from the Scriptures what you claim from the Scriptures.
  13. Ja, that's the tip of your 'iceberg' which you will reveal, but underneath there is your total disavowal and condemnation of "all the Scriptures concerning the Christ, how He had to SUFFER AND RISE .. according to the SCRIPTURES the third day .. ON THE SABBATH". Not so simple!
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