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  1. Heart2Soul

    Today I am thankful for......

    Today I am thankful that I serve a Mighty God and His Word is what keeps me on the right path for today...….today's Word 2 Corinthians 4:17 16Therefore we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, yet our inner self is being renewed day by day. 17For our light and temporary affliction is producing for us an eternal glory that far outweighs our troubles. 18So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.… I will meditate on the Word day and night and let it remind me that my LIGHT and TEMPORARY affliction is producing for me an eternal glory that far outweighs my troubles!
  2. Heart2Soul

    New Member sign up issues

    I think it was the same as CF davp.....then he tried other names...that is all I can tell you...let me ask him and it will probably be tomorrow before I get a response since he is from Australia....
  3. Heart2Soul

    Time Traveling

    Oh I would definitely go back in time to Jerusalem when Jesus was ministering and just sit in awe while He taught me...I would ask Him a zillion questions....take lots of notes...then when I traveled back to the present I would put to into practice what I had learned....only I would be like Paul or Peter......when I minister there would be signs and wonders following the preaching of the Gospel!
  4. Heart2Soul

    Time Traveling

    Okay here is something I heard a contestant on Jeopardy share a question he poses to his students....I thought it would be fun to hear responses here in the forum.. So given that time travel is now possible but you can only travel once in a lifetime there and back....which period would you want to travel to and why?
  5. Heart2Soul

    New Member sign up issues

    Hi I have a friend from CF that I invited to join here but he is having issues joining.... 1. Thanks, Heading there now. I try and register, it doesn't go out of that window after all my details are put in. Tried different name and password, still nothing! It is not giving me a reason as to why? 2. No it is not working, says I don't pass security check! Tried everything, don't want to hook up with facebook platform, because I keep those turned off. 3. Tried a different browser. So these were the messages he posted to me and I am fairly new here as well so I don't know what else to advise him to do...can you please advise? His name on CF is davp
  6. Heart2Soul

    Our Heart Condition ....

    I believe that a person who is saved is born again of the spirit...he is a new creation in Christ...he has been given a new heart....it is the heart that God judges....the flesh does not get born again, the spirit does....so now we are reborn with the spirit of Christ in a fleshly body....the spirit wars against the flesh at this point continually....we are to crucify the flesh daily....do we mess up? yes....but the Holy Spirit convicts us of our error and we take it to our Father in prayer and ask for forgiveness...repenting with a sorrowful heart of our wrongdoing.
  7. Heart2Soul

    "When The Man Comes Around"

    And BTW....I have read your blogs on that other forum....
  8. Heart2Soul

    "When The Man Comes Around"

    I do know the difference....I have gone through great depth with others on another forum over the difference but anyway, back to this.....so what have you seen in this song that you have found to be very interesting.
  9. Heart2Soul

    "When The Man Comes Around"

    Johnny Cash was not a prophet just a man who had a repentant heart for God....this song is scripture put into a song.
  10. Heart2Soul

    Today I am thankful for......

    Today I am thankful for the people God has brought into my life through Worthy and another forum.....BIG Change!....having the right fellowship of believers is key to strengthening my walk with Him....AMEN!...Hugs to all my brothers and sisters in Christ!
  11. Heart2Soul

    Scared and doubtful

    This is a difficult situation to answer.....first and foremost confusion is not of God, neither is OCD...so what is really the issue is it the OCD or is it a spirit of deception....I truly do not believe you are the antichrist....the ability to use critical thinking to solve a problem is a skill that many wished they had but never achieve...so solving a problem through the use of critical thinking is a good thing....it is the design of God and what He intended for the brain....DO NOT FEAR....fear torments us and gets us to fall into all kinds of incorrect thinking.....Don't give satan the credit for your talents and intelligence...give God the Glory....the Bible tells us to seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding like for hid treasures... I will be praying for you.....calm down, be at peace, and know that He is watching over you continually.
  12. Heart2Soul

    Just Introducing Myself

    Welcome! Great motto! I had a couple of bosses in my life that tried to fire me from a job that God told me to apply to....both got fired instead of me....but I remember saying to one...."You can't fire me, you didn't hire me" (meaning my Father put me there)....the following week he got fired and I took his place... Another boss years later was trying to write me up for something I didn't do...(it happened while I was on vacation)...and I said you better be careful, you don't know who my Daddy is (my Daddy God!).....2 weeks later he was fired for embezzling....(which is what he was trying to write me up for...money missing on the books from the store I managed....problem was it happened when I was on a vacation and had surgery......HE was the one who did it....SMH).....but as to your motto....I believe in it very much....and I live by it...He is bigger than any "storm" in my life and I give Him all the praise and glory, AMEN!
  13. Heart2Soul

    revolving door church attendance

    Well who will be the one that judges who these people are....???????????????????
  14. Heart2Soul

    revolving door church attendance

    You are now getting them involved in the responsibility of their life....and that is my point all along.....it is on them....they have been taught, they know right from wrong, they have the CHOICE to choose which path they will follow. So it isn't about the Power of God's Word to manifest in our lives as we speak it and live it....the whole point is I can speak it over someone else all I want but They are the one's responsible to abide by it.
  15. Heart2Soul

    revolving door church attendance

    Did they use scripture alone?......sorry not trying to entrap you.....my point is that many people quote scripture and never see the manifestation of it.....reasons can be numerous....but scripture alone doesn't guarantee it will manifest in our youth just because we speak it.....their free will is involved.