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  1. Have you tried playing soft music quietly at night for him? When I started having trouble with my son about 2 years ago, i tried it and it worked wonders. Sometimes I would even hear him quietly singing along in between rubbing his eyes or yawning! Now we are having the prob again, though he is almost 5 now, and his room is very close to the living room and the computer, so hehears us up and thinks hes gonna miss out on something if he stays in bed! But if we are generally quiet, he concks out pretty quickly. Maybe your son just needs something to get him relaxed.
  2. I just can't beleive it, first some guy tries to take the "under God" out of the pledge, now this? You best beleive that if something like this happens in my children's schools, I'll be pullin them out and homeschooling if I gotta!!
  3. Beautiful, and very true. Thanks for the inspirational post, I really enjoyed it.
  4. I am too saddened byt this separation between chrsitians. We as christians are to love unconditionally. Much as God loves us. The only judgement we as christians should ever worry about is the judgment of the Lord. No one else's opinions matter!! I know it is in our nature to judge others, gossip, disagree with things we do not understand, but God wants us to be more than mere humans. He wants us to be His children. GOD BLESS