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  1. Hope you have a good day today. Happy birthday.

    All the best for the year ahead. 

    1. TrailMix


      Thank you so much!

  2. Kay that is the prettiest picture!

    1. MissKaylay


      oh thanks chal lol

  3. i like you profile tan. and cute picture too. but you look sad maybe a little

    1. Eastern Star

      Eastern Star

      Wow ur the first to post in my profile.. congrats! Hehe. Thank you for the comments. Oh its just my face at that time.. u know focusing on cam for selfie is hard. Hahaha

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      Lol yes,there is an art to it.

  4. Jens adventures in Omega land

    a tasty morsel jen-poo makes indeed
  5. Fantastico video. Nice relaxing view into where I live.



    1. TrailMix


      Another good video. This one is better because theyre driving through my town.

  6. God keeps our lives always so full of wonders and exciting. If you dont think so you're looking too hard (**).)


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      Woman??!! what??!! lol haha

    2. Kindle
  8. Hello Ricky.


    Yo Wife said you might be able to help. I'm trying to find out information about laws and prices and stuff on how i can go to another country...buy something and bring it back. If you know anything or where to start my research let me know please! Thanks!


  9. The World of the dead

    I like it. Simple to the point. It breaks down what we already know further to simply say...to reject the many is actually to reject the one... -Chal
  10. You don't always have to understand God to follow him...

  11. satanic temple to offer prayer at city council meeting

    You did the right thing Jade
  12. God Bless you, Chal.


    Your brother in Christ,


  13. Remember that it is not a BAPTIST only movie....it is combination of all the stories and versions of Noah. See the movie and take from it what you KNOW is right, but do not bully a film because it isn't word for word from the KJV. The story of noah is 2 pages of scripture that encompasses nearly a millenium of time. Who is to say what happened during that time God does not tell us everything.
  14. I saw that movie. I thought it was a great movie that did not go against scripture other than the fact that Ham had no wife as in scripture it implies he has a wife. There was nothing that was sacreligious.
  15. Hello! My name is Chal for those of you who are not familiar with me and this is my review of the movie Noah. I felt that the movie was very good for visuals. The acting and graphics as well as on screen action was magnificent. This is useful for mental imagery when reading the scripture. I did not feel that the movie was a complete and udder abomination as many have tried to implicate. God was was the center piece of the entire movie, however his name was not mentioned directly referring to him as the "creator". The movie DID take creative liberties with grey areas of time that were not elaborated on in scripture such as details within the hundreds of years not accounted for. For example, Noah's Grandfather Methuselah who was portrayed as a great warrior with a flaming sword (pretty neat by the way). There were minor details that were not accurate such as Noah's son Ham, where scripture would lead us to believe he had a wife when he boarded the Ark--in the film he struggled to find a wife before the flood and ultimately did not find a wife causing strife between his Father, Noah and himself. For the most part I believe the movie was very imaginative in the areas of what could have happened in those blocks of time the Bible does not tell us about and although the movie may not be appropriate for the young in faith, I believe you all should go and enjoy the movie. I give this film two thumbs up as well as two toes! -Whirligig