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  1. https://thirdrailtalk.com/the-secret-plan-of-muslims-to-sneak-tens-of-thousands-into-the-u-s-bank-stadium-for-a-historic-show-of-power-in-minnesota/
  2. Paying ransoms only gives countries a reason to imprison more Americans. Good on Trump in a difficult situation.
  3. 30 million voter contacts? Out hustled the Democrats to help Donald? I remember trump winning because we are sick of politicians. I don’t remember the Republican Party helping.
  4. Phil 4:8. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. 1 thes 5:18. give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
  5. I find it odd that states would not have to follow federal law.
  6. Take your sandal off, as in wherever you are, recognize it is God who is sovereign over all? I often wonder if I judge a victory or defeat with the same criteria that God does. Does God see what I view as a defeat as a victory?
  7. Well you have the world arguing that sin is not sin. Then you have Christians striving to understand God’s Word, but having to overcome the disadvantage of everything worldly we learned. So Christians, being only forgiven, and not perfect, have disagreements. Having seen Christians in heated disagreements, well they pale in comparison the world having disagreements. I suppose it is all in what one has experienced in their life that may affect how one judges his brothers and sisters. Even so, let us build one another up more than we tear down.
  8. Good question. Have you read about God in the Bible?
  9. Hmmm, were you encouraged before, or after you posted this? This thread appears to not be dead, but just has a very very slow pulse.
  10. Is God limited by time in that He can only know all the possibilities, or is He present in all points of time, past, our present, and all future to the end of time? Has He not always been at the end as well as the beginning? I can’t imagine God being constrained by time.
  11. All too easy to see, at least in the posts made by “others”!
  12. Well of course not, if you are not repulsed by your sin, I would worry if you even have salvation! Nobody, even if they believe in OSAS, desires any sin in their life. See the difference?
  13. Cletus, when you say you turned your back on God, I believe you “felt” shame, lost peace etc. feelings. You grieved God so yes that is serious. One can turn his back on God. Feelings are not facts. Did you repent on your own to obtain peace again? I say not one iota. It was the Spirit who worked in you restoration. The Glory goes to God, not your efforts. What I am saying is even though you turned your back on God he did not turn his back on you. OSAS? Dunno if you were saved and rejected God, or if He brought you through great trials to prove His great love to you. By your testimony I think God worked a great change in your heart by walking so personally with you. As for the verses, I too have struggled with understanding them, and could not overcome the fact that my understanding was not complete until I started reading the explanations in commentaries and even the discussions here at Worthy of the very concepts that Shiloh is explaining here. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful testimony of Gods goodness to you!
  14. Hello tech! Do you think something less literal is intended in those examples?
  15. I don’t know either. TRS-80 lol my first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000. Wanted a commodore but didn’t make enough money trapping gophers to get one!
  16. The problem I see with boycotting, is with enough research you can narrow down to almost nothing you can buy, and thus consume your time with physical things when it is a spiritual battle taking place.
  17. While a fish eye lens does distort the edges, in the video, as the curvature approaches the center of the field of view, shouldn’t the curvature flatten out? I agree, he was not high enough for a view of the whole globe without some lens allowing it. They reported his altitude was 120,000+ feet. Not high enough. However, if all of earth is spread flat, it would appear at that altitude. I only noticed land under him, as in North America. Oceans, Europe, Africa should all be distinguishable if earth were flat.
  18. I always thought countries would guard their borders at all times. National security is at stake.
  19. Very well said, only if it could be said in fewer words! Really though, there is a lot said in this post.
  20. Once saved always saved. If you want to go back to living in sin, you definitely need to be saved yet. By faith.
  21. Good one wing it! i also like the song Feat is a liar by Zach Williams. When he told you you're not good enough When he told you you're not right When he told you you're not strong enough To put up a good fight When he told you you're not worthy When he told you you're not loved When he told you you're not beautiful That you'll never be enough Fear, he is a liar He will take your breath Stop you in your steps Fear he is a liar He will rob your rest Steal your happiness Cast your fear in the fire 'Cause fear he is a liar When he told you were troubled You'll forever be alone When he told you you should run away You'll never find a home When he told you you were dirty And you should be ashamed When he told you you could be the one That grace could never change Fear he is a liar He will take your breath Stop you in your steps Fear he…
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