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  1. The foolish virgins are the per-trib believers, when the rapture doesn't happen pre-trib like they hope, they will run out of oil during the great tribulations. The virgins with enough oil to get to the end are the post-trib believers who expect to be here through the GT.
  2. Heaven in that verse means SKY, where do we meet the Lord at the rapture, in the air (the sky).
  3. Because Rev.20 is another fly in the ointment of the pre-trib doctrine
  4. Would it make a difference if I told Jesus told me so.
  5. He wasn't a man at that time.
  6. The first search was made before Jesus was born, ( no man was found worthy) that's why Jesus came, to be the Redeemer for man kind.
  7. Pardon me for butting in, preterist say everything in the Bible has already been fulfilled, what was the mark of the beast?
  8. Why do you fear death so much, the Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Read the verse again, He shall appear a second time (as in the second coming).
  9. The circumference of the laver given the measurements is incorrect, 3.14 wasn't used. It should be 31.4 feet
  10. Have you ever took a look at the measurements given of the laver in the temple.
  11. It's not in the canon, should it be, maybe. Was it read and studied during Lords first advent, I think so. Should it be read and studied today, I think so, I have read it many times. Some things in it, I think are not correct but a lot can be learned from it.
  12. Hopefully the pre-trib crowd can cope with their disappointment
  13. The Ezekiel 38 war will be before the supposed pre-trib rapture. So buckle up little lamb it's going to be a bumpy ride.
  14. I hate it but you are right, I travel a lot with the job I have, I see churches boarded up all across the country
  15. gibbus please get back on your meds
  16. Gibbus are you off your meds?
  17. First stop Bozrah then to the holy land.
  18. The Bible doesn't say anything about Israel giving away any of it's land.
  19. gibbus do you think anybody on this site is listening to anything you say, LOL
  20. NO you are right, nowhere in the Bible does it say we are going to a place called heaven. The Lord is coming here and we shall be with Him forever.
  21. the whole pre-trib doctrine is adding to the Bible, it certainly is not written in the Word.
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