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  1. Hi I'm Anne from Northern Ireland, Been a member of Worthy since 2004(I think) and okay I don't pop in here much, but really that
  2. nope i pretty sure i am for about 5 secs
  3. I guess I have to catch up on a few things, guys this is like extreme paperwork......hey btw God Bless and hugs all round
  4. DC I've read through the posts, i'm sorry to see than your problems continue, in respect of submitting to your husband......what are your thoughts on the matter?
  5. A bit late I know, Bro, but I hope you had a great birthday
  6. What a theologically awful way to frame a question. Yes, Christ's physical body was the product of evolutionary adaptations but that has nothing at all to do with his spirit or His divine nature which were so obviously a direct product of an intentional supernatural intervention. Just how much of that intervention was spiritual and how much was physical we don't know. You guys seem so anxious to jump on every tiny point of contention that you lose focus of even the most basic general concepts. I, for one, can't see how you're actually going to argue that the evolutionary history of the physical body of Christ in any way affects salvation from any biblical standpoint. Lurker I'm open to discussing any of the above topics though at the moment in this thread I'm just trying to make sure that Christians aren't trying to attack evolution using lies about the life of Charles Darwin. Lurker Still listening IL, still willing to talk. However, i'm sure you understand, that I much prefer to stand in defence of Jesus. There is still one thing you haven't covered in your presentation, if you scroll back i'm sure you'll see, however if you don't choose to look back, let me make it easy.... I asked you where the realm of human emotion was contained within evolution? Anne
  7. So far as I am aware "you tube" links are not allowed here. Due to the fact that there is a whole lot of misinformation on it. *this is my opinion, not the official opinion of Worthy*
  8. "the blood of Jesus Christ, His son, cleanseth us from all sin" I'm not perfect, I don't pretend to be, but I know that I belong to God and He is mine. The thing I wanted to point out is, "from all sin" you were not saved from the sin you committed right before you asked for forgiveness, you were not saved from the sins you were committing at that moment you asked for forgiveness and you were not saved from the sins you will commit tomorrow. You were saved from all sin. Now, don't be mistaking for scripture says "If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth." Just my thought Anne
  9. what happened the last time
  10. Evolution without application is useless This simple mind fails to understand why the kind of man, the whim of his heart cannot be explained within a spark There is oh so much more to the heart that is behind the greatest of our nations minds So i fail to understand if you've failed to grasped the verse afore why you continually lean to this lie Like I said before I'm willing to listen i'm happy to be ignored Anne Sorry guys
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