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  1. After much thought and consideration of my own personal well being, it has been decided that my time here at worthy is done. No details being shared, I would like to thank those of you who have enlightened me and engaged in civil conversation with me. There has been a lot learned and hopefully there will be much more learned from past conversations and happy memories had with you here. At this time I would particularly like to thank these individuals; Morning Glory Gary Lady C Jasoncran Onelight Candice Redmomma Nebula LisaMarie Elenor You all have been patient with me. Each of you has shared with me in some way, shape or form. If not, advised me in some way. Perhaps even given prayer. Each of you has been a special blessing to me. As have various others that I apologize for not naming. So many of you have been wonderful. At the time though, it seems I am being led elsewhere and am likely not to return to Worthy. I only pray that you continue to bless others as you have me and that God not only speaks to each of your hearts on a daily basis, but that he continues to use you to speak to others. If any should desire to keep in touch, this is my e-mail address: burresor@hotmail.com May God Bless You.... Farewell.... Dani
  2. All that I will say is...America is in seriously spiritually bad health.
  3. Truthfully do not know where I am. Love God, believed Jesus died for me. However, am also of the opinion that America has and is cutting God out of it to the point where as a nation the consequences of such course of action are going to be very visible as well as felt. Do not always make it to church...or do bible study like I would and should. However, am pursuing biblical and religious knowledge so that I might better understand what it is I grew up believing as well as the beliefs of others. Such an extensive study has not shaken my faith...but do not feel I am deserving of His love at all. Feel especially in light of recent world events that I deserve and should be in Hell when the day comes. Not even certain of my salvation anymore.
  4. Not surprised that Israel would walk out.... without support...they might as well have fed themselves to the wolves had they stayed. Sad, I have so much respect for these people yet for some reason they always seem to be too quickly abandoned. Then America abandons their own....so to ask the U.S. for help does seem a bit.... of an act of desperation. I apologize if this seems I am not too proud to be an American, in truth...with all that is going on with this present upcoming election...I am not. I am very hurt by both candidates, and also disappointed in the American people who stand behind them. This country has truly lost its focus. So much of what the people stood fought, and died for is coming to pass away.... Just pray that Israel remains strong in the Lord.
  5. No, no insults. However, I am wondering how you interpreted things this way. Cathy's letter was private. It was the Moreno guy that ran to the media with a mischaracterized announcement of the letter's content. Had read an article or two about Chick-fil-a no longer supporting companies or the like the support marriage between man and woman. So naturally....I figured....that was a flip flop. Either way...this is nothing short of a publicity stunt. With this much media....and this much controversy and this much uncertainty about a held position. It is hard to see it as anything less. Please do not request me to share links supporting my claim as when I make the same request, all I get is excuse after excuse as to why it cannot be done. With that, I bow out...
  6. Do not care who a man is....the U.S. was founded by the people for the people. The image of one man or the icon, insignia...etc of such is an insult to the country....yet...it is what we signed up for....the more evil we see, the more we roll over and watch it happen.
  7. Not exactly rich and my husband and I paid taxes to the i.r.s. in 2010... facts are so often not looked into in this day and age. It is appalling just how much America functions based off of negative stereotypes.
  8. That remark he made really offended me. Not voting for him or Obama as both do not like either the disabled or the poor. Not proud of being on government assistance, but am not lazy either. Doing 15 credit hours in school right now while my husband works. Then as I have told my friends an family, if these programs are to stop...might as well go back to the days in which only the rich could go to school. No more grants and student loans. Those hand outs should be too good for us 'lazy people' too.... Sorry for the rant...this is a very sensitive subject for me....as those remarks in terms of my financial status affect me on a personal level.
  9. Probably going to get insulted because of this....so call me stupid or clueless if you want...but... Why can a company not just do these things without having to be so vocal? This whole mess seeing as they did a complete flip flop seems to demonstrate they were in it for the publicity. As someone told me when I mentioned this to him, why not concern themselves with what they should be doing...serving food? Not that they should not have voices but there are right and wrong ways to go about it...
  10. The only question I could ask here is: Are any of us really worthy to take part in communion if there is any sin in our lives? You can love God with all your heart and still struggle with a form of sin. This is probably going to sound like a ridiculous question, but I do not feel it is. What if there was a person who was known to openly struggle with anger or swearing in the congregation? What if he or she desired to take part in communion? Should it be allowed if that sin is one that is continuously fought with?
  11. Like them all...but the one by Thomas Watson spoke the most. Always a blessing to know that no matter what, God is always there bearing it all with you. Even if you cannot see Him...there are times, He sure can be felt. There is a peace about Him that no one and nothing else can bring. Just Another Sinner Dani
  12. In truth, I am not so certain it is a matter of hating Genders. As much as it is a matter of hating God's creation. Keeping in mind that Satan, formerly known as Lucifer and one of the most beautiful angels God created once was very much loved by God. His pride though got in the way. Imagine then knowing that God made mankind special. Important enough to be placed over all living and creeping things on the earth.... that can come across as a slap to the face to an angel if one is indeed prideful like Satan was. Then that is just my take on it. Just Another Sinner Without A Clue Dani
  13. Think cau How is the cross considered a graven image? A graven image is something that one worships. I wear the crucifix as a reminder of Christ's love for me. No graven image is a carved or cast representation of something. Why do you need a physical object to remind you? Think caution needs to be exercised in terms of interpretation of scripture. For can photographs of loved ones be seen the same way? As a graven image.... While they are not objects of worship, they are sometimes left around one's home to remember special times or lost loved ones. If the wearing of a cross makes a person an idolter, we can very well run the risk of about anything we do being taken into much of the same light. Do not personally wear any crosses anymore myself, or anything like that. My father always used to and still to this day takes offense at the sight of a crucifix as Jesus is no longer upon the cross...which I understand but see no point in casting judgement on someone who takes comfort in wearing one. Idoltery is all about placing something or someone above the Lord. Then...may not know much there....I guess. My apologies for any offense taken. None was meant. Just Another Sinner Without A Clue Dani
  14. ...Share His word with others. Love people regardless of their gender, orientation, age, etc. Try to forgive or show love to those who may not do the same unto me. Far from perfect though and still much in need of practice of charity. God, I hope, continues to be patient and teach me in His ways. Just Another Sinner Without A Clue Dani
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