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  1. Word Association Game

  2. Happy birthday Dan! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    God Bless!


  3. Hey Stranger,

    Long time no see!

    I was working 6 days a week and busy busy busy..

    I was wondering I remember you did the car wraps and I was wondering where did you get the paint from?

    I got an older car and it has some rust spots on it and I need some painting ideas on what to do with it..

    Any suggestions would be Good!! and appreciated!


    And much Thanks!!

    Hope to hear from you soon!!

    Take Care!

    God Bless!


  4. Quiz: Which TV house is your dream home?

    I got the Brady Bunch...
  5. Prayer for fires

    It has snowed in the mountains!!! Most of the fires are contained....
  6. Prayer for fires

    Getting more rain this weekend!!! Thank You all for your prayers!! Thank You Lord for sending the rain!!
  7. Prayer for fires

    Their still burning.. Yet got some rain.. Not enough to... The smoke has cleared out. Which is a blessing!!! The closest fires now are 50 miles away...
  8. Prayer for fires

    I am not sure if any body has posted a prayer for all the people involved in the event fires in MT, Idaho and WA... Pray for all the fire fighters. And the people who have evacuated, those living close by the fires and those who have lost their homes.... Here in Montana the smoke is very thick and hard to breathe. Thanks!!!!God bless!
  9. Prayer friend son

    I have a friend who's son is battling cancer... His family took him to Seattle for treatment.. Pray for healing... And for their financial burden that this causing.. Thanks! God Bless!
  10. Word Association Game

    Marilyn..yes Good to meet you to I will add His love endures forever!
  11. What are you thankful to God for today?!

    I am thankful for God's Grace which is always sufficient!!!
  12. National lollipop day

    I go back and forth with the butterscotch and root beer...
  13. Word Association Game

    God's grace.
  14. Word Association Game

    Which reminds me of the song.... Lord I am ready now....