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  1. StinaW

    Dakota Miller

    Dakota Miller is a friends husbands sisters son who shot himself and on life support.. prayer for him is needed.. and for family. Thank You for the prayers.. God bless
  2. Marilyn, Thanks for responding and giving me some advice. You are right he is only interested in working on cars. Yet I know that he needs an education to get his ASE certified to make the decent money at it. I have talked with his about job corp and he totally ignores me about it because I live in MT and the only mechanics that job corp offers here is for the big rigs and he is not interested in that and I have done research on line and the closest job corp that does offer it is either south or back east and with being a single mom I barely can survive as it is. I work 40+ hrs a week and my ex.. he is on ssdi and doesn't help at all.. and remarried with another kid.. so I don't know how I would even move if I had to or send him any where.. my son stays up all night playing games or talking to girls so when I get up he is just going to bed. I am working with him on getting his license so he can drive and get a job. which with one day off it's hard to do when your so tired. God gives me strength when I need it the most and always came thru for us. It's time to get ready for work. Thanks everybody for responding I will try to respond when I can.. until then I am reading your posts and I want to thank you all it has been a hugh blessing! Have a Wonderful Day! God Bless!
  3. StinaW

    God Is Good

    God is Good All the Time! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
  4. I have a 16 yr old son who fights me every step of the way and doesn't want to attend school he is a sophomore.. should be if he will ever go.. His dad is no help at all. he said that if he doesn't come in for school then he doesn't need to be in school.. I guess what I need is more of a prayer team to surround my son and for guidance for a christian gentleman to come into his life to help him figure things out.. If you have to move this to another section that will be fine with me.. I am not sure where to place this.. I really could use some prayer and advice on what to do with him. Thanks everybody for reading and for the prayers that I know will come from this. Your Awesome! God Bless!
  5. StinaW

    Quiz: Which TV house is your dream home?

    I got the Brady Bunch...
  6. StinaW

    Prayer for fires

    It has snowed in the mountains!!! Most of the fires are contained....
  7. StinaW

    Prayer for fires

    Getting more rain this weekend!!! Thank You all for your prayers!! Thank You Lord for sending the rain!!
  8. StinaW

    Prayer for fires

    Their still burning.. Yet got some rain.. Not enough to... The smoke has cleared out. Which is a blessing!!! The closest fires now are 50 miles away...
  9. StinaW

    Prayer for fires

    I am not sure if any body has posted a prayer for all the people involved in the event fires in MT, Idaho and WA... Pray for all the fire fighters. And the people who have evacuated, those living close by the fires and those who have lost their homes.... Here in Montana the smoke is very thick and hard to breathe. Thanks!!!!God bless!
  10. StinaW

    Prayer friend son

    I have a friend who's son is battling cancer... His family took him to Seattle for treatment.. Pray for healing... And for their financial burden that this causing.. Thanks! God Bless!
  11. Marilyn..yes Good to meet you to I will add His love endures forever!
  12. StinaW

    What are you thankful to God for today?!

    I am thankful for God's Grace which is always sufficient!!!
  13. StinaW

    National lollipop day

    I go back and forth with the butterscotch and root beer...