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  1. People who did not hear

    Throughout the entire history of humanity, there have been millions who have lived and died without hearing anything about God (pre Jesus) or Jesus (Post Jesus). What happened to their souls?
  2. Christians in war

    Right, of course I realize that God commands bloodshed in the old testament, but didn't all that change with Jesus?
  3. JW girlfriend what would you do?

    I am doing that stuff, trust me. I've read and done research and we've talked about it a lot. I find it difficult to not sound argumentative when talking about it with her, but I think that there might be some doubt in her head. She's a really special girl, so I'm going to keep on trying and if we have to break up then we have to break up. I just don't see how she would listen to me over her parents cause she respects them so much, but thanks for the help and prayers!
  4. What about the millions whom: A.) Did not live in any of the lands mentioned in the Bible B.) Died before ever hearing about the God of the old testament or Jesus What happened to their souls when they died? I'm asking because this is a common question (and a fair one...) asked by non-believers and it would be great if I had a good response for it. Thanks.
  5. Heart broken

    It doesen't really break my heart. It just goes to show you how convincing any side can be and what we have to do to find the truth. In order to find the truth, all you have to do is open up The Bible. Jesus was either the son of God who came to die for our sins, or a nutcase. Who cares if he lived and died a jew? What about the new covenant? Was he telling his Disciples to spread the word about Judaism, or it? The answer is obvious to those who read his words.
  6. Im new and I need help!

    Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you. Ask and ye shall receive. I would recommend that you pick up a Bible and read the Gospels of Jesus. (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)
  7. Name calling and labels

    Someone saying they are Christian is far different from someone saying they are perfect. We all fall short of the glory of God, and nobody is claiming that they are perfect. Therefore, people will sometimes allow pride to get in the way of love. I apologize on their behalf, but please don't think that a Christian assumes that he is perfect and that everything he does reflects Christ's love, because we sin every single day, which is why we need him in the first place. Also, keep in mind that although there are many denominations, the vast majority of them that are not considered "cults", have the same basic beliefs and feel comfortable worshipping together on special occasions.
  8. If you had a girlfriend who was studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses, and you were Christian, how would you get her out of there? Especially if she were 20 and still living with her parents both of whom she respects and obeys and both of whom are witnesses?
  9. Christians in war

    No, It does not. Jesus Said his kingdom was not of this earth. If it where, his followers would fight. Read Revelation, when Jesus returns, he comes as a Great Warrior. Thank you for your input everyone. Where in Revelation does it describe Jesus as being a great warrior?
  10. Jehovah's witnesses and their delusions!

    My girlfriend is a Jehova's Witness. At first, I was somewhat nervous that perhaps the largest differences between their faith and mine would prove convincing. However, I can say with confidence that this has not been the case at all. What they believe is simply not biblical when an accurate translation is used. Everyone who would call themselves Jehova's Witnesses are good people with good intentions. However, they exploit ignorance to swell their numbers, because anybody who has read/studied the bible independantly will come to the realization that many of their core beliefs and laws are not what God intended. This is a true story, although I do not have the details. A man was sent to prison and given only one book: The bible. He stayed in that prison for 30 years until he died. It was said that he knew every single intricate detail about the bible and had it memorized. However, he never accepted Christ. This seems to me to be a similar paralell to the Jehova's Witnesses. They invest huge amounts of time (25-40 hours/week) in studying The Bible, and yet are mislead as this man was.
  11. Christians in war

    Does anybody know how a Christian can justify going to war? Doesen't it contradict Jesus' teachings? Thank you.
  12. Jehovah's False Witnesses??

    I came across your Jehova's Witness post (here): I have a friend who, right now, is planning on joining the Jehova's witnesses. She is going to these studies with them and just does not feel like she is ready yet. Since you have researched them, I was wondering if you could share some of the evidence which you came up with to show that they were a cult, so I can at least share some compelling arguments to throw some doubt in her mind. Thank you very much! -Trent
  13. Roman Catholics

    What is so bad about Roman Catholics? I don't get it....?

    I think that the Anti-Christ is Osama Bin Laden, or perhaps George W. Bush himself! After all, as we all know, the prophesies point to BOTH of these men. Just check out your bibles if you don't believe me.