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  1. What happened to your raccoon hat. Did you turn him into those cushions? And yet ladypeartree is last and so is logan
  2. This type of question is one of the many I have been pondering. You might as well ask if knowing where you will end up plays a role in how you worship God? I am not going to answer this question right now but I do think it is worth considering.
  3. Oh look enoob is lost. Oh look enoob is delusional. It was another hot and humid day here. But I went to watch Judy. So I didn't feel it as much Logan and Ladypeartree are last
  4. I think that man with two heads is worried that the letters of that fake last are going to fall on him Logan and Ladypeartree are last
  5. Logan and Ladypeartree are last Pat is funny but not last
  6. i would love to give you last but unfortunately last belongs to Ladypeartree. Sorry
  7. Has worthy been a bit slow today? Anyway, eventually everyone will come round to the fact that Ladypeartree is last (and Loganof course). I feel even enoob might eventually yield. There is always hope
  8. So you didn't spot the pear tree with the real last then.
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