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  1. Now I can take last again. Last always belongs with me
  2. My dad retired last year. Then he started working again this year.
  3. Dr noob is himself unstable. He will not help anyone. I am actually more sane than most around here. And of course I am quite correct about being last.
  4. I'm just here to pick up my last. The only true last of course.
  5. The true last is here. Thats me of course
  6. I am last. Pattie is not last. It is simply true that Iain is last. Pattie wil never be last. I repeat Pattie will never be last. Iain is Last and will remain so
  7. It is true that I am last
  8. Thanksgiving

    Welcome to Worthy, Golden. Glad to have you here Enjoy the forums Blessings iain
  9. Hi Everyone

    Hi Dansiek Welcome nice to meet you too Enjoy blessings iain
  10. Thanks for letting me join

    Hi Faithinyou, welcome to Worthy, glad you could join us Enjoy the forums. Blessings iain
  11. Derailing thread

    i'm good thanks. it's been a good start
  12. You can call me last
  13. I'm new

    Welcome Portia. I'm from South Africa too. pleased to meet you Enjoy the forums blessings iain
  14. Introduction

    Welcome Megan Glad you found us I hope you find lots of friends here. Blessings iain
  15. Newbie here

    Welcome to worthy jrd. see you in chat hope you enjoy the forums too Blessings iain