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  1. the reality is that Ladypeartree is last.
  2. Hi. Welcome to worthy The best advice I can give you is to jump right in and enjoy it. Feel free to ask if you're stuck
  3. IainL

    Nax from Norway

    Hi Nax welcome to Worthy
  4. See all the other boys showing off their fake last while the real last remains where has been all along. In Wales
  5. And here comes one of those men, displaying his delusions quite clearly. What I said remains true.
  6. The final word about all this is that Ladypeartee is last and all other claims come from delusional men. They all hang on to their fake lasts. There is help available for them.
  7. note to self: never let sweetycakes clean your house. He will knock things over running around like a mad thing, he will vacuum the same place over and over, he will never stop talking and the work wont get done and he will infect the whole house with his delusions of grandeur. the good news is last is in safe hands in Wales where she belongs
  8. Enoob isn't last. He isn't even almost last
  9. Actually she owns last. The real last, that is.
  10. How sad waiting forever for the impossible. Maybe sweetycakes should find some other goals. Like swimming the atlantic or going to the moon. Both are more likely
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