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  1. He is the only one who can't see this
  2. You are both wrong and pat is no exception
  3. Enoob, you are mistaken. As usual Nose or no nose last is still in Wales
  4. IainL

    Derailing thread

    17 days until Christmas. And then before you can blink it will be 2019
  5. Paul, read, read read Enoob you are delusional as is Pat 17 days until Christmas. I hope most of the men here get some medication for Christmas because then maybe they will realise ladypeartree is last
  6. You all need help to understand that you can never be last.
  7. Enoob is an American tradition? Last is British as we all know
  8. You are not supposed to light fireworks on your head.
  9. I just listened to Bach Christmas Oratorio . Pretty impressive. I'm using an iPad so I dont think I can publish the words but I have always liked O Holy Night.
  10. And yet the truth remains. The real last is not in America.
  11. There is a giant bubble on a stick on your head. The lady is still last
  12. Sorry but that last part is entirely untrue
  13. The lady always produces good fruit. And she is last
  14. I think you should check again. I actually think you might be a little shorter. It's all these delusions you have, I suspect. Because last is in Wales
  15. And in other news. I have been to the doctor due to severe stomach cramps and learned that I have Irretable bowl syndrome. However, I am still determined to defend the real last against delusional Americans.