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  1. Oh you can keep that fake you have with you. Their are plenty of fake lasts around here and one is just the same as another. The real last belongs to someone really special
  2. He comes in here like he gets to make the rules. He is just begging for the frying pan Now let's have no more delusions and all admit that the lady is last
  3. As I see it, the value of a thread like this, could be to create a space where people can express what they have been through, sharing breakthroughs, and where we can pray for those who need it. This could provide hope and some listening ears which might be helpful. Each person's trauma and process of working through that is different. This is the kind of thread that could either be very positive or could lead to accusations and personal attacks. So I plead with everyone to be very careful of the words we choose to use. Let mercy and compassion be your guide. A few years ago I was working with trial awaiting children who had been taken from their parents and placed in a temporary facility. It was very rewarding at times and depressing the next. Not all these children were abused; some were neglected or from such impoverished situations that the parents simply couldn't look after them. From the outside, many of these kids might have looked like ordinary kids. But then something would trigger them and then everything would fall apart. Some develop attachment issues, others fear authority figures for the rest of their lives . Some of these kids are amazing in how they deal with their past. Needless to say, without Jesus, it is impossible. But God is so faithful. He can restore the way no one else can. This is a sad business, no question about it, but I am so glad that in some small way I can contribute to the healing of someone who has been hurt this way. If you have suffered abuse and you need someone to talk to or just someone to pray with you, please let me know. I like to help in anyway I can.
  4. Today is one of those days when it is cloudy and warm. That usually mean a thunderstorm is in its way
  5. I will have one of each thank you. They all look so good
  6. Went to see another movie. This was a foreign film called Children from Heaven
  7. Especially behind the ears
  8. Good morning lady Last how are you? Did you sleep well?
  9. That would be perfer actually. Because in Afrikaans or South African English "China" can be a slang word for friend.
  10. Mad. Quite mad he is. No wonder he can't get close to last
  11. Except in water. Tigers can swim but they can't dive. So when she jumps, she jumps deepest into the pool and stays there.
  12. Small blue dwarfs who carry animals on their head should be careful around tigers.
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