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  1. Quantum Energy Coaching
  2. IainL

    Derailing thread

    My favourite childhood memory is visiting my grand parents and aunts and listening to their stories
  3. Last has been fairly quiet today. Went for QEC therapy. It was very interesting
  4. IainL

    Derailing thread

    Let us love the and pray for them that their eyes may open before that.
  5. IainL

    Is there a better way to 'do Church'?

    I must agree with Shiloh here. Although I myself prefer smaller churches and might consider a house church, it is a personal preference and I still think there is a place for larger churches. I don't think its right to judge large churches unless you know what its like. My current church as big as it is, is still a good church and I will always be thankful for what God has done in my life through them. I am always amazed at how dedicated, hard working and caring my pastors are. I also don't think reaching out to those in need should only be left to secular organisations. I myself am a social worker and I have been involved in outreaches to poorer areas. Its amazing how open people are when they know they have nothing. Several times I have been able to share the gospel while working in the field. Opportunities I would not have had without the church. In my country, many welfare organisations would simply not survive without the contribution of churches.
  6. Last is enjoying a sunny winter's day with me
  7. IainL

    Derailing thread

    yet so many still try their own way
  8. twisting my word will only make you nose even longer. Last just had a wonderful supper
  9. sorry i got your name wrong, pinocchio
  10. go save the day somewhere else. Last is having a peaceful time right here with me, patnoccio
  11. most of you would have had long noses by now if any of you were wooden puppets. Because last is right here
  12. IainL

    Derailing thread

    no, lampwick
  13. IainL

    Derailing thread

    I have never even been to pleasure island