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  1. IainL

    Just joined!

    Hi Joshmusic. Welcome to Worthy enjoy the forums
  2. IainL

    Do you?

    definitely 3
  3. IainL

    Derailing thread

    shame,the poor pear, don't want to poison it do you?
  4. enoob doesn't seem to know the way. thats why he is lost and cant spell
  5. IainL

    Derailing thread

    you mean like a roc?
  6. IainL

    Derailing thread

    I don't bite .... hard
  7. Last is never in contact with any deadly gas.
  8. IainL

    Derailing thread

    haven't been to the dentist in 2 years
  9. IainL

    Derailing thread

    Little shop, little shop of horrors
  10. Enoob simply cannot last. He likes to display his entirely fake last often. His delusions convinces him he can come close to last. but, not being British or female means he can't ever be last , everyone knows Enoob is not last
  11. I had apple crumble with cream for lunch