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  1. Hello Brothers and Sisters

    hi Kris. Welcome! Pleased to meet you hope you will enjoy the forums. Blessings
  2. my son just decided he's an atheist.

    Some in my family have done the same. So I will pray for sure
  3. And moving swiftly onward, I think I can now safely hold on to last. No pieces of Lego, birds, Vikings, poachers, buffalo, trees or reptiles wil keep last
  4. I disagree on both counts but I will leave it there. For now the point is that last is with me
  5. If he went himself it would have been a complete failure. He would turned into a second dark lord if he had taken the ring. The hobbit was a great choice because they are tough and yet inconspicuous. Gandalf did many other very brave things including save the hobbits when they would surely have perished on their own. The hobbit was the only right person for that job but all that aside. I'm taking last
  6. Only at first. but then he came back, walked right up to Orthank and stripped him of his power, breaking his staff. So you, see, one has to read to the end of the book to know the full story which I know is hard for you
  7. uhm. Gandalf actually did confront Sauruman. Your thinking of Sauron. And Sauron is evil. Last is on the side of order. So now we see how things stand
  8. You are sadly mistaken. Gandalf is on the sight of what is right and would surely support sir Iain in is quest to defend last from thieves and ruffians
  9. Bah! Gandalf will soon put a stop to him.
  10. Only medieval weapons allowed.
  11. He was considered folk music and is there that big a difference?
  12. I like most country but prefer old school. Would you classify some Dylan as country? Because he is one of my favourites. Cash , Kristofferson, Denver, Dolly, Tammy Wynette , We have a lot of these over here
  13. Some of us can express ourselves through symbolism. Chess symbolizes the battle field.
  14. Brick seems to have to rotten eggs on top of him already
  15. put your money on me. i'm going to win