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  1. Whenever one reads what pat, noob or sweetycakes have to so say about last, one already know its going to be more delusions and lies without even reading it. Maybe one day one of them will surprise us and admit that the Lady is last. Not holding my breath
  2. and now back to the truth. How is lady last doing?
  3. a lot of biting going on here
  4. i had a wonderful weekend. how is last doing?
  5. And yet the truth remains: Ladypeartree is last
  6. Im sure pat and noob will soon overcome their delusions and admit that the Lady is last and that it is for the best that this is so.
  7. a typical reaction from someone trying to hide a mental problem. you seem to think this is about winning or losing but its not. It's about accepting reality. and the reality is you are not last. Besides. that is not me. If i wanted to take down a windmill, I would use a bulldozer, not a sword
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