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  1. stop pulling the wool over your own eyes
  2. makes me think of schrodinger's cat
  3. just dont build your house on it
  4. Hi Faith58. Welcome to Worthy . Nice to meet you. Enjoy the forums. God bless
  5. Hi Aiden. Welcome to Worthy . Nice to meet you. Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will find He will let you hear and see everything that you need to. Enjoy the fellowship. God bless
  6. good afternoon. Most people here seem to have road blocks in their minds. Only ladypeartree is clearly last. Apart from that, church this morning was great. It was so nice to see the fellowship between family members and across diverse backgrounds
  7. I think the cracks are all in enobs mind
  8. Boys, please go and play cowboys and indians somewhere else. This is the Lady's last thread. Last is quite safe in Wales.
  9. How much did you pay them to do that. Your last is fake and tiny. So no
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