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  1. Nope, I just have better taste. I see your holding up your fake last
  2. Somehow I doubt you will get many customers considering the kind of cuisine you normally dish out.
  3. I think we need to call the exterminators.
  4. Last should be kept far away from Enoob because he might try to feed last. Pat's last is very fake unless he is in Wales right now
  5. Enoob isn't last his fake last is ugly
  6. Poor Enoob. He is very delusional, thinking he is last. I mean clearly he struggles. Just look at him. And his insane ramblings. But I have hope. One day he might travel to Wales and see what last really looks like. Then he wI'll realise what he has is clearly fake.
  7. IainL

    Derailing thread

    Tin roof
  8. IainL

    Derailing thread

    Let's talk about ice cream instead
  9. Actually last is still in wales
  10. Enoob will never have last
  11. Thank you for that. I have had a tough week or so but I think the tide may be turning at last
  12. the other men (or are they boys) that are here are rather sad representatives of our lot. This should make it obvious that they could never have last.
  13. To have last you need to be female