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  1. We have electricity problems here and its affecting our internet so I might be a little quiet. But last remains in Wales as always
  2. If you cant understand Welsh, you cant be last
  3. Actually i think pat and enoob are politicians But not last
  4. I must interrupt your fake last. The real last is still in Wales.
  5. "Every time you clean something you make something else dirty" There is something sobering about that statement, dont you think? So if we try to clean ourselves, we only make ourselves dirty again. We need Someone to clean us once and for all.
  6. Everybody thinks their country is the greatest on earth. And Last isn't English, last is not American, last is not South African, last is Welsh.
  7. I predict that the next person who posts will either be ladypeartree, or delusional person who will claim to be last even though its clear to everybody else that they are not.
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