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  1. Welcome to Worthy...do what is right in the eyes of God...you are his child
  2. redroses42

    Hello Everyone

    Hello...welcome to worthy
  3. redroses42

    does any one do embossing with scrapbooking

    I'm going to do a scrapbook of flowers and memories hope to start it soon...
  4. redroses42

    ~~~Favorite quotes~~~

    Walk by faith not by sight...
  5. redroses42

    i just want to praise God

    To you be all the praise and glory Lord....
  6. redroses42

    feeling a bit down

    You are in God's hands....
  7. redroses42

    A Query

    Thankyou all for replying...yes now I do understand...
  8. redroses42

    A Query

    Are the Jewish people the church or is it a Gentile thing...if a Jewish person die can they go to heaven because they are Gods chosen or do they have to be born again....who is the bride of Christ...Jew Gentile or the church...thankyou...
  9. redroses42

    Who gossips more?

    Both men and women can do their share...
  10. redroses42

    I'm finally able to log in again!

    welcome back Lady...
  11. redroses42

    Trivia questions

    Our National Language is welsh...we are called the land of song,....our land was once full of coal mines but now they are all gone...
  12. redroses42

    Prayer request

    It's hard when in pain it can make you feel quite low....but you will feel strength in the Lord and as days turn into weeks the Lord is at your side...
  13. redroses42


  14. redroses42

    Praise God

    The Lord loves the praises of his people
  15. redroses42

    Son's girlfriend pregnant

    It's in the hands of our Master ...trust him ...