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  1. thank you so much!
  2. so sorry to hear this brother <<Hugs>>
  3. sorry, i just saw this hope you had a great one God bless you
  4. agree!
  5. so you think if a person is remarried, they could not repent for the failure of their previous marriage and receive forgiveness from Christ? anyway, i was referring to your confusing suggestion ( as i recall) remarriage could cost a person's salvation.
  6. i feel like we just entered the twilight zone here we are saved through faith in what Jesus Christ done for us on the cross, by the blood He shed we are made righteous through faith i will say however, that some have interpreted the parables of good servants and bad servants in the four Gospels as in that a genuine born again believers can still lose their salvation by caught in sin on Christ's second return. as far as remarriage go, all i will say is there are plenty of born again believers who have been divorced that are on fire for the Lord and show the fruit of the Spirits Are you Jehovah's witness or something
  7. what on earth are you jibbering about? we are saved through faith not work, how is committing adultery would bar her from entering from heaven assuming she is saved. to the OP i strong recommend you that there is a reason why we are asked to flee from sexual immorality..... it will destroy you even if you get saved.
  8. Opps, sorry, i thought i answered this post anyway, thank you very much
  9. thank you very much
  10. thank you very much
  11. thank you very much
  12. thank you so much
  13. thank you
  14. thank you so much