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  1. happy birthday, Steven!
  2. for example 1 Peter 3:10 tells us " For, "Whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech." have you ever look around you and see that the practice of gossip and slander are such common place, and yet there appears to be no consequences for people engaging in such behaviors, in fact they seem to prosper, whether short term or long term, you just think to yourself 'why am i making such efforts to guard mine tongue"?
  3. thank you brother i really appreciate it
  4. thank you for your compliment, i do LOVE to grumble or maybe it is because i happen to live in the real world where there are no fairy dust, sprinkling from Heaven at all times, making EVERYTHING MAGICALLY better.
  5. i am so so sorry to hear this it must really hurt for your niece to be betrayed this way, and but those who are or were closest to her. you didn't not mention whether your niece, her stepsister or any or your wife's extended family are Christian or not if they are not, then i honestly am not surprised this whole situation is such as mess if they are not Christians, has your niece's stepsister "at least" feel bad about it and apologized? if not, then i can understand why your niece would have a real difficult time getting over it, especially if she is not a Christian not to mention the way her family has been handling this would only infuriate her more. but i will say this, harbored anger, even when it is caused by deep pain that has been inflicted, will only bring destruction into a person life. "In your anger do not sin": Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold." the Lord wasn't kidding when He warned us that the enemy will try use it as a foothold to destroy us, Christian or not! i can understand why you and your wife would feel disgusted by this whole thing, though if you guys want to be helpful, helping your niece moving on and letting go of bitterness and anger (even though they are completely justified in mine opinion) would be the way to go same apply to their marriage, i can understand why you and you wife might feel disgust towards her husband and feel he is not doing enough, but again, the best thing you can do for your niece is to be supportive of their attempts and it has to includes you and your wife forgive her husband. otherwise, the enemy will also work through you guys to bring destructive influences into their lives, i have seen this before. you know, i knew this woman from Church, her son in law was and is a real piece of work, and was even a bully towards her at some point. she did set appropriate boundaries at the time by telling her daughter not to let her son in law step onto her property, and it must have worked, because he is sweet with her now (the fact she offers free childcare for them probably helps too!), and in all fairness, her son in law is an ok husband. but after that, she has forgiven him i am truly amazed by it, but then i realized it is a truly smart move on her part, because if she doesn't, her hostility would only escalate the situation further, potentially damage her relationship with her daughter as well as between her daughter and her son in law, not to mention they have a child together , her grandson now, even today , i don't think she and her son in law are best buds, but they are always very cordial and friendly when they see each other. lastly, if your niece's family are behaving like this, even if she is a Christian, i actually think it would be good for her to have some space to heal, as in keeping her distance from her family for now, because their behaviors are just aggravating her, make her wound worse.
  6. thank you, i really really appreciate it
  7. thank you so much!
  8. thank you i really appreciate it.
  9. thank you
  10. happy birthday !
  11. honestly, it is not changing anyway, i hope I can give you guys a good report some times in the future i am not sure if that would be a near future though thank you for asking.
  12. Happy 3rd year anniversary KPaulG !
  13. anyone who has been in Church long enough know this is simply not the truth, but you are welcome to believe whatever you want to believe.
  14. hello as i was reading through your reply, many of the things you said here really resonates with me deeply you are absolutely right that it is not wrong to have needs of wanting connections with those around us, after all God created us with the need to have deep friendships. you are also spot on in a sense that we all need love support and encouragement from those around us, otherwise our pitcher will run dry sooner or later (though some would argue God alone is enough to fill that pitcher, i am still unsure as to whether that is true or not, but i will say this, loneliness for a short period is ok, long period, well....) you are also right that even in Church, it is too much to ask for people to reach out to those who are lonely because it is inconvenient due to difference in circumstances, such as age and marital status, or the fact people already have their established social circle that they are happy with. this is just the way it is. i myself are experiencing the same issues you are experiencing right now, though for different reasons (that said, as i was reading through your post, there appears to be a lot of similarities between your situation and mine) at this point, i feel like i have no choice but turn to the Lord, trying to trust Him to provide..... God bless