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  1. Good afternoon, praise the lord


  2. BrandonL

  3. Not that you will likely see this B, but happy birthday anyway, miss you around here!

  4. Money

    I'd answer your question, but you have to pay first And no, money doesn't solve everything, although it probably makes some things a little easier.
  5. hmmnnn ponders opening the link O.o

  6. Hey Bro, come in and say hi some time! We all miss you :) GBU yourself and Karen!

  7. An interesting poll

    Maybe using any form of motorized transportation and any means to connect to the internet would be a wide enough range? Yeah... that's the point of the poll. Oh well, it's still funny either way lol. Maybe next time I'll provide a 20,000 word explanation of all the legalese associated with it.
  8. An interesting poll

    Oh and public transportation doesn't count either!!!! I should restart this poll. You guys all missed the point lol.
  9. An interesting poll

    Hey - you may be cheating here. He said, "whichever you give up, you could never get back." Wouldn't "borrowing" be getting it back, in a sense? I didn't take it to mean that we simply give up our internet at home. but that would be like saying, "Do you give up food or water? lol that's the point here. traveller is right. using someone else's car or internet defeats the purpose of the poll. you have to give one or the other. either way, it's funny that something like a car (which has only been common for like 60 years) and the internet (much less.... 15 years is probably stretching it. only about 5 years as an online "community") has become as "necessary" as food or water.... what did all those people do before then??? I'd keep my car because then i could go see people "in person" (whatever that means lol)
  10. An interesting poll

    So I was listening to the morning show on my local Christian radio station today. The host brought up an interesting poll that he encountered on another site, but I thought it would be fun to try here. Granted, this is on the internet so that may skew the results somewhat. It's still funny to think about, though! Now bear in mind, the idea here is that whichever you give up, you could never get back.
  11. I'm glad you guys liked it I hope some day God can use our relationship and experiences in some way.
  12. Woman pregnant with 12 babies!!!

    Figures Colleen would know where the story is.... I have a sneaking suspicion her house is going to be awfully crowded soon....
  13. For the Spanish speakers among us

    Lol thanks, I like it better that way. I edited it
  14. What is this "outside" you speak of?
  15. "confusedpiece" & friendship

    There are 3 Biblical types of relationships between men and women. Mother and son/father and daughter, brother and sister, and man and wife. The relationship between men and women who are not related by blood can still be classified as brother and sister. Obviously, you can't simply live your entire life without having relationships of members of the opposite sex aside from your wife, sisters, and mother. There is Biblical ground here, but as a few people have pointed out, the dangers are inherent and you must be careful that your sisters don't become something other than your sisters.