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  1. 1x1is1

    Hubby had a seizure, compression fracture

    Thank you for trusting in us to pray for your husband. I will also pray that The Lord keeps you strong, it will require understanding, patience and loving care on your part to help him through this. Please keep us updated as time goes by. God Bless
  2. 1x1is1

    Could this be possible?

    Very well put, I stand with you on this one. Jesus is our Sabbath.
  3. 1x1is1

    HI everyone. I am new.

    Hello and welcome to Worthy.
  4. 1x1is1

    Marriage help

    Welcome to Worthy Aw1982. You took the first step in seeking advice on issues that you have. Folks here at Worthy will listen and not judge you, so keep the conversation going. We may not have all the answers but Jesus does. He listens even better than we do. Wingnut is correct, be sure to address this with your Husband too.
  5. 1x1is1


    Hello and welcome to Worthy. Hope to see you here often.
  6. 1x1is1


    Stay strong Abby, I will continue to keep you and your son in my prayers.
  7. 1x1is1

    New here - hello!

    Hello and welcome to Worthy. You will like it here.
  8. 1x1is1

    Husband got the job!

    This is great news for sure. Prayers do work wonders. We can also respect that God's will in this case was that the best person got promoted. I am sure that your husband exhibited the qualifications necessary to secure the top spot when it came time for his employer to decide. I would also like to think that your husband's Christian beliefs did not hold him back from being selected. And as for your not struggling as much. . . . keep in mind that McDonald's tastes even better when you realize that you don't have to eat there!
  9. 1x1is1

    Do You Remember This One?

    500 bushels potatoes 200 bushels carrots 100 kilogram tomatoes 2 wheelbarrows onions (heaped) 100 kilogram salt 100 kilogram pepper 10 liter vinegar 1500 gallons brown gravy 3000 sprigs parsley Feed this stuff to the elephant before harvesting his parts, the he will be more tasty. (or she)
  10. 1x1is1

    Why do people want preacher/priest on funeral ?

    That was a good reply to the epitaph. Here is another story I once heard . . . . . A really bad mafia guy died, his brother went to the priest at the funeral and offered him a large donation if he said something good about his deceased brother, (and possible rough stuff if he didn't). The priest new both of the brothers were really bad and he thought about it and agreed to say something good. When it came time to speak, he said . . . . . compared to his brother, this man was a saint!
  11. 1x1is1

    Paul Harvey

    Thanks for this missmuffet, I used to listen the Paul every day. I would put everything on hold to hear "The rest of the story". It is interesting, amazing and sad to know that the video was from 1964. There is not a single "I would" that he predicted that has not come true. I counted 57 of them! This was pre-HIV and State lotteries. I think that the only thing that he may have overlooked was the pushing of the lgbtq agenda.
  12. 1x1is1

    Apologetics And Vlogging

    Hello to you and welcome to Worthy. We have an Apologetic Board here at Worthy.
  13. 1x1is1

    Dinosaurs and Evolution

    I just ordered a used paperback edition on Ebay for under $4.50. Should get it by the 15th.
  14. Hello to you and welcome to Worthy.
  15. 1x1is1

    Do White Men Really Deserve To Vote?

    No need to be concerned. Folks can easily recognize and filter through the crumby stuff.