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  1. The bottom one is me when I hear . . . . suppers ready!
  2. My favorite has to be Meatloaf, made by anyone other than myself. I don't know how to make it! 40+ years as a truck driver and I never had a bad meatloaf from any location. But my wife makes it the best.
  3. Hello to you and welcome to Worthy.
  4. Gator, I'm surprised at you. You should know full well that a "prevent defense" only assures the other team a scoring opportunity. Should we merely fall back on the one yard line and wait for threats to become reality? I know that life is not a football game, but even a good offense can't win if you have a poor defense. That holds true for real life too!
  5. I always wonder why we can't do a low level fly over with one of our secret planes during one of these parades. Drop leaflets saying that we could have destroyed them if we wished. Put some fear in their minds, right in front of their leaders.
  6. Very enjoyable, some of the words looked like they actually matched their mouths moving. maybe the next song will have something to with locking her up.
  7. Thanks for the information.
  8. I agree that terrible things could come our way via N Korea, but Freedom is not Free. It is not wise to underestimate their capabilities. Ignoring their threats like in the past will no longer protect us. It will only get worse if we don't address this problem now. I believe them when they pronounce that they want every American dead, just like I believe it when Iran says same thing. They DO want us dead and they DO want us to do nothing about it. I trust in our current Administration to lead from the front and protect us the best that they can. I trust in The Lord for my salvation.
  9. Hello to you and welcome to Worthy. Glad to meet you.
  10. Hello to you and welcome to Worthy.
  11. Hello to you and welcome to Worthy.
  12. Happy Birthday


    1. 1x1is1


      Very impressive!  Thanks!

    2. worthy


      Happy birthday!!

  13. Shiloh, your signature picture of "Les Deplorables" would make a great front cover on a cereal box. Under that logo would be printed . . . . . "Grape-Nuts, Breakfast of Champions"
  14. Well then . . . . . if I can merely pop in here and create uncontrollable hilarity leaving no one guarding the gate, then I will accept that over bloody fingers any day. (victory is in sight)
  15. I was hoping that by now your folks would have bloody fingers from texting last in here so much that I could just waltz in and claim the prize. But you are all going strong. I will check back in in a few months. Text away gang. I will also keep an eye open for threads that begin to request band aids for bloody fingers.