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  1. Hello and welcome to Worthy.
  2. Hello and welcome to Worthy. We like friends also!
  3. Hello and welcome to Worthy.
  4. Hi

    Hello and welcome to Worthy. You grammar looks okay to me.
  5. Hello and welcome to Worthy.
  6. Hello and welcome to Worthy. Your just in time to start a great weekend with us!
  7. Take all you want, but eat all you take Eat to live, don't live to eat Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die Your eyes were bigger than you stomach One man's meat is another man's poison Yep, we have a lot of food cliches referring to food that make us comfortable. I'd say that the best one above is #1 & 2. It matches with what God did for His people in the desert. He gave them just enough Mana (eat to live) to allow them to live. Gather all want, but eat all you gather (no storing).
  8. That sounds wrong . . . . . . I know that it does not matter to us who will be Raptured, I should have said . . . I know that to us who are Raptured.
  9. Yes missmuffit, it could be an EMP, UFO's or maybe some kind of selective sickness. There are many possibilities that I have discussed with many of my family and friends. I know that it does not matter to us who will be Raptured, but I feel comfortable presenting the possible Explanations that will be put forth via the governments of the world. This way, if my family or friends find themselves remaining here, then they will know to dismiss these reasons and turn to the Bible. It is kind of like leaving them with instructions.
  10. I have pondered the EMP scenario several times. It seems like the best way to not have to explain the missing Christians. Without our instant electronic communication methods, people would not even be aware of missing any group of people. And as for the crashes of planes, trains, ships and others, it would merely be assumed that their electronic equipment went out during the EMP. Communications would eventually return, but there will no longer be the need to explain things. One thing for sure, the United States is not a major player after the Rapture.
  11. Kennedy put a man on the moon Obama put a man in the girls bathroom
  12. Although I did desire a Marine Corps tattoo back in the 60's, I just never got drunk enough to do it. I even wanted to get one that a lot of the other guys did . . . . . a little devil holding a pitchfork saying "born to raise hell". Thank you lord for watering down my alcohol!!! I do not believe that it is a sin to get one, even today. I watched the video offered and agree with the "for the dead" statement. My KJV says; "nor print any marks upon you". I wonder how it could be a sin for a girl today that may have had cancer treatment leaving her without eyebrows, electing for a tattoo version. Then I strongly suspect that it would be just fine with The Lord if she decided to have her eyebrows permanently tattooed on. So the "for the dead" part fits perfectly. And furthermore, "make no cuttings in your flesh", why would The Lord insist on circumcision? So once again, we have to fall back on "for the dead". There are no contradictions in God's Word.
  13. Hello and Welcome Kevin, BK1110 offered a great idea . . . . . Start Slow. Sure, the rapture may happen at any time and so can an accident. No need to feel pressure about the when part. Continue your journey with prayers for your family, and I would only add that maybe a one on one conversion with each family member would show better results. God Bless
  14. Today's WH Press segment was handled perfectly by Sean Spicer. He pretty much let them ask the "muslim ban" question and then proceeded to embarrass them (at least they should be embarrassed). He did a fine job explaining the true meaning of the Executive Order. I was hoping the President would choose Laura Ingraham for the job, but now I see that Spicer has a better manner and keeps the press corps inline. He even let them ask 2 questions each today. He kind of, leaves them a way out, but Laura would have been too much in their faces. Plus, they will not get away with disrespect on his watch.
  15. Hello and welcome to Worthy. Let the questions begin!