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  1. Hello to you and welcome to Worthy.
  2. #9, trapped on escalator for 4 hours? They must have gone wacko with no where to charge their tweeting devices!
  3. It is interesting alright. We should add "amazing" to that also. The fellow says . . . . just a few sore patches. Boy, don't we all wish!
  4. Hello and welcome to Worthy. Thank you for letting us enjoy your participation.
  5. Hey Sister Kwik, First off I want to thank Snow for reminding us of this special event. I understand how important it is to receive any kind of positive recognition these days. So you know that I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday. And I hope that you are not trapped inside today with poor weather outside. God Bless Sister Kwik
  6. I ended up with a 96%, but I did guess on at least 6 of them. I missed #41 . . . . mammary glands & #50. . . . . mitochondria. And I did sweat more than a 4th grader!
  7. Keep getting . . . . secure connection failed
  8. Thank you for asking. I will pray for for all three of you.
  9. On Father's day you get to eat the cookies first, right? Enjoy!
  10. Hello to you and welcome to Worthy. Post at you own comfortable rate. No pressure in here to account for lack of thread involvement. Enjoy and God Bless.
  11. Worthy is a better place with you here Kwik.
  12. Mario, if you were actually the anti-christ, then you wuld not be questioning it, you would know it and want to keep it a secret. As for your bicycle event, maybe there was a grocery store next to the Church or even across the street. Would that constitute you not eating food any longer? Don't just take a break from religion, leave it behind and procure a personal relationship with Jesus. Continue to ask questions and then research to see if the answers you receive are true. God Bless you.
  13. Hello to you and welcome to Worthy. Good to have you with us.
  14. Hello there Ghostdog, Great to have you here with us sharing your testimony. It was wise of you to decide on the 3 part option too. Now you have more time to recall each event and put it into text. I am glad that so far, there has not been any violence mentioned in your story. And please don't forget to include your sister as you write. We are interested in her also. Waiting for chapter 2. God Bless
  15. We view FOX new all the time. Hannity did have Trump Jr. on tonight and it was total class. He didn't jump on the the fake media (to any great extent). He merely just wanted his father to get back to work now. Sean almost had to twist his arm to show some anger about all this stuff. God Bless our President.