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  1. Amen!
  2. welcome to Worthy!
  3. amen!
  4. amen!
  5. praise the Lord!
  6. praise the Lord!it's so encouraging to hear something positive about a young person nowadays. God bless you both!
  7. amen, my brother!
  8. welcome to Worthy!
  9. I have only been a member for approx 4 days and i totally agree and feel the same, although i have to admit i'm in a bit of a confused state after a conversation i had with some people on here... but the most important part is the fact that they only said it because they wanted to guide me along the correct path... so i wont be misled by false teachings... but apart from that the support on here is absolutely amazing... bless you xox welcome to Worthy!
  10. happy birthday, Jacob!
  11. amen x2!
  12. amen, God bless you my sister.
  13. yes, amen!