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  1. warriorforJesus

    Thank you JESUS!!

    Praise The Lord!
  2. warriorforJesus

    Wow, if you like romance click here

    Okay, I admit it, I love any good love story. I want to praise God that this couple is getting married this Valentines Day.The wedding will be on live in nyc, online at theknot.com. I don't know them personally, but I got to read their story and I congratulated the bride and groom on their youtube video Plus I got to vote for the dress and hairstyle. I hope God gives them a lot of great years together. Here's the link: http://wedding.theknot.com/dream-wedding-contest.aspx
  3. warriorforJesus

    This is great! It must have been from God

    I was browsing my iPad last night, and while I was doing that, I asked God for forgiveness if I hadn't been putting him first recently. After I prayed, a white page popped up with the word "Success" on it. I felt like he's forgiven me Thoughts?
  4. Who likes and reads Calvin and Hobbes (the comic strip about the boy and his tiger)? I really love it. My favorite books are Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat, the Essential Calvin and Hobbes, There's Treasure Everywhere, and The Days are Just Packed.
  5. warriorforJesus

    What Is Your Most Comforting Bible Verse?

    My help comes from The Lord Psalm 121:2
  6. warriorforJesus

    What is an Idol?

    An idol is anything that you worship. God says to have no idols before him. You can't worship both God and something/someone else at the same time.
  7. I just wanted to share this true story with you (It's sad, but awesome) For those of you who heard about the tragic shooting at the Aurora theater in Colorado, this is an example of a true hero: Jon Blunk shielded his girlfriend Jansen Young from the shooter. As James Holmes (the shooter) progressed toward her laughing and with the gun pointing at her, Jon pushed her under a seat and shielded her with his body. She lived, but he died in the process of protecting her. I really like true heroic stories like this. Thoughts?
  8. warriorforJesus

    Praise him always when your heart is saddened.

    Sad things happen in life, but I'll just keep my head up and ignore them. I'll praise God through anything because he gives me so many great blessings.
  9. warriorforJesus

    Worthy Prayer Team

    I'm the youngest in my Immediate family. I wish I was the oldest. Some parts of it are good, so I'll just focus on those good parts.
  10. warriorforJesus

    Is it too late?

    Really? That makes me feel better going into it at this age now. Thanks
  11. warriorforJesus

    Is it too late?

    So, I'm going to turn 19 this February. Even though I'm over the age of 16, I finally have a late interest in driving. Is it too late for me to learn how to drive? I really want to learn now, and I didn't think about it when I was 16. I'm getting tired of being driven around. Can you pray that I can have courage to practice driving? My main concern is, the people at the driving tests will probably think I'm weird for taking a driving test at 19 years old. I figured it's time to learn. Thoughts?
  12. warriorforJesus

    A true Christian

    Being a true Christian means having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It's not just about how many Bible verses you can read or how many good deeds you do.
  13. warriorforJesus

    Favorite beverages

    What do you like to drink? I like water, tea, and some shakes.
  14. I love it. She really put a lot of thought into her songs. My favorite tracks are: Gold (this song talks about how we're worth more than Gold to God.) All this Time (Talks about how God has always been there for us in our good times and bad.) Breakthrough (This song talks about how we break out of being like the world and having the example of God.)
  15. warriorforJesus


    Double amen!