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  1. Only scary thing live under bridges, like eyes surrounded by pure darkness..................
  2. Noobs, your cat's stuck again....
  3. Food for thought, as miss likes to say
  4. Tough job, but someone's gotta do it
  5. Isn't it bad luck to shake fairy boxes? Oh the tale that we have begun to weave... I could make a kid's book and sell millions
  6. Noobs is the one confused, take the issue to him
  7. Some girls are rough, some girls are tough, but not because they want to be be in boys boxes, but because they have to make do without the boys' help.
  8. Enlighten me
  9. How would you go about bossing this fairy???
  10. Fairies have male bosses???
  11. Then what are all the boys
  12. Thanks all, I don't know who chooses the best answer if that applies anymore, but I'm grateful for all your input. I shall continue to contemplate these things. Thanks again.