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  1. This is exactly how I see Nooby boo
  2. Morning all
  3. Very sad but true. I have seen his agents in action, it's despicable.
  4. Too cute! you made my week!!!
  5. Awesome! I love how you handled that, amen!
  6. I'm so sorry Kate. Praying God's amazing comfort be with you at this time.
  7. MG, I have missed your posts, they're all one zinger after another!
  8. Absolutely.
  9. both, with butter, honey and topped with banana slices
  10. Eh???
  11. Now that's my kind of humour
  12. Jesus said that no one takes His life from Him, but He laid it down freely. He volunteered for the job. Remember, that He Himself is the Son of God and is indeed God, as a person of The Trinity. No greater love has a man, that he lay down his life for his friends. He counts you as His friend; how is that cruel? He, being utterly blameless took all our sins upon Himself. God sent His Son - who volunteered Himself - knowing He would die, yes; but they both knew also that He would rise again. The bible said He did it for the joy that was set before Him. Which was that we all would rise again with Him, to be with Him in His glory. Not just for a few, but for ALL who would accept Him. For the sins of the whole entire world, for the worst of the worst. I see no cruelty in Him. It is our own cruelty that punishes us. It is us who choose sin or righteousness, death or life. I think it's very cruel to judge someone's words as unjust simply because you disagree with them. We must hold EVERYTHING up to the mirror of God's Word, especially our own thoughts, words and actions. Jesus often said very provocative things, but even in doing so he did not sin. We often judge ourselves by our good intentions but everyone else by their actions, which is the very definition of injustice and hypocrisy. Does that mean we are condemned? You could look at it that way, but each of us also has the choice to repent. A repentant heart does not seek to cover itself with excuses, but mourns the sin it has committed. Jesus was often very harsh with the Pharisees, but that doesn't mean He didn't love them. As parents there are times we are required to give our children some tough love and discipline. Jesus Himself LEARNED obedience through suffering. He who need not be taught anything humbled Himself to learn, and to suffer through it. I hope we begin to understand how to repent, submit to, and love God in faithful obedience, and no longer look for excuses not to walk in His Word, or be distracted away from Him. I mean my words in love. God bless.
  13. Looks good