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  1. I miss your presence here!!! Prayed for you and your family... Love, Steven

  2. So tranquil.
  3. Horses are so beautiful.
  4. I'm far too impractical for a male's perspective I'm afraid As long as you are happy dear, I'm happy for you
  5. True!
  6. True!
  7. It wasn't their table - I bought that table from Ikea fair and square!
  8. Ok, lemme get a table, as I won't be able to stoop down - bad back and all of that
  9. My apologies to Pedro, but I'm afraid the situation was dire indeed!
  10. Oooooooh!
  11. No, it's Pedro's - stole it
  12. Is there a little romance there, miss?
  13. In the night, dear? Horses? Someone fetch Phteven's medication, please - and an inhaler just to be sure. Meanwhile, I'm getting outta this one while I can!
  14. In that case, I'm always prepared!