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  1. I know you are busy with your family ... but you are missed in the hearts here!

  2. Happy Birthday Zion!


  3. Derailing thread

    This is exactly how I see Nooby boo
  4. Derailing thread

    Morning all
  5. The devil is a liar!

    Very sad but true. I have seen his agents in action, it's despicable.
  6. Derailing thread

    Too cute! you made my week!!!
  7. The devil is a liar!

    Awesome! I love how you handled that, amen!
  8. Urgent Prayer Request from Kwik

    I'm so sorry Kate. Praying God's amazing comfort be with you at this time.
  9. Derailing thread

    MG, I have missed your posts, they're all one zinger after another!
  10. The devil is a liar!

  11. Derailing thread

    both, with butter, honey and topped with banana slices
  12. Derailing thread