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  1. I think it should stay private. Jesus said so in Matthew. We should not tell folks that kinda thing 'cuz it can get prideful. I don't think I should 'toot my own horn' so to speak. What we do in private will be rewarded openly.
  2. KimmyRoberts

    Prayer needed

    I'm sorry if I am doing this wrong. I am not real familiar with these messageboards. I have a request for prayer if y'all don't mind. If you do, please forgive me. My family is in DESPERATE NEED OF HIS touch in EVERY way. (emotionally, physically and spiritually) Please pray for us. I will pray for those on here also. Thank you for your time and effort in this. God be with y'all.
  3. KimmyRoberts

    Name one thing?

    I love the creek in the woods behind my aunts house during the summer. It was a nice place to go off and be alone at as a kid. When the sun shone through the trees and glissened on the creek, I always thought it magnified the beauty. I don't get to go there anymore. But God and I have gone there many times to be alone ever since. This is one place where I was at peace as a child.
  4. A restaurant. Chinese, free food! lol
  5. KimmyRoberts

    The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever

    Those were interesting. Thanks for posting them.